‘If Republicans had ANY brains..’ Lawrence Jones says if GOP just took these simple steps they’d win EVERY election and YEP

If Republicans wanted to win every election, it’s not actually a complicated process. That’s not just what Lawrence Jones is saying, it’s the clear truth.

Not complicated. Difficult, definitely. Uphill battle, sure. But it’s not like some kind of intense algorithm here. The bottom line is that the Democrats, the left, they depend on — and have hung their entire party, movement, and identity on — a singular flawed philosophical point of view. A singularly unappealing and ultimately untenable one.

That neo-Marxist “woke” self-centered nanny-state view? People don’t like it around the world, and it isn’t reflective of the values in minority communities. Anyone who knows people in the real world and not the D.C. bubble KNOWS this to be the case.

But Democrats sell racial grievance and their marketing works, as Lawrence correctly points out.

We would win every election if we went to the right people WITH the right people telling the RIGHT message. That’s a truism, obviously, but it is also an actual prescription.

Because in other words, if communities that are majority Black or just plain diverse, but composed of working class citizens who aren’t bombarded by the activist scene on the coasts, if those groups of Americans who value their personal freedoms, live their faith, love their families, work hard and more were presented with the TRUTH about teh parties, Democrats would lose their power to ruin lives and ruin those communities.

It’s just the truth.

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