“If you’re unhappy you can leave!” – Trump defends yesterday’s tweets AND calls Pelosi’s comments ‘racist’

Trump just gave a press conference where he was asked about his tweets yesterday telling certain unnamed ‘progressive Democratic Congresswomen” to go back where they came from:

That was the first question. He was asked about it again in a follow-up:

And another follow up…

Trump also called Pelosi’s statement “Make America White Again” was a very racist statement:

Lastly he addressed the ICE raids saying they were very successful:

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32 thoughts on ““If you’re unhappy you can leave!” – Trump defends yesterday’s tweets AND calls Pelosi’s comments ‘racist’

  1. Why doesn’t Omar condemn Al Qaeda like she was asked? It is pretty clear where her loyalty lies

  2. Nancy Pelosi you are getting what you deserve.A terrorist attack on your Gavel.So suck it up and retire.I have always disliked you,so I am rooting for the bad Girls,because Trump will be President for four more years.

  3. I’m sure what the President is suggesting are comments every spouse has made to his loved one.Except me.

  4. Ilhan Omar: “What we say and do is out of love for every person in America”

    Yeah, she just said that in the press conference

    I’m calling you a racist and a xenophobe out of love…

  5. Over at National Review there is a ‘debate’ via competing articles by David French and Charles C. W. Cooke.
    The Cooke article, On Gratitude and Immigration is outstanding.


    The United States saved Ilhan Omar from a war zone, let her stay, accepted her as a citizen, and then elected her to Congress. If one can’t be grateful for that, what can one be grateful for?

    Should Omar “temper her critiques of American politics and culture”? That depends. Legally, Omar should enjoy every Constitutional protection available. And, as a matter of course, she should feel able to take part in the political process on the same terms as everyone else. But, culturally, it is absolutely reasonable for Omar’s critics to look at her behavior and say, “really, that’s your view of us?” It’s absolutely reasonable for Omar’s fellow Americans to dislike her and to shun her as a result. It is absolutely reasonable for them to consider her an ingrate — or to believe that she is “a toxic presence in American politics.” And it is absolutely reasonable for them to wonder aloud how a person who hails from a dysfunctional, dangerous place built atop dysfunctional, dangerous institutions can exhibit the temerity — the sheer gall — to talk about America in the way that she does. There is a big difference between saying “I oppose current federal tax policy” or “I want more spending on colleges” or “the president is an ass,” and saying that America needs complete rethinking.

    Read the whole thing: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/on-gratitude-and-immigration

  6. This is what happens when people don’t provide Trump with popcorn so he can enjoy Blue on Blue violence in peace. He gets bored and feels the need to get involved in a stupid way.

  7. Watched this live….who in the sam hill was the whiny voice that had Trump saying “quiet.”
    Good grief. I wanted to reach through the TV and stuff a tennis ball in her mouth.
    Shut up and allow the President to talk; your lack of manners is infuriating!

    Good job pointing out the radicals, President Trump. Hit that topic hard and often.

  8. Tim Pool (who is no fan of Trump) says there may be more to this than meets the eye, and could POSSIBLY be that “4-D chess” we keep hearing about in action. Here’s his theory…

    Recall that report that just came out this weekend about AOC and her radical friends becoming the visible face of the Democrat party and voting Americans in the middle having a VERY negative response to that right? Pelosi must have seen that report as well and is not excited about that. Now all of a sudden Pelosi FINALLY is beginning to grow a spine and challenging AOC, Omar and these other crazies. Pelosi doing that shows there’s resistance to these loons within the Democrat party, right? Now…

    Add Trump’s tweet over the weekend…we get it: “Trump is racist” is being cried by the Dems…old news, right?

    What is Pelosi FORCED to do now? She now has to DEFEND AOC, Omar & the crazies or else be confirmed as a RACIST BY AOC, as she was implying last week in her “person of color” tweets against Pelosi. It also prevents Pelosi from attacking AOC for a while (with this story in the headlines) lest she be seen as in line with Trump to “have her silenced”.

    To me, this theory does have some sense to it, and IF it’s true, then that is some next-level evil genius stuff right there.

    What does everyone else think?

  9. My thoughts go to an old Extreme song that was often misheard as having an obscenity:

    If you don’t like what you see
    Nobody wants to take you prisoner
    So let me make it nice and clear, dear
    The exit is right there
    I don’t mean to be rude, dude
    But you better change your attitude
    (I don’t like what I see here)

    You’re all invited to the party
    You know you didn’t have to come
    No rotten apple’s gonna spoil my fun

    If you don’t like
    What you see here
    Get the funk out
    We won’t try to
    Force feed you
    Get the funk out

    (Second verse even has the lyric: So if you don’t like what you see here / You can always leave the country)

  10. Didn’t think I’d ever hear this response out of Mitt Romney’s mouth when he was asked about Trump’s comments yesterday.

    Mitt Romney on Trump calling for 4 congresswoman to go back to their countries of origin? “I certainly feel a number of these new members of Congress have views that are not consistent with my experience and not consistent with building a strong America.” https://twitter.com/AlisonNBCBoston/status/1150831054665723904

  11. How about the people that promised to move to Canada if trump won? Can we at least ask them to leave if they’re still mad at America for electing Trump?

    Or is that not allowed either?

    Not that I care either way. I don’t accept moral indignation from baby killers and the scum of humanity.

  12. These “reporters” are nothing more than activists. And the ones that won’t shut up while the president is speaking to them should be removed.

  13. I think you need a more nuanced position than “If you’re unhappy, leave.”

    That can be turned around to apply too broadly. “You aren’t happy with illegal immigration? Leave.”

    I think that a better position is, “There are many places in the world where your values are proclaimed. They aren’t America and they’re often failed states. If you aren’t happy with the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, leave.”

  14. President Trump is exactly correct. If all you do is bit-h and wine about how bad the country is, go to the place that you think is better. A lot of people in the world would gladly take your place.

  15. It’s true ………………..he didn’t mention any names. It’s just that everyone knows who they are. Gotta say I agree anyone who doesn’t like it here should leave and how many of us here have said “Good riddance and don’t let the door hit ya……….? One thing I will say for Trump is he loves this country and that in and of itself is refreshing after the Marxist Islamist jihadist lover we had for eight years before him.

  16. The LOVE It or LEAVE It sentiment is as old as the wagon wheel. Trump is just saying what many of us already think.

  17. “The ICE raids were very successful, many, many were taken out on Sunday, you just didn’t know about it,” Trump said

    I’m simultaneously pleased and creeped the f out by this statement.

  18. He’s saying what we all think or have said at one time. Some may see this as a negative, but it’s nice to see a president not back down for once.

  19. Why does he feel the need to be an insufferable douche bag all the time? One step forward 5 steps back.

  20. Unpopular opinion:
    Trump made a mistake here. He’s obviously trying to make the 2020 election about these radical congresswoman who are very unpopular with swing voters. That’s not the problem. That’s actually a smart tactic. The problem is that he’s making these congresswoman more popular by using racial overtones when knocking them (telling women of color to go back to their country, can be interpreted as racist).
    Just when there was starting to be a civil war in the democratic party between Pelosi/some of the more moderates with the AOC wing of the party, Trump comes along and unites them. Dumb move IMHO!

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