Idiot Rand Paul supporter stomps liberal protester

***UPDATE: More video below.***

This really is stupid and there is absolutely no place for this. I know emotions run high sometimes, and I’m not sure of the events that lead up to this, but it’s clear the woman was already on the ground being subdued and there was absolutely no reason for this man to stomp on her like he did. Notice the man that puts his hand out and reprimands the ‘stomper’, which I’m sure will be left out by those who want to use this to tarnish the tea party.

I know emotions run high at times, and I know this political environment is difficult, but people out doing the hard work must control their anger. There’s just no excuse for this.

UPDATE: More video of the incident. Some of you are wondering what she did to get pushed to the ground. It turns out that she was apparently trying to get to Rand Paul for some weird photo shoot thingy, being an Lefty activist and all. But Rand Paul’s supporters protected him, with the exception of the ‘stomper’ dude.

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