“Impeachment is over!”

The senior national correspondent at ABC News echoed what we’ve already heard two hosts on MSNBC say today, except he was even more blunt about it:

Terry Moran says that after today’s hearing, “impeachment is over”. He argues there’s Pelosi isn’t going to allow her members to start impeachment hearings in the House when it would lose in the Senate and with the American people.

Moran said the problem for Democrats is that Mueller had to carry the weight of the impeachment narrative today and at the very least appear to be a “vigorous, strong, rock solid prosecutor.” But instead, Moran notes, Mueller “looked like somebody who’d slowed a step or two.” Yeah, that’s putting it nicely.

Moran even suggests that perhaps Mueller is as Republicans are now saying after the hearing, that he was just a figurehead for all these angry Democrats trying to do their dirty work. He’s not saying that explicitly, but by even mentioning it like this, he’s giving a nod to just how bad Mueller looked today.

Watch the clip for more…

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78 thoughts on ““Impeachment is over!”

      1. If there wasn’t a special law for “WOC” Ilhan Omar would have a lot of questions to answer about how she got here, who she married to get and stay here, how campaign money was misused and that’s just a start.

        But being a member of the “Squawk Squad” protects her lying a$$!

  1. Who is going to pay back the American taxpayer? When are all involved in weaponizing our taxpayer paid for agencies against American citizens going to jail?

  2. Wow!
    And notice how there is not only no pushback from other panelists, but some are nodding in agreement.
    The MSM is throwing in the towel on this….FINALLY!
    Question is, will the Democrats?

    I’m guessing that the answer is “no,” because this is literally all that they have – or rather, had – left.

  3. Supposedly trey gowdy said mueller was the person today who learned the most about what is in the mueller report. Or something to that effect

    1. He said exactly that. The one person who learned the most of what was in the “Mueller” report today was Mueller. You just gotta love those Democrats. Their race to the gutter and the absurd is truly breathtaking.

    1. Orange-ism is a form of racism… or is it a WOKE SJW thing? One can never tell these days.

      But you’ve nailed it, this is what the mantra will be for the Left.

    1. Just curious – who was the stand in for Jordan? Because whoever it was missed by a mile.

  4. Also during this segment, super-lib pigboy Chris Christie did his best to trash Trump – oinking that Trump’s “dishonesty” is “a long-term problem for try Republican Party”, or something.

    1. Christie is the one who recommended Wray for FBI Director…………moral: never to listen to him because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      1. Is there anything specific about which you believe that Trump has been dishonest? Or is it just the general liberal belief that Trump is dishonest because he’s Trump?

  5. The sorry ol’ Dimocraps will keep digging and digging until they can come up with some other bogus plan to ensnare the President. You can count on that.

  6. The Dems are desperate and look desperate. I see a lot of Prilosec being taken because Mueller really gave them some heartburn not playing their game.

    1. He wasn’t playing anyone’s game. This is some kind of sick joke – right? I read somewhere that he “seemed” disconnected from this whole episode. I would say that that it was a given – disconnected from reality is more to the point.

      There is enough blame to go around in this latest fiasco of The Karma Chronicles but Rosenstein and Comey have a whole lot of explainin to do. They pushed for the appointment of Mueller as the go to guy to run this investigation. After seeing his performance, Mueller couldn’t punch himself out of a paper bag.

      Pass the popcorn.

  7. The republicans did a reasonable job of laying out what mueller didn’t investigate. I hope Barr comes through on that

  8. Well, impeachment on the Russian collusion subject at least.

    I still say that the NEA abuses are impeachable (though I wouldn’t advocate actually doing it), and who knows what else this clown will do in the future that might serve as a perfectly valid basis for impeachment.

  9. Impeachment is over! Yeah, but if you think that is going to stop the coyotes from going after the road runner….think again.
    They’re just waiting for that delivery from Acme….some new gadget to stir up more trouble.

    If Mueller wasn’t such a jerk, I might have felt sorry for him.

    1. Yeah, I found myself feeling a bit sorry for him….and then I said, hell no! He was responsible for this. He was supposed to be in charge. Nice Roadrunner reference. I can easily picture Nadler opening the Acme box with glee. LOL ^5

      1. Another one just came out to a resounding chorus of yawns. Wrote a book, maybe? I didn’t pay much attention.

    1. The Dems are going to look REEEEEALY bad if they continue on with this agenda. Really bad. But desperate people, do desperate things, I guess.

      1. It would be hilarious if after the audits he just handed them the returns so that they would have to find something else to attack him with.

  10. I can’t wait to see clips of reporters hunting down the Dem candidates and asking them their opinions on what happened today. I bet they’re scarce as hens teeth this afternoon. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  11. I felt sorry for Mueller. I wonder if he was that vague when he was head of the FBI. How could Democrat’s parade him out there when he is so fragile, didn’t they at least talk to him before this?

  12. He hasn’t so much slowed a step or two as, “begun wandering off the premeses without being noticed by the caregivers.”

    This is really sad. I wish, for his family’s sake, that the DOJ had worked the backchannels harder to keep Mueller from being put in the limelight.

    1. It is sad to see his whole life of service and credibility shattered by that one hearing. He should have never returned, but I’m guessing he thought he was doing his BFF, Comey, a favor.

    2. Mueller put himself in the spotlight – he agreed to testify – he wanted to testify – he didn’t have to.

  13. To all Dem’s:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Mueller broke your heart again
    Now go get bent

  14. I mean isn’t it disgusting that Mueller quotes fake news media in his reports and some of those stories were made out of fake leaks by the same people who Mueller hired. I mean how is that even legal? And when will Bob Mueller pay for his perjury? If Flynn can lose his house for lying to FBI, why doesn’t Mueller pay for his lies?

      1. He just lied to Congress. He should be referred for criminal prosecution. It is actually a very easy case to prosecute. His words are completely contradictory. He said he didn’t discuss Special Counsel job with Rosenstein but there are phone records. He said many lies, not just one

  15. Democrats keep saying Trump has dementia, Alzheimer’s, this or that. Yet, Mueller who is pretty much the same age, the hero of the republic, the lord and savior for democrats, sounded like a complete nut with advanced bout of dementia

  16. Impeachment is over so lets go get a Peach cobbler.

    I’m kinda sad about this, to be honest. I hope the four Squids don’t stop….believin’!! Hold on to that feelin and coerce Pelosi into pursuing impeachment anyway. That should do wonders for the Democrats electorally. Go ladies go!

  17. Democrat leaders about to have a presser. Who wants to bet, the subject will be the heading of this article? I don’t think the Democrats can risk losing anymore credibility although I wish they continue on until 2020 elections. PLEASE GOD, but Pelosi is too smart for that.


    1. Doubt it. They double down on stupid usually. They will provide a translation of mueller’s “uh”s

    1. You know that won’t happen.

      Quick pivot to “tax returns” or “Border concentration camps” or whatever else their evil little minds can think up or make up. They never stop. They never shut up and they never quit.

  18. I hate to think that “PEACH 45” May never be heard again from Maxine Waters.

  19. Bottom line – the American people didn’t read the Mueller report and obviously, neither did Robert Mueller.

  20. Nadler said yesterday that he hoped that the hearing wouldn’t be a dud. It most certainly was a dud.

  21. I was in disbelief when the Dems had a presser during The Five, and acted like they had WON the day! Nadler, after everything that happened today, still maintains that Trump is guilty of all manner of things. They are either delusional or masters of gaslighting the public. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. And Juan Williams on the Five tonight? OMG, he lives in effing La La Land! Every day is opposite day with Juan.

  22. I just saw a CNN video about the hearing today. It had 3K upvotes and over 11K downvotes. I think people are wising up.

  23. bwwwaaahahahaha! WINNING!

    Now CONgress get back to work. We have a border to secure, illegal aliens to return to their country of origin and a mass of other MORE IMPORTANT issues, like the NATIONAL DEBT, to worry your little brains over. Donald J Trump is the President of the United States of America…GET OVER IT!

  24. 24 July 2019

    Collins: “At anytime during your investigation, was your investigation curtailed, or stopped, or hindered?”
    Mueller: “No.”

    Mueller: “My investigation was never curtailed, stopped or hindered at any time.”

    Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary: “obstruct” is synonymous with “hinder”

    no collusion (as reported) and no obstruction (as testified to by Robert Mueller)

    it’s time for the Democrats to stop obstructing the just execution of the Executive Branch’s responsibilities and authorities!

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