‘I fear the idea is already LOST’ – Glenn Beck reacts to Cruz’s Donaldorsement

Cruz ally Glenn Beck isn’t taking his Donaldorsement too well. Here’s what he posted on Facebook earlier today:

glenn-beck-facebookY’know, usually I think Glenn exaggerates too much, but in this case…. well.

He later posted that Cruz will be on his radio show to explain himself:


So. That’ll be interesting.

For my part, I want to say that we shouldn’t take this too badly. Cruz himself let open the possibility that he would endorse when he told people to “vote their conscience” at the convention. Consider also that when he ripped into the Donald, he never said he wouldn’t endorse – he said he’s “not in the habit” of doing so, or that he’s going to beat Donald. This was a sign that he was leaving the possibility open.

While many people want to believe that he did this for selfish reasons, either because he was afraid of primary challenges, OR for other, not yet revealed, political gains he might have gotten from Trump, let’s not ignore the possibility that Cruz didn’t give up on his principle at all – that is to “vote your conscience.”

Maybe his conscience really is telling him that despite the personal insults to his family, he has to do this for the sake of the nation.

I know it’s tough to swallow, but let’s at least consider the possibility – don’t we owe Cruz that much?

As for me and my sooper-conscience, it’s telling me I can’t vote for that childish, moronic lout.

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