How you can get involved in the 2012 election

With the 2012 elections right around the corner, it’s essential that every able-bodied person join the fight to save our country. Aside from casting a vote on election day, most Americans have never been involved in the political process. In what I believe is the most crucial elections of our lifetime (and likely the make or break point for our country), I would encourage each and every one of you to get involved in some way. Figuring out the best way to get involved or finding out how you can make a difference may seem overwhelming and difficult. Thankfully, we’re not alone in the fight. There are several organizations devoted to providing a launching pad for regular Americans with no clue where to jump in the political process.

This weekend I attended the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll event where I had the privilege of meeting Raz Shafer, Texas Executive Director of American Majority. Here’s what he had to say:

Following his speech, I was able to chat with Mr. Shafer about American Majority and grassroots training.

Red: What is American Majority and what do you do?

“American Majority started in January 2008 and has trained nearly 20,000 individuals and have had about 600 events across 44 states. We’re trying to build a farmteam of Conservatives, mainly at the state and local level. We help grassroots organizations, Tea Parties, non-partisan Conservative groups maximize their impact.

In politics there’s a learning curve and if we want to try to save the country, we need to try to shorten that learning curve because sometimes it’s longer than we can afford. Our goal is to shorten that learning curve, to help take activitsts from the moment they decide they want to get off their couch and decide they want to do something and make it possible for them to step up as quickly as possible and make a difference.”

Red: Why is working in grassroots so important to affecting change?

“Ultimately, that’s how David beats Goliath. We’re outgunned when it comes to money, we’re outgunned when it comes to name ID and when it comes to institutional support. Every one of those we’re outgunned, in most cases 10 to 1. We want to compete with passion and compete with willing to work, because that’s something other people don’t have. You can see this when you look at big campaigns. Incumbents rely on money, name ID and advtertising, whereas the insurgent guys are out there pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and leveraging grassroots support. That’s how we beat these guys. We’re trying to train people so they can get out there and fight because we have to win and we have to win now.”

Red: Can you talk about some of the resources you have available?

“ has guides, presentations, podcasts, training manuals and video tutorials covering social media and a variety of other topics and all the resources are free. We’re trying to create as many resources as we can.”

Red: What would you say to someone who feels compelled to get involved in the political process and feels compelled to help save our country but has no idea where to start or how to do that?

“First, don’t assume you have to start at a national level because it’s one of the biggest ways to get turned off. People need to focus on doing something and it may be something small. It may be going to talk to your neighbor or updating your facebook status, having conversation, reading a blog and commenting on it. Starting small is a great way to find where you’re best fitted. Each of us has to find what we’re best at. If someone has a question about what they should try, I’d be more than happy to talk to them about it. My email address is [email protected] and I’m more than happy to answer any questions and do whatever I can to help.”

American Majority hosts training sessions nation-wide, so be sure to check out their website for upcoming events. Remember, no matter how small, every little bit counts. America needs all the help she can get.


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