How would Trump feel about Jeff Sessions running for Senate again? Not good…

I don’t think anyone is seriously talking about Jeff Sessions running for Senate again in Alabama, but if he did he probably wouldn’t get any support from Trump according to this new report:

AL.COM – President Donald Trump doesn’t want former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to run for his old seat in the U.S Senate, according to Alabama Senator Richard Shelby.

Speaking to The Hill, Shelby said he’d discussed a potential Sessions candidacy with the president but said Trump was “not encouraging” of the idea.

“I talked to the president about if… Sessions ran, he was not encouraging,” Shelby said. “How do I say it? He was not on board, OK?”

Shelby declined to provide details on the president’s thoughts regarding Sessions but added he and Trump had “talked about the seat, basically, you know how to win the seat.”

Sessions was a fine Senator and I’d love to see him there again.

But like Shelby, I really don’t think Sessions is ready to get back into the limelight after what he’s been through. And it would be much harder for him to win now anyway, with the dark cloud of the Trump/recusal over his head.

No, I expect he’s done with public life for a long time, or at least until Trump is completely out of office. But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us.

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29 thoughts on “How would Trump feel about Jeff Sessions running for Senate again? Not good…

  1. Quite fitting that Jeff Sessions knifes Ted Cruz in the back, sells out his Conservative principles to support Trump on the promise of an Appointment of significance, feels that the honorable thing to do is to recuse himself from said position (however you feel about Jeff’s decision, Jeff thought it was best) and Trump in return DESTROYS Jeff Sessions nearly every day, as did the trump-humpers who at one time PRAISED Trump’s decision appointing Sessions, until Sessions resigns.

    Fast forward to now, and Sessions is realizing his choice has all but DAMMED his chances of EVER returning to politics. – Sorry, not sorry Jeff. You made your bed and laid down with dogs, so enjoy your eternal fleas.

  2. Jeff Sessions was good at stopping bad amnesty and immigration bills in the Senate. He should have been appointed to DHS instead of AG. DHS is closer to his interest in immigration and he could have gotten a lot of enforcement done. Russian collusion would not recuse him from enforcing our borders and immigration.

  3. Trump, Shelby and McConnell has absolutely no right to decide who Alabama’s next senator will be. Mitch is busy trying to keep Moore and Kobach from the Senate. Meanwhile, Mitch himself is not doing well in his own state for his own re-election. Please Kentucky, vote this POS out. Alabama will not elect Sessions again.

  4. I have always thought Jeff was a good man…..that said, we need new younger, tougher, CONSERVATIVE blood to clear out the swamp!

  5. Nope. Sorry Jeff, but when you refused to endorse Ted Cruz for President, you became persona non grata to me.
    Three years later, and I still feel the same.

    1. Just a quick question Wendz, I noticed you are still posting with the federalist supporter/checkmark. Do they even still exist?

      1. Look again Scope. My checkmark says Tederalist. As in Ted Cruz.

  6. I really couldn’t care less about what the uber RINO Richard Shelby has to say on anything. He’s a disastrous McConnell footsoldier.

    Sessions may have been a good Senator, and a hawk on immigration, but he really never had any great conservative vote bonafides other than his position on immigration.

    Sessions caved to the left almost as soon as he was confirmed as the Atty. Gen. He willingly shirked his duties as the Atty Gen. and accomplised really very little while he was Atty. Gen. You can’t fight the left with trying to ignore what their ideas and goals are. Sessions was in fact a very weak Atty. Gen. Just look at his replacement Bill Barr to see how very weak Sessions really was.

    1. As much as I thought highly of Sessions as a senator, I was suspicious of him as AG from the beginning. first of all, I would be suspicious of any senator (other than maybe Cruz) being AG. Being top cop (especially in Republican admin) requires some toughness. Sessions never had that and unfortunately, neither did Bush’s nominees except for John Ashcroft.

      1. It is my opinion that Sessions was awarded the AG position because he was the first Senator to endorse Trump. Sessions had always been a hardliner on immigration, but the rest of his story on conservative positions was weak. In my opinion again, Sessions was no match for the Dems that opposed him and he buckled almost immediately. When he went to bat for Rosenstein, saying he would regign if Rosenstein was fired shouls have been a red flag for everyone. But some still think he was/is some great AG.

  7. I adore Jeff Sessions. He was the first to embrace and support Trump! what I don’t understand is why Jeff would want to get back into the fray. If I was a public servant, with benefits and a pension to draw from, I would retire from a public life and seek my fortunes elsewhere. I feel Sessions went in with his hands tied, I don’t think he realized how much recusal would ultimately cost, as he knew Trump was not guilty. The picture painted by the Dems and all the money spent could have possibly been saved if Sessions didn’t recuse himself, but he likely would not have been confirmed either.

  8. I could see Sessions running as first lady to Roy Moore, because he ran the Justice Department like a scared little girl…

  9. Such pettiness is not Presidential. It’s something one would expect from a really small person.

      1. Lol. Yes, it may be a vaguely written story, but Trump proves his pettiness on a daily basis.

      2. Lol. Yes, it may be a vaguely written story, but Trump proves his pettiness on a daily basis.

    1. Sessions might. Trump not endorsing Sessions would be akin to Obama not endorsing Biden, and we’re seeing how that’s working out for Good Ole Joe.

      1. I believe certain people also lost even tho Trump endorsed them. That’s the problem when people think every word spoken is gospel by their chosen idol.

  10. First, Sessions supports Trump instead of Cruz, then uses Trump to get the AG job and then recuses himself and does a lousy job as AG so no thanks. Then again I’m not in AL.

    1. Sessions is and remains part of the swamp. Trump ain’t terribly quick, but fool him once, shame on you. Fool him twice, shame on Donald.

  11. There is no memorandum of understanding that the executive branch dictates who can or cannot run for elected office. Voters are the ultimate arbiters, not the chief executive. Republic and all that.

    If Sessions decides to give it another go, it’s his constitutional right to do so.

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