“I will send them to Delaware” – DeSantis slams Biden for bussing illegals into Florida

Governor DeSantis slammed Biden today for bussing illegals into the state of Florida, suggesting he can do the same thing and send them all to Delaware:

Here’s what DeSantis said:

Again, this is not something that we’re given ahead of time, this is something that we find out after the fact. I talked to the folks at the Jacksonville Aviation Authority – feds come in, they do it, they’ve got a bus.

My view would be why don’t we…if they’re going to come here, we’ll provide the buses…I will send them to Delaware. I mean, if he’s not going to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there.

So we will do whatever we can in that regard. We are absolutely going to do everything we can.

Damn straight. That’s exactly what he should do.

Also notice the two men smiling behind him when he says that. Heh.

Below is the full exchange:

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