IDIOTS on The View have to read LEGAL note after SMEARING Ginni Thomas – But keep going anyway

I don’t watch The View and neither do you. That’s the normal way to exist. But The View does happen and people treat it like part of our culture and our news. In fact, the cluckers are a major part of some of the worst and dumbest things regular people end up getting shoveled in their face in their daily lives.

And so naturally these morons were all OVER smearing Ginni Thomas. They went so far that the powers that be forced Sonny Hostin to read a disclaimer into the camera. And she was a total [bleep] about it.

Why are you seeing this? Because despite the chorus of “Who cares” we always get in comments or see on Twitter, the fact that these people get away with this stuff matters. The system is designed to start with water-testing among the chicken heads and then move up and up through CNN and into the House and Senate and eventually your kids school and your work.

They’re part of the pipeline. And look at what a disgusting, gunked up pipe it is.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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