HUH? CNN News host asks if the Second Lady should lose Secret Service protection over working at Christian school that bans homosexuality

John King, one of the news hosts at CNN, led a discussion about the backlash over Second Lady Karen Pence working at a Christian school that upholds Christian doctrine on homosexuality.

The school is accused of ‘discriminating’ against LGBTers because it won’t allow homosexuals to teach or attend the school, and the left is up in arms because Karen Pence is working there.

During this discussion, King actually questioned if Pence should lose her Secret Service since it’s paid for by ALL taxpayers:

King asks if it matters that ALL taxpayers pay for Pence’s housing and Secret Service, pitting it against the idea that LGBTers are taxpayers and are discriminated against by this Christian school.

But as Oliver Knox of SiriusXM suggested, it’s a ridiculous notion to suggest that Pence’s first amendment rights should be curtailed just because her housing and protection are taxpayer funded. And he’s exactly right.

It’s called freedom of religion. The Constitution doesn’t even grant first amendment rights, it PROTECTS these God-given rights from the government, so they can’t take them away. That’s the whole point, to prevent the government from dictating what you can and can’t believe or punishing you because of what you believe.

You wouldn’t think John King would proffer such an anti-Christian and fascist notion, but I guess anything goes over there at CNN these days in the name of homosexuality.

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