‘I don’t see ANY CRIMES!’ Alan Dershowitz shoots down revelations from Mueller investigation

Alan Dershowitz is VERY UNIMPRESSED by the revelations in the filings against Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort today, and he laid it all out in this pretty informative segment with Tucker Carlson. 

Watch below:

OK, so he has a point – there is no crime outlined in what we know about Russian collusion and the Trump administration. Then he goes on about his speculation about what the Mueller report will be – he says that he won’t be able to find actual crimes, so he’ll lay out a bunch of “sins” that Trump might have committed, and blur the line between sins and crimes. 

Honestly, that’s what both sides have been doing ever since Trump was elected, of the other side. BUT Dershy has a point. If that’s all Mueller does, then he has NOTHING, and this investigation has pretty much cleared Trump. BUT, that is all speculation. 

It’s kind of annoying for Tucker Carlson to run with Dersh’s speculation as if it it’s already accepted fact, and then criticize Mueller for something that he hasn’t done yet. 

There is ONE discrepancy he doesn’t explain. WHY would Cohen lie to the FBI to protect Trump if there was nothing to protect him from? Did Cohen just lie for the fun of it? Doesn’t quite make sense. But again, that is also speculation. 

SO… as always, no conclusions. Just accusations. Except for Cohen, who is likely going to jail for a looooong time. 

IN any case, the segment really is worth watching because Dershowitz is a bright guy, and definitely worth listening to, even if you may not agree 100%. 

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