IF you can stomach CNN Fat Dumb and Bald Guy attempting DRAMA you’ll get a YUGE Laugh at the end of this clip

CNN’s Fat Dumb and Bald Guy really laid it on THICK this morning on CNN whimpering about how Trump making fun of Ali Velshi trying to score an Oscar for his booboo means America is “slouching toward autocracy.’

It’s absolutely the most overdone and forced attempt at grave and weighty rhetoric that you’ve ever seen on CNN or anywhere else. He tries the Don Lemon pause for effect, which only give you time to see how fat dumb and bald he looks.

But if you slog through this FAKE news (especially good is that the RIOT CHEERING NETWORK with a straight face is complaining that a tiny group of pro-Trump peaceful demonstrators with perfectly normal political signs outside a polling place in a perfectly normal way as happens all across the country every time there’s ever an election and is so commonplace there are rules on the books about where you can and cannot stand while electioneering is somehow voter intimidation) there is a big yuck at the end. I mean the ha ha kind of yuck not the yucky kind of yuck.

Okay well actually let’s say it’s both. Anyway, watch the Fat Dumb and Bald Artist formerly known as Brian Stelter trying to have a “moment”. IF YOU CAN.

“Do people in other parts of the world see creeping authoritarianism much more clearly than reporters in D.C. and New York?”

That is just fantastic ain’t it? You see, he means that the dumb stuff he just tried to get an Emmy with is the autocratic slide, and he’s implying that they, the press, don’t cover that ENOUGH or with enough FEAR and DIRE WARNINGS.

But what is hilarious is that his sentence, his question, is the EXACT RIGHT QUESTION and he doesn’t know why. Because people in other countries DO have perspective and they know that his insanely ridiculous proposition — that Trump making fun of Velshi’s Flintstone band-aid soap opera is the creep of fascist dictatorship — is laughably, ridiculously, incomprehensibly stupid, privileged, asinine, and absurd.

That’s what’s so funny. He asked the right question without realizing that the answer is YES, and that it’s yes because he’s an alarmist idiot, and it’s that idiotic alarmism that makes it impossible for him to know where he went so wrong.

I mean, it’s funny in the way that things that are terrible and disastrous and reveal the decline of our society are funny, ya know?

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