If you’re a leftie BIGOT, it’s no problem for CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, she’ll defend you (WATCH)

Alisyn Camerota, whose name is spelled in a dumb way, is one of the preachiest, most smug, most self-righteous of the talking heads on all of TV. She’s insufferable, and if you ask me it’s on purpose. She’s trying to “atone” for the crime of having previously been a Fox News Channel blonde.

But that preachiness is absurdly one-sided. I mean, even for CNN, she’s bad, and that’s pretty bad. Which is why it’s no surprise that her otherwise continuous virtue signal got interrupted on Friday when discussing known bigoted anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, who hate Jews the most and Christians only slightly less, and who love, love, LOVE racist hate-mongering wanna-be terrorist Louis Farrakhan.

Camerota interviewed progressive feminist activist Teresa Shook, who founded the Women’s March, regarding her denouncing of the current leadership of the march, which I told you about here at The Right Scoop on Monday.

So to be clear on the stage setting, here, a liberal feminist activist who founded a major female organization denounced the leadership of her own creation because of their endorsement of hate against a minority group, and instead of praising her bravery, CNN’s Camerota conducted an adversarial interview in defense of the current leadership. And why? Probably because Sarsour is Muslim and that rates higher than feminist on the “aggrieved hierarchy chart” you just know liberals like Camerota pass around and adhere to like it’s the Bible. Oops, sorry, I meant Koran.

Watch, via Newsbusters:

It starts out hostile from the get, with Camerota demanding to know what she’s “accusing” Sarsour of.

I won’t bother with the transcript (you can find it at Newsbusters), because Camerota’s activist hostility on behalf of Sarsour speaks for itself.

Sorry Shook, but you lost this round of the popular game show ‘Intersectionality” airing daily on CNN. Better luck next time. Maybe try to find an air time that doesn’t have Sarsour’s hitwoman in the driver’s seat.

Oh wait, I forgot, Sarsour doesn’t think women should drive. In the anchor’s chair, we’ll say.

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