“I’m very disappointed” – Bolton’s ouster stuns Republicans…

The DC Examiner is reporting that Republicans are stunned that Bolton is no longer part of the administration:

Senator James Inhofe:

“I’m very disappointed,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman James Inhofe said as he walked through the Capitol Tuesday.

President Trump did not call Inhofe to inform the Oklahoma Republican of the decision. Instead, Inhofe heard the news from one of his staffers, who learned about it from a radio report.

“I don’t know whether he was fired or he resigned,” Inhofe said. “I know what the president said and what he said. He’s one of my closest friends. He’s one of the most knowledgeable people that I know, and I’m disappointed that that association has been dissolved.”

Senator Murkowski:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski just heard about Bolton’s departure as she was walking into the chamber to vote.

“Wow,” said the Alaska Republican, when asked by a reporter for a reaction.

Senator John Thune:

“A lot of people up here thought a lot of him,” Senate Majority Whip John Thune, R-South Dakota, said. “He’s obviously very knowledgeable. But obviously, they had a difference of opinion, and it sounds like they weren’t compatible in the way they wanted to go about doing things.”

Senator John Cornyn:

Lawmakers said they didn’t expect Trump to fire Bolton, despite media reports that the president had split with him on key issues and had begun to sideline him from important meetings.

“I was surprised,” Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said. “I happen to be a fan, but obviously, the president gets to choose who his advisers are, and I respect that.”

Senator Mitt Romney:

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said the loss of Bolton’s foreign policy expertise from the Trump Cabinet is bad for the nation.

“He’s a brilliant man,” Romney said. “And his alternative point of view, I would hope, would be welcomed in decision-making circles.”

It is bad for the nation and it doesn’t speak well of Trump that Bolton chose to resign. It’s like when Gary Cohn resigned over strong disagreements with Trump’s path on tariffs. Bolton clearly disagrees to the point that he can no longer work for Trump, and Trump should see that as a big criticism and warning. But we all know he won’t, which is why he tried to spin it as if he fired Bolton.

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65 thoughts on ““I’m very disappointed” – Bolton’s ouster stuns Republicans…

    1. It all sounds like a rainbows and lollipops foreign policy idea conjured up by Ivanka and Jared Kushner, and the President was too hard-headed to admit they should have never considered the Taliban meeting in the first place. Bolton shouldn’t have been let go for the Trump family’s stupidity, but he should have found common ground with the President if he was set on establishing an exit strategy.

    2. If I’m honest I don’t think Mark can put this in a positive light.

      He’ll be forced to (gasp) say “Bad Trump.”

      I doubt he CAN at this point, however, which is why I finally had to tune him out. It was like cutting an old friend out of your life. I listened to Mark since BEFORE he was a proponent of Article:V. He used to DUMP callers who even brought UP Article:V.

      But when he took the job at FOX I saw him change. He went from someone who would applaud the President when he did something positive and criticize him when he did something bad – to EVERYTHING Trump does is “Genius.” I suspect his shift to Trumpster coincided with his realization of “Presidential Access” that working at FOXNEWS gave Mark. Also, having that same employment with his BFF Shammity likely impacted the “shift” too.

  1. Trump’s attitude should cause us to be very concerned for our national security. One would think he was once a Democrat. Oh, wait …

  2. Just make Eric Trump national security adviser. At least the position will be stable since Donald Trump doesn’t fire family members.

    1. I define “right and wrong” as the exact opposite of what people I hate say/like. If they say that 2+2=4 well then F*CK MATH I HATE IT.

  3. Is this a “I want the best advisors who will tell me what I want to hear” or what?

    Further, just because those who chronically oppose trump dislike this, doesn’t make it a good thing. Bolton is definitely the kind of voice trump needs to hear from. Not those wanting to surrender everything.

  4. Taliban summit had to be the final straw for Bolton….coddling that little potbellied murderer didn’t help, I’m sure …and Cruz online begging Trump to stay tough on Iran is a bad sign

  5. New from Reuters:

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump could meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the upcoming United Nations meeting, with “no preconditions.”

    Pompeo made the comments at a news briefing to unveil new sanctions on groups including Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.


  6. The war hawks are crying tears of blood. Maybe wishing we can have a repeat of Afghanistand/Iraq nation building “wars”. Poor little RINOs. I like John Bolton, but let’s not forget that he’s a staunch war hawk. I didn’t mind him as a cabinet member, but would NEVER want him to have a final say in going to war.

    1. And he didn’t. He was there to be one voice and since that voice spoke from experience, it was one worth listening to.

      On this one Abe, I am with those who see this as a bad thing. No one wants a repeat of nation building wars but Trump is truly a novice when it comes to dealing with Jihadists.

      It sounds like you are a Rand Paul kind of guy. Isolationist fan. That worked out really well in the past for us/ sarc.

  7. I feel less secure now… John Bolton is good for this country. He approached everything from a position of strength. Bad move Donald!

    1. Hasn’t Bolton advocated regime changes in multiple countries please tell me how that makes us safer? Has the Iraq war made us safer?

    1. Trump’s policy toward Iran is now a liberal dumpster fire that would make Jimmy Carter proud. He has already eased sanctions on several of Iran’s nuclear programs and wants to meet with Iran’s president with no preconditions–which is a disaster waiting to happen.

  8. Stunned and Republicans in the same sentence, LOL. Most of these squishy gutless loons have no clue what they are stunned about on any given day.

  9. Most Presidents pick a pal and stick with them come hell or high water. I admire Trump’s resolve in finding the right person, no matter how many heads have to roll in the process.

  10. The good thing about being a Trump supporter is, even if Trump loses reelection, you’ll still have the same policies with a Democrat in the White House.

    1. Well, I don’t know about policies. But certainly the same progressivism will be there. The 2020 election will be the same “choice” as the 2016 election.

      Republican – Progressive candidate achieving populist/nationalist goals.
      Democrat – Progressive candidate achieving leftist/socialist goals.
      Third Party – Conscience-based vote with little chance of winning.

      Since the first two are both collectivist in nature, they don’t really make a difference. It’s like being on the path to hell and deciding whether to drive in the left lane or the right lane. Doesn’t really matter ultimately, because they both go to the same place.

      The funny part is in watching the Trump cult behave exactly the same way as the Obama zealots did. That whole perpetual song and dance as they pretzel themselves into insanity trying to rationalize and justify his every word and deed as if it were the Second Coming.

      When you put it together that’s the majority of the electorate now though, you kinda stop laughing. :/

    2. Do you have a clue what Trump has done since being elected ? You honestly see demon-rats doing the same thing ?

  11. Jimmy Carter is a big fan of Trump’s foreign policy. Trump should make Carter his new national security adviser.

  12. In Rand Paul: “We have peace in our time”

    I don’t think firing John Bolton was not the right move. Bolton was a Reagan hawk, and you need hawks, as well as doves, to have a good balance in any admin foreign policy decision making process, otherwise you end up with a weak and fatal Neville Chamberlain appeasement admin.

    I pray Pres Trump doesn’t fall prey to naive appeasement diplomacy that weakens America, which was unfortunately exhibited with the thought of even contemplating serious high level Camp David Talks with the Taliban.

    1. Agreed. Firing Bolton was a bad move through and through. And Bolton was right; hosting the Taliban, the freaking Taliban, at Camp David very close to the anniversary of 9/11 was a bad move all around. It just would’ve legitimized them, made us look weak, and sent a message that whatever they’ve been doing for the past few years so far has been working out well. It also would’ve completely undercut the pro-American Afghan government, as the talks would’ve been a huge propaganda defeat for them.

      Trump needs to stop looking for answers in Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchanan isolationism and shape up, or he’ll wind up getting shipped out in 2020.

      And another thing, no more summits or meetings with dictators and malevolent governments/non-state actors. None of them have resulted in anything good happening, but Trump keeps embarrassing himself at these things and giving these guys a huge propaganda victory. No more trying to meet and smooch it up with Iran, Russia, North Korea, China, the Taliban, etc. There’s nothing to talk about with these guys. Our positions on matters involving them over the years have been very clear.

  13. …it doesn’t speak well of Trump that Bolton chose to resign.

    Neither does it speak well for Trump that he’s lying about it to be the big man on campus. All he had to do was say “Bolton and I disagree to the point we are incompatible so I accepted his resignation”. But noooooooo. That wasn’t good enough. Unfortunately for Trump I like Bolton a billion times more than him and he’s lucky the election isn’t tomorrow.

  14. The President has the right to choose his National Security team. That said it is very bad optics to fire a guy who argued against face to face negotiations with the Taliban after this major fail.

    Just say’n.

    1. As I have recently said, this is the one issue where I am truly disappointed with Trump. He lacks any real gravitas and having someone like Bolton, who is brilliant and has had years of experience on Foreign Policy and more importantly, is not a yes man, would have served US well.

      Trump has no real life experience when it comes to dealing with these really bad actors and he has shown weakness a few times already. He is acting more and more like Rand Paul and dare I say it, Obama, which is definitely not a compliment.

      I’m sure that Bolton was quite upset that Trump chose to have a meeting at Camp David with the Taliban, the same week as 9/11. If that isn’t truly imbecilic, I am not sure what is.

  15. Trump fired Bolton (or Bolton fired Trump, whichever). And despite the moderate Republican mourning wails or the pearl clutching of Ben Shapiro, the rest of the world breathed a sigh of relief, and oil prices decreased.

    1. Stocks were broadly and sharply higher following Chamberlain’s declaration that peace had been agreed with Hitler. What happens afterward will depend on the policy trajectory, not to mention macroeconomic fundamentals.

  16. Is the Fed Chairman next? Trump desperately needs lower interest rates since his huge debt is variable rates. The increase cost him big time. HUGELY BIGLY

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