“I say that as a proud woman of color”: Greg Gutfeld awesomely DESTROYS biological DENIALISM of Democrats.

“Intellectual fascism, not biology,” is how Greg Gutfeld describes what the gender studies astrologers who enforce radical and insane views across the country through woke politics get their way. It’s why Ketanji Brown Jackson was afraid to say what a woman is and why insane school boards want Marsha Blackburn murdered for even asking.

He points out in this excellent monologue the hypocrisy of insisting you can’t define woman and insisting that KBJ is the first black female SCOTUS nominee. And more.

This video is above and beyond. As in, above the heads of liberals and beyond dispute.

“Why was it so hard for a judge to answer this question? Because we’ve let the woke take the clearest distinctions in life and destroy it, and now people are terrified of facts,” said Gutfeld.

“It’s part of the left’s trifecta: Create victims, create new reasons to call people bigots and give college professors something to waste time on.”

“The same folks who came up with the phrase ‘follow the science’ then ignored their own advice when it doesn’t benefit their politics. So I guess we can’t call Jackson the first black woman Supreme Court justice because according to them, she might not be a woman,” he says.

“In reality, what is female has been a simple question for the three hundred thousand years humans have existed. It’s only in the last decade that idiots have turned it into a trick question on a biology test. And why? Because they prefer ideology over biology, so there’s no way to clearly define what makes someone a woman,” he continued.

“No wonder dudes can share women’s locker rooms, use female restrooms, and male perverts can move into female prisons. If sex is just a social thing, you can do or say almost anything. That way, a fact changes from what is, to what people say it is. And biology, which is based in absolutes, is as unwelcome as Katie Pavlich at a PETA rally.”

“Gender studies is like astrology. With astrology, you look up to the skies and make up stuff. With gender studies, you look down in the locker room and then deny reality.”

He nails it on “Lia” Thomas, too.

“They then deny reality regarding Lia Thomas, the trans swimmer who’s creaming biological females in the pool. Gender professor Kate Mason says lots of people are assigned male at birth, have higher testosterone levels and could never make a Division one swimming team. Why do we attribute Thomas’s current success to her assigned sex rather than to ‘her’ long record as an elite swimmer? Well, you dope because ‘she’ was an OK male swimmer who’s now beating outstanding female swimmers precisely because they don’t have the innate muscle mass ‘her’ assigned to maleness gave ‘her’, you dope.”

“She conflates all males not being better swimmers than elite women to deny the fact that a mediocre male can dominate the female ranks.”

The USA Today article, he says, defines woman as “embracing reproductive justice, fighting the inequality of investment in girls sports and wage discrimination.”

“Again, it’s not biology, it’s ideology, which means a female could go her whole life without being female because she didn’t obey the doctrines of gender studies graduates,” he said. It’s an amazing point. “That’s intellectual fascism, not biology. And I say that as a proud woman of color.”


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