“I wear that as a badge of honor” – Gov DeSantis DROPS THE MIC in responding to Kevin McCarthy dissing him for president

Yesterday Speaker Kevin McCarthy made sure to kiss Trump’s backside in an interview with Maria Bartiromo after she suggested that DeSantis was working with some House members who want a government shutdown.

McCarthy said: “I served with Ron DeSantis. He’s not at the same level as President Trump by any shape or form. He would not have gotten elected without President Trump’s endorsement.”

That right there is a man in FEAR of pissing of Trump and earning his ire. No doubt about it. He not only kissing Trump’s backside but repeats Trump’s propaganda about DeSantis getting elected with his endorsement. McCarthy has never looked smaller than he did in this clip.

Today DeSantis responded to McCarthy’s garbage:

“Kevin McCarthy says I’m a little different from Donald Trump. I agree. In Florida, we run budget surpluses. We’ve paid down our debt. I’ve kept every one of my promises. Meanwhile, McCarthy and Trump worked together to add $7 trillion — more debt than our country racked up in its first 200 years — to the debt in just four years.

It’s understandable that the DC Establishment doesn’t want me to be president — and I wear that as a badge of honor.”

DeSantis started out by noting how closely tied Trump and McCarthy are and were during Trump’s presidency:

Donald Trump supported Kevin McCarthy very strongly for Speaker. I don’t think he would have won the Speaker vote. Donald Trump was instrumental in him earning that Speaker’s gavel and they worked hand in glove really throughout his whole presidency. They were on the same team on every major spending bill that came down the pike and they ended up together adding 7.8 trillion dollars to our national debt. Never in a four year period has that much been added than what they did together.

So he said we are different. We are different. Because in Florida we run budget surpluses. We’ve paid down almost 25% of our state’s debt just since I’ve been governor. All the debt, all the way up for all of Florida’s history, we’ve knocked off almost 25% of it. So it’s a much different approach to where we’re doing it right. We have the number one rated economy in the country. We’ve cut taxes, we’ve expanded school choice and we’ve delivered in a way that made the state sustainable.

I am not somebody who the DC establishment wants to see. There’s no question about that because they know that a lot of things will be changing if I’m there.

DeSantis then dropped the mic, pointing out that the only reason Republicans have the majority in the House is because of New York and Florida:

I would just also point out that we in Florida have a right to expect that they’d get some stuff done for us like they said they would when they campaigned. Because Florida was instrumental in them even having the majority to begin with. This was supposed to be a big red wave in 2022. You had probably the most favorable conditions that Republicans have had in a midterm election since 1946. People were expecting a massive tsunami because inflation was terrible, Biden’s unpopular. All the problems that we’ve seen – nobody is happy with the direction of the country. And that’s tailor made for the opposition party to be able to sweep into Washington DC.

Instead, the only reason they even got the majority is because the governor candidate in New York overperformed and because we delivered a red tsunami in Florida that gave them an extra four seats. That’s the story of the midterm. If you take that out, the Democrats would have held on to the House of Representatives. Florida did its part. We showed how you can win and we want to see some results as a result of that.

He then concluded by saying he’ll never be the DC establishment favorite and he wears that as a badge of honor:

But I’m not somebody who’s ever going to be the favorite of the DC establishment. You know what? I wear that as a badge of honor.”

This is big reason why I support DeSantis and why McCarthy is full of – you know.

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