“I’M SHOCKED!” – Lindsey Graham says before the IG report he didn’t buy into the anti-Trump deep state…

Lindsey Graham was on with CNN this morning to discuss the IG report that came out yesterday. There’s one clip from it that’s getting a lot of attention, but something else he said caught my attention.

Graham points out that he used to be against the idea of a deep state against Trump. But after reading the IG report yesterday, he’s changing his mind.

Watch the interview below. The portion about the IG report comes within the first four minutes:

Here’s a few excerpts:

I’ve been saying there’s not a deep state. Then I look at this and I see the people who are conducting an investigation of one political candidate vs the other seem to have a very – not just a political opinion but a motivation.

“The institutions have been crippled.” “Absolutely if you don’t believe that the average American is gonnna think that the FBI is far more political than they ever believed, that’s crazy!”

I’m shocked. I didn’t buy into this stuff, that all these people are out to get Trump. There’s enough evidence now to prove to me the FBI looked at really closely.

I will point out that Graham doesn’t believe the report exonerates Trump, as Trump suggested earlier today.

Here’s the clip that’s making the rounds. This came at the end of the interview where Graham was addressing his critics. He pointed out that he worked with Obama and was a hero to the left. And then said this:

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