“I hate to see the president do this…” – Mark Levin on Trump’s SOTU decision

Mark Levin briefly weighed in a few moments ago on Trump’s decision to call of the State of the Union until after the government shutdown.

In a word, Levin is unhappy about it.

I hate to see the president do this. He’s being badly mistreated by Pelosi & she will view this as weakness. It’s also a very bad precedent. This is a battle for the nation’s soul. A rally was not the only alternative. There were solid alternatives, including the Senate & Independence Hall.

I agree that it’s a very bad precedent to capitulate on this. And I’m sure that Pelosi feels quite empowered today, especially given that the media has her back in all of this and refuses to criticize her, even though she’s the one who invited the president during the shutdown in the first place.

The media loves to criticize Trump for doing one thing and then reversing himself, but apparently it’s just fine for Pelosi to do it.

As I suggested last night, I don’t disagree that the House Chamber is a difficult standard to match. Trump has to be careful that he doesn’t end up looking too small in a different venue. But the truth be known, he kinda looks smaller today by allowing Pelosi to get her way. And Levin is right, I’m sure the Democrats see this as weakness.

But hey Trump has changed his mind before so, while it seems unlikely, it is possible he could reverse himself on it and decide to do it. Isn’t that how we got into the shutdown in the first place?

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