“I’m not wasting my time on your stunts” – Gov DeSantis

Governor DeSantis today was asked by a reporter what he thought about the request made to the NAACP to issue a travel warning to black Americans to not come to Florida over their ban on the woke AP African American History curriculum.

Before the reporter even finished his question DeSantis was already saying “what a joke!”.


DeSantis began by touting how well Florida’s tourism has been over the last two years after COVID, essentially telling the NAACP ‘good luck with that’.

But the part I loved was when he said: Look, this is part of the reason why our country goes through all these – we get involved in these stupid fights. This is a stunt, to try to do that. It’s a pure stunt. And fine, if you want to waste your time on a stunt, that’s fine. Look, I’m not wasting my time on your stunts, okay? I’m gonna make sure we’re getting things done here and were going to continue to make this state a great state.”

There are stupid fights all around DeSantis these days, coming from both leftist forces and people like Trump. And I think this declaration by DeSantis that he’s not going to waste time on other people’s stunts is his philosphy on dealing with it all.

Trump has particularly become obsessed with DeSantis and he rarely, if ever, responds to it. Just look at Trump’s Truth Social feed. It is non-stop hate and lies being aimed at DeSantis. But he ignores it because he knows it’s all stupid and not worth his time.

And just as a side note on the Trump/DeSantis stuff. Some of you tell me I’m off the reservation with Trump or that I’ve left Trump. We’ll let me tell you that’s not true, I didn’t leave Trump. His behavior caused him to leave me. I would still be happy about his campaign for president if he didn’t engage in the very politics of destruction at DeSantis that was aimed at him by the Democrat media for so long. How can I say Democrats and the media were wrong for their lying attempts to destroy Trump, and yet say Trump is right for his lying attempts to try and destroy DeSantis?

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