IDF Chief says they are ready to begin ground offensive, just waiting on orders…

There is plenty of political pressure coming from the US, Turkey, Jordan, and others for Israel not to invade Gaza on the ground. But the IDF says they are ready and waiting for orders. Let’s just hope Netanyahu and his cabinet have the backbone to make the right decision and head into Gaza, because clearly these rocket attacks are not stopping:

YNET NEWS – IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Friday that the military was ready for a possible ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, and was awaiting instructions from the political leadership.

“Nothing is stopping us from moving forward,” Gantz said during a tour of a Paratroopers training base. “The IDF is not waiting for the last straw to go on a ground offensive, it’s waiting on political instruction.”

Terrorists “in Gaza are understanding that they’ve made a big mistake. In four days we’ve been intelligently using our offensive means while remembering that there are civilians there that Hamas has turned into hostages,” Gantz said. “Gaza is slowly sinking to its doom.”

The chief of staff noted that “the air offensive is excellent and we have intelligence that works. We have what to attack, and we will intensify the attacks. We’ve yet to exhaust our offensive capabilities.”

Gantz went on to say that “strategically, Gaza needs to choose whether it’s heading for a calm or to a security catastrophe.”

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