“I’m going to answer the damn question!” – AG Barr demands to be allowed to answer question from contemptuous Democrat

As I said in the last post, AG Barr has had to fight Democrats during the entire hearing all day just to get any answer in while they try to control what he says. And this is a perfect example of it:

This Congressman from Colorado is being a complete a-hole to Barr as he tries to trick him into perjuring himself. He acts like this is a courtroom instead of an oversight hearing.

But Barr wasn’t born yesterday and refused to allow this jackwagon to railroad him, which is why he said emphatically “You said under penalty of perjury, I’m gonna answer the damn question!”

I must say that I’ve learned one thing about Bill Barr today, and it is that he has FAR more patience than I do in dealing with these despicable Democrats. I would have stood up, turned my hearing table over like the Incredible Hulk and walked out hours ago instead of putting up with the kind of garbage he’s put up with today. Kudos to him for exercising unbelievable restraint.

I’ll leave you with this from Jim Jordan, which came a little later in the hearing:

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