Immigration’s New Deal: Asylum agreement reached with El Salvador looks like a solid win

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan had a big news item on Friday when the story broke that he and El Salvador foreign minister Alexandra Hill Tinoco have signed a “cooperative asylum agreement” between the United States and the Central American nation.

The bottom line of the agreement is more people headed north to the U.S. seeking asylum will have reason to remain in El Salvador as a sort of haven while the wheels of the process turn. That is, to have an asylum framework in the nation and the means to cope with the situation that they are already in.

McAleenan told reporters on Friday that the deal is designed to “try to further our efforts to provide opportunities to seek protection for political, racial, religious or social group persecution as close as possible to the origin of individuals that need it.”

In other words, it’s an investment in El Salvador on our part to help the nation not only cope with streams of refugees from other countries, but to reduce the large amount of those fleeing El Salavador for the United States, seeking refugee status based on the high crime and drug gang violence in the nation.

From the Associated Press:

The agreement, first reported by The Associated Press, could lead to migrants from third countries obtaining refuge in El Salvador even though many Salvadorans are fleeing their nation and seeking asylum in the United States. A Salvadoran delegation has been in the U.S. this week to discuss the matter.

McAleenan said the agreement advanced El Salvador’s commitment to developing an asylum framework, with help from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

“This will build on the good work we have accomplished already with El Salvador’s neighbor, Guatemala, in building protection capacity to try to further our efforts to provide opportunities to seek protection for political, racial, religious or social group persecution as close as possible to the origin of individuals that need it,” McAleenan said.

It’s the latest effort by President Donald Trump’s administration to force asylum-seekers in Central America to seek refuge outside the United States. Immigration officials also are forcing more than 42,000 people to remain in Mexico as their cases play out and have changed policy to deny asylum to anyone who transited through a third country en route to the southern border of the U.S.

Naturally open borders types and Democrat immigration extremists are condemning the decision, saying that it is putting refugees and asylum seekers at risk by forcing them to remain in sh*thole countries. They didn’t use that phrase, but that is their implication.

“Today’s announcement of a ‘cooperative asylum agreement’ between the United States and El Salvador is yet another example of the U.S. government’s callous disregard for the safety and lives of people fleeing violence in Central America,” said Alison Parker, managing director for the U.S. program of Human Rights Watch. “El Salvador does not have the capacity to keep its own nationals safe, much less migrants from any other country.” Parker added that only 18 people are seeking asylum inside El Salvador.

Mind you, there aren’t many details out yet about the specifics of this agreement, so the reaction is based simply on the idea that those attempting to find refuge in the United States may have to wait for a while in a country which we’ll be giving support and money to and which will have the aid of the United Nations. Wow, what monsters we are.

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65 thoughts on “Immigration’s New Deal: Asylum agreement reached with El Salvador looks like a solid win

  1. So how much of USA taxpayers money is payed (“bribes”) to El Salvador to harbor these illegal USA asylum seekers?

  2. If we are forced to pay for their B&B, it might as well be THERE, rather than here. You see, there’s the problem, as I see it. It’s not so much ‘asylum’ that I believe they’re seeking, it’s the food stamps, shelter, education, medical care, whatever other bennies the Dems can heap on them in exchange for their vote.

  3. No deal. The Constitution doesn’t allow politicians to use American taxpayer dollars to pay protection money to Third World countries, in order to keep them from exporting their unskilled, and possibly diseased, citizens to America, with the expressed mission of creating socioeconomic havoc. If the dollars go anywhere, it should be towards beefing up border security, including the creation of strategically placed walls, the use of the military and mass arrests of people illegally crossing. Additionally, since we can confiscate millions of firearms, we should have the ability to track, hunt down and arrest, en-masse, all illegal aliens in our country, no matter how long they’ve been here, in hiding, along with their children, in order to export them.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. If throwing money at problems doesn’t work in America, how is paying ransom money to El Salvador going to miraculously halt illegal immigration?

      1. Yes, all this is doing is contributing to the insolvency of America. Unconstitutional spending, compounded by unconstitutional spending for foreigners, calling it protection money.

    2. The UN is bypassing our constitution and the Commie-Socialist Progressive Demo☭rat Party, of which there are many RINOs, support that.

      1. Then I guess we need to get a president and political party that doesn’t kowtow to the United Nations, and willing to enforce national law, instead of protect their political brethren.

  4. Sounds good. Looks like the Dems won’t have their voters for awhile. Guess that’s why the Dems are unhappy with this.

  5. So how much do taxpayers have to shell out to make economic asylum scammers follow the law? The UN has a terrible record when it comes to pushing mass migration. They shouldn’t even be at the table.

  6. It’s called nation building…coming to the aid with lots of cash, no oversight, and the corrupt get the check…like Haiti….I hear they got a new palace shortly after the last big rescue. The people are still living in cardboard boxes but it must be because of climate change…

  7. I believe it’s cheaper to keep them over there than having them over here… plus, you avoid anchor babies. Btw, when is Birthright citizenship going to end? SCOTUS has to settle that issue; no children born to illegal immigrants, whose allegiance and jurisdiction belong to another country, should acquire US citizenship.

    1. It’s called negotiating. Trying to attack illegal immigration all all sides. But hey the bright side is you thankfully are not working for our government.

      1. El Salvador gets negotiating out of it? That don’t make no sense. Are you sure you’re not just choosing words at random and putting them together in sentences?

          1. El Salvador gets “Blah, blah blah” out of it? What is “blah” exactly, and why does getting it once, and then twice benefit them?

          2. Libs R Nuts,time to pick up your marbles,put them in your little bag,go home and tell your Mom no one wants to play with you.

      1. Ok fish. I guess those miles of 4′ tall sheet metal border fencing in high traffic areas where people were getting through by the thousands should have been ignored.

        1. Well, we have the wall we’ve always had. Upgrades are nice and all, but I’m looking to see something new get started.

      1. With 63,000+ comments, you must be a “very bored supervillain” and lonely for someone to reply. You’re welcome. I like to help out when I can AT.

        1. I think it’s weird how people keep track of my comments and upvotes.

          Super weird.

          Like, obsessive weird.

          I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one doing it too.

          It’s weird.

          That’s weird bro.

      2. I know, the wall isn’t being built. Just that 4 ft. Wall that has been falling down is being replaced. You seem to think that that crap wall is somehow a wall and it should stay and be bypassed for now. Lol, your the guy that is the outcast at a party. You know the type. He sits and says the craziest shite and thinks it makes sense. Yeah, seen your type in NY my whole life. Go work for Deblasio, you make as much sense as he does.

        1. I know, the wall isn’t being built. Just that 4 ft. Wall that has been falling down is being replaced.

          Thank you for recognizing the difference.

          Say, did you hear about the new Democrat spending bill that Donald is expected to sign? Yaaaaaaay.

  8. This has to be a win-win. If it works, it should greatly reduce the “asylum scam” currently being perpetrated on us, and all the nasty criminal activity that goes along with it (child trafficking etc). Plus, illegals and their anchor babies (sorry future Dems) are greatly reduced.

    And btw, if anyone truly needs to seek asylum, isn’t it better for them to be in a country closer to home, and one that speaks their own language with a culture similar to the one they left?

  9. Sorry, anything promoted by McAleenan is progressive and non-effectual.
    Remember this is the guy who several admin officials (including Mark Morgan and Tom Homan) pointed to as the leaker who warned illegals of impending raids.

    And he literally just said today that white supremacy is the biggest threat DHS faces. This after the American Airlines sabotage by the ISIS supporter and the arrest of the NJ Hezbollah operative that was scouting sites in NYC to attack.

    1. He also ordered this week that the Cucinelli department(UCIS) not deport any illegals who are needing medical care at our expense as well.

    2. And you wonder why Homan immediately took his name off the list for ICE directo under Trump. There is some seriously bad chit going on over there.

    3. Thanks. I think the biggest threat is socialism/communism. Interesting that he toes the radical democrat line on white supremacists. He should listen to Candace Owens instead of CNN

    1. I agree. Keep them south of the border. It decreases the cost of the welfare benefits they collect, and their anchor babies are born elsewhere.

    1. As long as the illegals are here, and are using our welfare system, which is unconstitutional, and they are used for illegal votes for the Dems., this will never end.

  10. If Trump doesn’t truly clean out the swap. and I mean all of them, he is in bad shape, and sunk. Get the hell rid of Javanka as a good start. They are toxic.

    1. Just saw Lee’s green card legislation a gift to big tech got blocked today. As part of your question as to who got to him, the information is his biggest donors are currently Google, amazon and Koch industries. I know Koch was big on the criminal justice bill Lee pushed.

      1. Yup, follow the money. I guess everyone has their price. Even Mike freaking Lee. I wouldn’t have seen that coming. But their he is.

        1. One other thing I read on the Daily Signal was a judge Trump has put up for I believe 5th circuit court of appeals who many conservatives including Cruz have come out in strong opposition to because of several issues including his stand against religious liberty/protections Lee is all in and said he will support him. Josh Hammer said the judge had a case before him where an illegal had been caught with enough fentanyl to kill 500,000+ and it carried possible life term and a huge fine and this judge gave him 6 years and nothing else. When you look at everything adding up, Lee seems to be lost.

        2. What’s interesting is this tech green card bill would take jobs away from our own young people graduating with massive debt(Malkin has done massive research on this sector and the firings of citizens for cheap labor), meanwhile he is on board with Rubio/Ivanka pushing “family leave” so you and I can pay them to stay home and be with their kids if they choose. Mike was one of the few I never expected to go this route and its sad.

  11. So we won’t provide the freebies here,but if El Salvador keeps them from moving North to the USA,we will send the freebies down to El Salvado for them to distribute.Thus,we now have El Salvador and Guatemala all sewed up for freebies forever.Gosh I hope I am wrong.

    1. My thought is that they are not here to collect welfare benefits, and they can’t drop there babies as American citizens.

      1. I agree with you,but I was hoping that this would not be our alternative to the Wall.Thank that might happen/

        1. The US has been giving the central and south American countries, as well as everyone else, big bucks in “aid” forever. At least Trump is attaching some strings to it. For now, if it decreases the flow, go for it.

          1. Yeah,your right,but I hope its more than just decreases the flow.looks like we will still need the new bigger and stronger wall.Thanks Scope.

  12. So, is McAllennan another Javanka pick? They have been stellar, cough cough with their picks. No?

    Kinda sounds like the Wray pick for the FBI.

  13. El Salvador – population 6.4M
    Foreign Aid from US in 2018 – $110M (all departments)

    So our government figures if we just give them more money (OUR hard earned $) it will improve things for the US.

    Have we EVER heard any other solution by Government…..other than “more money” to FIX something.

    What is that old saying about doing something over & over & expecting different results? Has anyone mentioned that to Congress/the President?

    The US Government has done a bang up job of creating dependency on welfare within the US….may as well continue by encouraging/promoting welfare countries.

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