‘I CAUGHT THEM’: Trump tells Dobbs they’ve caught Obama, Biden on SPYING, ‘breathtaking’ what was found, BEYOND what we thought

President Trump spoke by phone with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs today, and that aired just before the briefing. During the call Trump said that the investigation in to the Obama administration spying on his campaign has found “breathtaking” details that go “beyond what anybody ever thought even possible, how bad it is.”

“We caught President Obama and Biden spying on the campaign. Biden was even saying using the Logan Act, which is exactly what they used on Flynn, they used the Logan Act and they had it down in writing at a White House meeting where President Obama and Vice President were there, Biden suggested the Logan Act,” said President Trump.

“I caught them and we caught them spying, using the intelligence apparatus of our country to spy on an opponent’s or the opposing party’s campaign, both before and after the election,” he said.

“It’s a horrible thing that took place,” said Trump, “and it should never be allowed to happen to another president.”

“So that was the story, we caught them spying, now it’s up to our Attorney General,” said Trump. ‘

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