‘I Don’t Need Your Permission’ KAMALA: Disabled Christian college student LIGHTS VP UP over condescending, CACKLING comments

California calamity Kamala Harris cackles at every inopportune moment. The weird and absent VP that has the world depressingly hopeful Biden can make it to 2024 can’t seem to control the insane habit, either because she’s a complete basketcase or a completely amoral sociopath. Who knows, I’m not a doctor. I just know it’s creepy.

But NOT as creepy as her terrible ideas or beliefs or the things she says or thinks or does. Those are even creepier. Like when she cackled about saying that the government has to step in and make sure that disabled people are “allowed” to “participate” in society.

Yeah thanks for the rescue offer, ableist, but this young lady ain’t interested.

So a racist predator for president and a condescending cackler for vice president.

Yep, the Democrats are in power alright.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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