‘If we had an HONEST media…’ Christina Pushaw calls out STENOGRAPHERS in press over HITLER comparison

Godwin’s Law may be a way to mock people who resort to insane Hitler comparisons in various internet forums and formats, but it’s pretty obvious that Democrats think it’s actually THE LAW, so they make Nazi and Hitler references more than Nazis and Hitler ever did. Nikki Fried, the disastrous Florida harridan trying to build a career on DeSantis hate (and getting plenty of love from CNN for it), made one and American hero Christina Pushaw called her out.

AND the media.

How dumb of a comparison is this? It’s all the normal kinds of dumb, plus some extra dumb for added flavor.

Doubt Nikki will have any more to add to that “explanation” of the similarities.

Pushaw’s coupe de grace was directed at the press.

That’s exactly right. The press are a DNC propaganda arm.

And by the way, you know who was SUPER into propaganda??


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