IMPEACH: Stephen Miller tells Maria Bartiromo when, how, and WHY Republicans should TAKE DOWN Biden

Impeachment doesn’t always mean leaving office, as we know from Bill Clinton and the Democrats’ sham impeachments of Donald Trump. But it CAN mean that, and with Biden – who is a danger to America’s continuing existence – SHOULD equal that.

Stephen Miller, talking with Maria Bartiromo, explains some of the reasons why that is. Especially, what should be the FIRST article of impeachment filed against the man who is, in less than a year, already the worst and most dangerous president the U.S. has ever seen. Not to mention the most existential threat our nation has faced.

And while we’re at it, Miller explains what the Republicans need to do when they take the majority back in 2022. Which is to have a PLAN for accountability and issuing subpoenas. And Cryin’ Hillary is on the list.

“What she did to this country is criminal. It’s absolutely criminal, it’s hateful, it’s odious, and there has to be accountability,” said Miller. “And here’s the bottom line. When Republicans take the majority, they need to have an agenda for accountability. They need to have an agenda for fighting crime, they need to have an agenda for fighting open borders, they need to have an agenda for fighting big tech.”

“They need to have an agenda for holding this administration accountable, and for issuing subpoenas to ensure that that happens,” he said. “And if they do, they will go down in history as the greatest Republican majority we’ve ever had.”

High hopes. We’ll see. It better be RAINING subpoenas in this country when Republicans are in power. If not there is no hope left for anything.

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