“I immediately felt violated” – Former Trump campaign staffer claims Trump forcibly kissed her in new lawsuit

Almost three years later, a woman who worked on the Trump campaign is now suing Trump for allegedly forcibly kissing her during a campaign rally.

Here’s the lowdown..

NY POST – A former Trump campaign staffer claims in a new lawsuit that the then-presidential candidate forcibly kissed her in 2016.

Alva Johnson says the Republican candidate grabbed her hand and tried to kiss her on the lips during a rally in Tampa, Fla., on Aug. 24, 2016, according to the suit, which was filed Monday and first reported by the Washington Post.

But Johnson turned her head and Trump wound up kissing the side of her mouth, she said.

She called the encounter, which happened as Trump was exiting an RV outside the rally, “super-creepy and inappropriate.”

“I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it,” she told the Washington Post. “I can still see his lips coming straight for my face.”

She sure makes it sound “super-creepy”.

More on that later.

Johnson voted for Obama in 2008, 2012…but thought Trump could help black communities:

Johnson, a 43-year-old mom of four who lives in Madison County, Ala., said she first met Trump at a Birmingham rally in November 2015.

“Oh, beautiful, beautiful, fantastic,” he said while looking her up and down, the suit claims.

The event planner didn’t have a background in politics and voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

But she believed Trump’s business acumen might help black communities.

Trump grabbed her by the……hand…and then went for the lips:

It was inside one of those RVs where Trump allegedly planted a kiss on Johnson. She had brought volunteers inside to snap photos with Trump but noticed the married father of five was trying to make eye contact with her, she said in the interview and lawsuit.

As Trump was leaving the RV to attend the rally, Johnson told him, “I’ve been on the road for you since March, away from my family. You’re doing an awesome job. Go in there and kick ass.”

That’s when she claims Trump grabbed her hand, thanked her and leaned forward.

“Oh, my God, I think he’s going to kiss me,” she recalled in the interview. “He’s coming straight for my lips. So I turn my head, and he kisses me right on corner of my mouth, still holding my hand the entire time. Then he walks on out.”

Johnson says there were two witnesses, but both of them, including Pam Bondi, deny anything happened:

Johnson claims two Trump supporters saw the encounter — Karen Giorno, the head of the Florida campaign, and then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Both denied seeing the alleged kiss.

“Do I recall seeing anything inappropriate? One hundred percent no,” Bondi said in an interview. “I’m a prosecutor, and if I saw something inappropriate, I would have said something.”

Giorno said Johnson’s allegations were “ridiculous” and “that absolutely did not happen.”

But family members and her boyfriend said Johnson told them about the alleged kiss. She continued working for the Trump campaign — even after an offer to work at the New York headquarters was made, then yanked in mid-September, she and campaign officials said.

Johnson is suing Trump and his campaign for emotional pain and suffering and seeking unspecified damages.

Whether you want to believe her story or you don’t, the fact that she has two witnesses who say it never happened won’t do her lawsuit any good.

To me, the fact that she claims two witnesses that repudiate her account, makes this story kinda smell like what happened to Kavanaugh last year during his confirmation process.

I’m not proclaiming Trump’s innocence by any stretch. But her story just seems like a stretch to me.

She says it was ‘forced’ kissing. Why would Trump try and forcibly kiss someone in front of two witnesses? What she’s describing, if anything, sounds like an intended peck on the lips. But she characterizes it in the worst way possible, to make you picture a big wet Harvey-Weinstein style forced kiss or something.

And she’s waited all this time over this? Did someone recruit her? Or did she just decide to do this on her own?

Again, I don’t know if Trump tried to kiss her or not. Just pointing out how the story smells like a hit, even if its not.

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114 thoughts on ““I immediately felt violated” – Former Trump campaign staffer claims Trump forcibly kissed her in new lawsuit

  1. Truth is, I could see Trump doing this. Inappropriate? Sure. But filing a suit for unwanted contact 3 years after the fact seems like a money grab. I’d like to see how much she’s asking for. Plus, if Trump is so racist, wouldn’t kissing a black women go against that m.o.?

  2. She’s a damn liar; after this she spoke well of Trump and wanted to continue to work for his campaign? This is per an article elsewhere. Anything her husband or any family member would ‘know’ would be what SHE told them; they were not there.

  3. Pure BS. The number one talent demon-rats have is lying!!! Their second best talent is stealing other people’s money.

  4. I don’t know about you guys, but just me, when I’m running for President and I want a little side action I make sure I have two campaign lawyers in the RV with me and I’m about to step on stage when I make my move…

    Look, there’s plenty to complain about with Trump, but this? This is utter nonsense.

  5. Is her GoFundYourself account up yet? One must act expeditiously to cash in on their 5 minutes of fame.

  6. Ted doesn’t cheat on his wife and pay off prostitutes, but hey, this is what people wanted…..well, you got it.

  7. She waited three years and all we have is her word against two witnesses that say it never happened. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to do this but it sounds like a cash cow to me. In this country you have to have proof someone committed a crime before you can find them guilty of anything, and she not only doesn’t have any proof she doesn’t even have enough to suggest she’s telling the truth.

    1. It does seem rather hinky. She waited all this time to get mad enough to file? I’m not buying it.

      1. I don’t either. It seems the grifters have found a new way to get money. Attack the right and some fools on the left will fall for your scam.

  8. Oh, cry me a river. Puhleeeze. Even if it happened, that sort of thing used to be within normal bounds. Maybe a little unpleasant, hence why some people turn their heads, but really nothing, nowhere near sexual assault. What a snowflake.

  9. I’m not buying what this woman is selling.

    First – why wait 3 years?

    Second a mother of 4 feels “violated” by a peck on the corner of her mouth? This is 2019 not Victorian England.

    And 3rd the witnesses day no.

    This doesn’t pass the smell test.

  10. Lets be real her peeps, Trump has never shown himself to be a man of exotic tastes when it comes to the ladies and if this woman thought that something untoward had happened why would she continue to work for him considering she volunteered her time outside of her own field of expertise(if she has one). I don’t buy this crapola for a second.

    (Side note: I hate word press!). 🙁

    1. I AM I Hate WordPress. Somehow, I typed that in while I was trying to sign in, and it was my screen name for quite a while.

  11. When I was six, a lady tried to kiss me on cheek. I feel now, 43 years later, that this is the appropriate time and well within the statute of limitations to address this matter. I feel I am credible and expect rapid and swift punishment.

  12. “I immediately felt violated”……..but give me THREE years to think about how I want to pursue this.

      1. For just signing on today, you sure got active in a hurry Nana! Next thing you know, you’ll be giving Doc a run for his money 😎

  13. “I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it,”

    That’s how I feel after having sex with Hillary….. I miss Monica

  14. So she is telling Trump how hard she works and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. So she is suing him. This is stupid, a nuisance lawsuit, I hope the judge makes her pay all court and lawyer fees.

    1. Her lawsuit will probably be thrown out of court – the left will rally round and set up a go fund me account for her and another lying POS will make money.

  15. So Trump has a odd timed kiss around 3 years ago. Aiming for a cheek and missed hitting lips. Then the “victim” was abducted by aliens and taken to their planet. As soon as she got back to Earth she ran to file a lawsuit against a miss timed kiss. How else can one explain a three year wait to make it known she felt violated. She had to have been abducted by aliens and this not form political blackmail hit job by a political operative at the proper time to do some political damage.

  16. Bill Mitchell
    I’m waiting for the announcement that #Avenatti will be representing Alva Johnson…

  17. Christine Blasey Ford was put before the spotlight by the Dems. in Congress, and the leftist media. She also had so-called witnesses who said never happened either. She was given so much credibility by the media, she collected buckets of money from GoFundMe accounts for basically doing nothing to prove her claims. It sounds like this latest accuser is looking to cash in also. At the same time there are 2 seemingly credible accusers of sexual harassment by Justin Fairfax, black Lt. Gov. of VA, and he still has his job, and no investigation into the women’s claims. Fairfax said this weekend that this was just like a “lynching.” The double standards are getting out of hand. 😕

    1. When dishonestly is rewarded with attention and money then there will be more dishonestly. It’s just human nature with certain people who lack moral fiber.

  18. “I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it,” she told the Washington Post. “I can still see his lips coming straight for my face.”
    LOL, but she let three years go by, yeah okay 🙄
    When can we expect her go- fund me account or Gloria Allred sobbing with her on TV.

    1. Looks like Gloria Alred is out, and Blasey Ford’s attorney Debra Katz is in. Katz is the vice chair of a Soros Org. What’s really interesting, and funny is that Tyson, one of Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax accusers hired the Katz law firm to represent her, while Fairfax had hired the law firm who represented Kavanaugh. You just can’t make this stuff up Nana. 😮

      1. It’s actually embarrassing to me as an American that this kind of BS can be allowed to go to court, I hope she has to pay every court cost and fined for lying. 👿

        1. I very seriously doubt she would even try to go to court with this weak accusation, and 2 witnesses who say it never happened. It’s all for show before the media, who eat this stuff up. For the Dems. it’s an attempt to hurt Trump with a thousand cuts, but so far they haven’t even poked him with a pin.

          PS- Porny Daniels was ordered to pay Trump’s legal costs for her phony lawsuit.

  19. Another story that does not pass the smell test. And, she voted for 0. I’m not believing it one bit. Did she also stop at Subway or have 2 front doors …good heavens, enough already.

  20. All I had to read to know this is a hit job is that she voted for Obama. Sorry lady and I use that term loosely in regard to her but we’ve been there and done that and don’t believe you. The judge probably won’t either.

  21. The timing is off. I can’t see why she’d hold off on it rather than get on the dogpile right after he’d said he’d greet women the way Kevin Spacey greets men. It’s not outside of the “character,” or lack thereof, that Trump bragged about. If we take Trump’s word, she’s very believable. If we say Trump was just running his mouth again, we look at the lack of corroboration and the timing and she’s not believable.

    Whether it happened or not, the whole Stormy Daniels affair makes it clear that Trump’s got worse than trying to smooch someone in his past.

  22. I’m guessing that if true, a sincere apology just won’t do? I’m so damned sick and tired of all of this crap popping up mysteriously, years later. If it is a legitimate and horrible crime like with Weinstein, then yes, by all means, report it and punish him. But this crap is often weaponized and likely more phony than real – like with Kavanaugh. This is The Left’s favorite weapon – they used it effectively on so many people (still not sure if Herman Cain was innocent or not). With The Left making EVERYONE feel so “triggered”, this is easy to manufacture or exploit. If she is caught in a lie, she better get maximumly punished so it will deter other useful idiots in the future. Meanwhile, the democrat Gov. and Lt. Gov in Virginia are still untouched?

  23. Didn’t sound like anything “forcible” was taking place. Doesn’t sound like anything took place.

    Just add #metoo to the steaming pile that includes “hands up don’t shoot”, fake racist attacks, fake attacks on gays, climate change, Russian collusion, etc.

    1. The only thing I have found so far that is a little disappointing with the new comment system is that I can’t block some commenters. It was a very good way of keeping my blood pressure and disgust down.

        1. I am guessing that many who can hide here now, who ran to the Newsbusters, will find the same reception to their sick comments.

  24. This type of headline draws the Trump trolls like flies. I wonder if the trouble of setting up an account on the new system will make it less likely for them to jump in?

    1. Shhh, that’s what the lefties are banking on winning in 2020 on. Trump the racist. 😀 They can’t get their act together, or their stories straight enough to make a coherent argument.

    1. I agree. Looks like the MeToo movement has gone the way of the Women’s March, and we know that is no longer credible. So much so they have cancelled the last several events.

    1. True, but they can keep Trump tweeting and responding and wait for him to trip up or say something stupid so they can mock him on SNL. At this point it’s an obvious tactic. Constant attacks. Allegation of…suspicion of…many say…look at this poll…listen to this angry person…the Outrage…the Horror…

      1. I pretty much believe it’s all designed to keep Trump busy, so as to keep him from doing his POTUS work.

  25. Sounds too similar to the allegations against Kavanaugh, which all had no proof, not to mention the travesty against Roy Moore….So no thanks, this is very likely yet another smear attack and she is being paid to say this or has a personal motive to do this. Give some real evidence of this happening or just stfu is how i feel anymore about these claims with no evidence that we are all supposed to get outraged over.

  26. If Russians doesn’t work, try Tax Disclosure. If that doesn’t work, then Racist. If that doesn’t work, then Rape. If that doesn’t work, then Divisive. If that doesn’t work…

    1. Even if it did, what’s the big deal? We are getting nudged further and further into seeing normal behavior as something criminal or nearly so. It’s so the population can be controlled. In a totalitarian state everyone is a criminal of some sort. Just think of when PC came around. Now people are really intimidated about saying what they think or even what’s obvious.

  27. Why don’t I believe this person? Hmmm… could it be, with the Mueller probe coming to a close, set to disappoint the left, something else needed to pop up? Yeah, maybe.

  28. Two actual eye witnesses say it didn’t happen. Show me the eyewitnesses who say it did happen. I believe in actual evidence, not allegations.

    1. Very true, I don’t believe for a minute it actually happened, 2020 is coming up fast, they need a new whiny victim.

      1. Hey Doc, I hope all is well. Interesting new comment section which confuse me. I must be getting old cause I can’t keep up – it took me about 12 times just to set up the account. I don’t think I will experiment with all the features. My tablet my explode.

    2. There is also the double standard going on with Justin Fairfax [a Democrat]. His two accusers can name the date, the time and the place. Yet the left has completely buried that story and the protesters never once harassed him outside of his house like they do to Republicans accused, i guess we are only supposed to be outraged and “Believe women”only when a Republican is accused and expect evidence when it’s a Democrat.

  29. Scoop. ” And she’s waited all this time over this? Did someone recruit her? Or did she just decide to do this on her own?

    “Again, I don’t know if Trump tried to kiss her or not. Just pointing out how the story smells like a hit, even if its not”.

    I agree with you Scoop.

  30. Good grief, I really don’t give a damn, these whiny women are gutless, I’d just slap the crap out of someone .Looking for Gloria Allred, red alert 🙄

    1. In the old days (if it actually happened) she would have slapped him across the face and been done with it.

    2. Last week, on the day of his death, the Kissing Sailor statue was vandalized with #meToo

      I thought about how things have changed since those days… sure it was probably only excusable giving the emotions of the moment and him showing his appreciation to a nurse, but today he would be jailed and slapped with a felony charge.

      1. That’s the truth. When I saw that I wanted to cry for our Country and the young people , sad times for America.

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