Idiot editor of ThinkProgress MOCKS Dana Loesch over CNN town hall – Jake Tapper REBUKES him

If you saw the CNN town hall that was actually just a Democrat rally in disguise, you probably noticed how insanely rancorous it got and kinda scary at times. People were yelling at Dana Loesch that she was a child murderer, and the shooting survivor kids were doing everything possible to whip up the crowd into a fury.

Now we’re finding out how bad it really was:


This is when the scumbag editor of Think Progress chimed in to mock them for being “snowflakes.”

Now, notice that they didn’t whine about it during the town hall, they didn’t mention it on Twitter, they brought up a whole day later. That’s not exactly snowflaking, but scumbags gotta scumbag.

Luckily, Jake Tapper is more honest than Millhiser is:

This is just one response to the interaction but I think it’s instructive:

Now, at the townhall, they mocked the governor of Florida for not showing up. So if you don’t go to a gun grabbing townhall ambush, you’re a coward, but if you DO go, then you deserve to be attacked for it. And that’s what we call liberal fascism.

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