President Trump this morning tweeted that the networks only called the election for Biden “because the Election was Rigged. NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!”

That tweet was a reply/quote tweet of Jesse Watters saying “Joe Biden didn’t earn it, he didn’t really even campaign. He thought was going to lose, you could see it. He ran a losing campaign. So 10 days after the election, how’s he ahead?”

It was obvious from context what the president meant. That Biden “won” by cheating, he didn’t actually win, and that’s why they are suing and fighting it out. But naturally the NYT and the rest of the MSM mob said he CONCEDED with that tweet.

Trump set them straight.

Tough break, fake news. Thought you had a W. Not yet. It is not, and should not, be over until it is over. Democracy isn’t at stake by counting votes and checking for fraud. That’s called diligence. Sorry your parties have to be delayed, but considering we aren’t allowed to have Thanksgiving according to you, what difference at this point does it make?

Now watch this video.

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