‘I’m sorry, it’s too late’: Is Doctor’s TRAGIC story of dying breath VACCINE conversion a DEATHBED OF LIES?

Doctor and newly minted media darling Brytney Cobia told a truly dramatic, Shakespearean tale this week of the end stages of death by vaccine refusal. This story had everything a CNN could want: morons getting their just deserts, a noble doctor offering a hand despite the crimes of the unvaccinated, but still bearing the bad news in stalwart and blunt fashion. And it’s young people, previously thought safe, which gives CNN the bloody satisfaction of a new terror to terrorize with.

“One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late,” wrote Cobia. What a terrific line, don’t you think? Can’t you picture the poor, stupid losers, finally realizing how wrong they’d been, how right Biden and Fauci were, finally broken and desperate asking Big Brother for redemption and forgiveness, and at last, finding none, passing into that bad night?

Liberals have been consuming and reconsuming this tale like it was nectar from the gods. Their own heroism confirmed, the blight of the MAGAs being wiped out, and they get to blame Tucker!

REEEAAALLLY think this should have set off the too good to be true alarm bells don’t y’all?

Because I mean…


And then there’s…

And here’s a bonus.

Doctor Fabulist here (an obvious millennial whether you go by her photo or the spelling of her name) sees the vaccine not just as treatment or preventative, but as VIRTUE.

They are the GOOD guys. You are the BAD guys if you don’t comply. And really, it’s not even if you don’t comply. You have to comply LOUD enough and HARD enough. Remember CNN did a segment bashing Fox News for not doing INSTAGRAMS of getting the shot. They bashed them for not doing INSTAGRAMS of their SHOT. I had to say it twice, it’s that stupid.

This turn of events with Doctor Virtue was as predictable as the sunrise.

But it’s still disgusting. And it’s even worse when you consider that this is the norm around here these days. They don’t even feel bad about it. Brian Williams and Jim Acosta are still media elites, despite being caught lying over and over.

And they want us to trust them. They want us to take THEIR word for things about foreign affairs, critical race theory, covid and more. After all the lies and untruths and misinformation?

I’m sorry. It’s too late.

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