IN-STUDIO: Judge Jeanine interviews Charles Wood and family over death of former Navy SEAL son killed in Benghazi

Tonight Judge Jeanine had Charles Wood and his family in-studio to discuss the situation surrounding his son’s death in Benghazi and the administration’s response to it.

Gotta say the hug at the end was a testimony to this grieving father’s character. What a great man and a great family.

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91 thoughts on “IN-STUDIO: Judge Jeanine interviews Charles Wood and family over death of former Navy SEAL son killed in Benghazi

  1. Mr. Woods will take down Obama …..all alone….all by himself! And his son, Tyrone Woods will be remembered as the hero who freed America from the tyrant.

  2. Thank you very much for posting this interview. We admire and respect the whole family. God Bless Charles Wood and his family and give them peace…. He has.

  3. There is a penalty for murder and for accomplices thereto. The New York Times has avoided mention of the Bengazi emails for several days. Now, Sandy brings a wrath that is aimed straight at NY. The three Network affiliates and other left wing media situated at NY will feel that wrath. The time for the shaking out is upon them!

  4. Our Aloha to Mr. Woods and his family who lives in Hawaiʻi and is an example of what ALOHA IS. Mahalo for sharing your story with the world and know that we appreciate what you have endured and shows how we all must be under all the changes and hardships we all go through, but the prolonged occupation of Hawaiʻi by the US has to end.

  5. Criminally negligent manslaughter occurs where there is an omission to act when there is a duty to do so, or a failure to perform a duty owed, which leads to a death. The existence of the duty is essential because the law does not impose criminal liability for a failure to act unless a specific duty is owed to the victim. It is most common in the case of professionals who are grossly negligent in the course of their employment. I think it was Obama’s duty to protect the consulate and ambassador and the three other heroes and he failed to act.

  6. It is getting harder and harder for me to watch as our President Obama skips off Air Force One in his cocky manner. Frankly, I feel sick thinking about how our heroes did not get reinforcements. This can not just fade away. Truth needs to be told.

  7. God bless you and your family Mr. Woods and thank you from my heart for your sacrifice. I have young children and can imagine your pain. God has blessed you with strength. I am praying for you and your family, and the other heroes that died with your son that day. Thank you for your strength and sacrifice. You honor your son and this country!

  8. A shuddering interview with a gentle, kind person. It really broke my heart to watch him, still n bereavement, but being able to stay so calm and forgiving. I just don’t understand how the Obama administration could look these family members in the eyes and promise them “to find the truth”. Where have fairness, integrity and compassion gone?

  9. Ty’s fate cannot help but be political. Either the murderer in chief gets re-elcted or we give another man the opportunity to honor our military personnel.

    Mr. Wood thank you for being a vessel for the message of Christs love.

  10. I am just stunned that the other media outlets are so worshipping of Obama that they cannot expose this lie and have Obama “brought to justice”!

    I have In-Laws that support Obama and before this all happened I was going to ask them WHAT it would take for them to see Obama for the failure and liar that he was. I actually thought asking them if it would take Obama killing someone for them to turn away from him but thought that would be over the top.

    Now he HAS in fact killed not one but at least FOUR people and his followers still see NO evil or wrong in this man.

    Words cannot express my grieving for what a portion of our country has fallen into to allow their own countrymen to be killed as a result of a coward, and not to DEMAND justice.

    Thank you for all of our servicemen and woman who risk their lives everyday,and make the ultimate sacrifices to EVEN defend those who would turn their backs on them even in death.

  11. I am just stunned that the other media outlets are so worshipping of Obama that they cannot expose this lie and have Obam “brought to justice”!

    I have In-Laws that support Obama and before this all happened I was going to ask them WHAT it would take for them to see Obama for the failure and liar that he was. I actually thought asking them if it would take Obama killing someone for them to turn away from him but thought that would be over the top.

    Now he HAS in fact killed not one but at least FOUR people and his followers still see NO evil or wrong in this man.

    Words cannot express my grieving for what a portion of our country has fallen into to allow their own countrymen to be killed as a result of a coward, and not to DEMAND justice.

    Thank you for all of our servicemen and woman who risk their lives everyday,and make the ultimate sacrifices to EVEN defend those who would turn their backs on them even in death.

  12. Finally OHIO has jumped on board the Mitt/Paul train.

    I was getting worried.

    This Father is making a difference in the election even though he said he does not want this son’s death to be political.

    A little too late there DAD, but we forgive you and applaude your courage and HONOR your son.

    When you hear the whole story, about the 2 SEALS, it make my heart swell with pride for actions they took, AND IT WHO WE ARE AS A PEOPLE.
    While I am sad for this RE-Founding Father, he wil have some confort his SON will be revered FOREVER by decent AMERICANS for all time.

    I feel about him and othere SEAL (all those SEALS excuse me) as I feel about the folks on Flt 93, unbeleivable AWESOME courage.

    YOU don’t have to be in the Military to be a great American, but first, don’t watch MSLDS/CNN/CURRENT, you get enough liberal PROGRESSIVE talk on FOX and I hope they
    modify that soon.

    Mitt and his sons may never serve in Military, but the wonders they can do for Military folks if they keep their eye on the ball will be terrific and should be praised.

    IF THEY DON’T, we need to complain LOUDLY, and keep their feet to the fire for the good of the nation as we dig out of this O-BLAME-O nightmare.

    FLT 93 patriots TOOK action, BENGHAZI patriot SEALS took ACTION, progressive
    O-BLAME-O choked……Case Closed.

    OBUMMER will lose millions of votes for this BENGAZI pre/during/after BOTCHED FIASCO, the early voters most would not switch anyway, and I do not want to get into the DEM/racial thing now but MSdnc is going off the deep end and will villified in history for it……

    I expect the Military/former/family will go up to 80% now voting for MITT, it is just the votes gerting counted is my concern, especially in Virginia where they are facing layoffs because of OBOZO’s ideas and policies.

    I am so glad the GM/car company bail outs is getting more correct coverage, Mitt should have fought that earlier, but it melds with all this other stuff.

    IF O wins, even on electoral vote only, there is something gone wrong with THE election, and blame CHICAGO tactics behind the scenes.

    Al Sharpton going to MONITOR voting stations….don’t tell me his not trying to SCARE older white folks, what an idiot.

    IF he shows up with the NEW BLACK PANTHERS, I will work to end his TV career every day for a LONG time.

    Heck, if Mitt/Paul win, I expect AL to fade away very fast anyway.

    Let him find his way to Current TV, where no one knows your alive, almost ZERO watchers, mostly family and friends.

    Seems O is making all the wrong moves, yet the press (watch Reliable Sourses/CNN) is still trying to move the goal posts. THE Hack and 2 guest even said that commercial about the girl’s first time got favorable spin.

    Boy, have we lost out way and headed back to SODOM and GOMORRAH on sexual conduct, abortion, condoms and GAY issues.

    These people on PROGRESSIVE cable shows REALLY need to PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE.


    These PROGRESSIVES using children and young women actors to say ths most rediculous things is not getting more votes yet making O-uh-oh look like a total loser.

    I hope we did not nee BENGHAZI to defeat O, but if it all happened by some design, WE BETTER MAKE IT COUNT AND CLEAN THIS MESS UP MITT/PAUL.

    Somebody muzzle all those Repub candidates for Senate, they are not as smart as we all thought.

  13. Dear Beloved God in Heaven,
    Please comfort and hold in Your arms the family and friends who must endure so much pain for the loss of these brave sons of Yours.
    Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for.
    Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God.
    Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her.
    Please help us to respect what you have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.
    Please God weaken the evil and strengthen the good both without and within.
    May our eyes be opened.
    In Jesus’ name,
    God Bless America

  14. Hoping for a national press conference from the Woods family within the next few days. This horror needs immediate and full exposure which won’t be forthcoming from the MSM ever. Don’t they could all hide from a Woods family presser.

  15. I wept and it takes a lot to make me do that, then I got angry. This event is a turning point for me, these brave men have inspired me to take action – not with guns but words – if leftist open their pie holes I commit to shut it.

    It is Western Civilization that allows this kind of Individual courage to manifest itself all other forms of organizing ourselves suck. There I said it.

    As far as the the administration is concerned Berry is right they haven’t built anything in fact they screw up everything they get near. I believe history will show this bunch of Remedial Gym Rejects To be the stupidest groupe ever assembled to run a government.

    Man am i pissed off.

  16. I am always completely amazed by people who are so at peace because of their faith. Truly faith-filled people stand out. When everything around them is in chaos, they seem to grow even stronger. I do not have that kind of faith, though I wish I did. This man bring me peace and gives me hope, which is quite odd, don’t you think? He has lost his son, yet he speaks clearer and with more strength than I can even muster, knowing what our government has done. God bless this family…. wait…. God has blessed this family.

    1. If you really want that kind of faith, all you have to do is ask God for it, he will take you from there. Nobody can do it without God, and be assured He will lead you and answer your prayer.

  17. I just can’t watch this family anymore. It just breaks my heart every time I see or hear this man. I heard him with Glenn Beck and it was just devestating. To know that your boy died in such a bad way, being sacrificed for no reason by your own country and your own president, would be way too much for me to bear. I just don’t know how he does it. All I can say is, may God look after his son and this man and his fine family.

  18. I posted this a while back, but this thread is so appropriate to repeat it. It’s from the end of the movie Act of Valor. I’m sure that it’s the reason that Mr. Woods is at peace. The last paragraph is especially fitting:

    So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.

    Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none.

    When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

    When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

    ~ Tecumseh

  19. The real sad thing is that after Romney wins, we will be told that the Libya attack was a stain on our middle east policy, then quickly ignored.

    Nobody will be brought to justice, there will be no real answer from the govt or politicians.

    They will all cover for each other.

    God Bless your Hero Son Mr Woods.

    1. I somehow don’t think that the people will let him.
      Thanks to the New Media, it will no longer be BAU in Washington DC.
      Romney will learn this when the storm of outrage really breaks all dams come Monday. This is the weekend, and people are doing things with their families, or preparing for Sandy.

      The next week will be very stormy for that POS and his henchpeople, literally and figuratively.

  20. After 4 years of darkness and lies it was very moving to listen to a great man who is able to withstand the greatest pain possible. Family Woods represents America, a Nation of believers, a Nation who loves freedom and a Nation who is willing to sacrifice and pay the ultimate price. Mr. Wood has made patent, like anyone else, the strong difference between an American and Barack Obama. We can only hope that Obama will accept Mr. Woods “invitation” to stop his regime of crime and madness.

  21. I read that Tyrone Woods was found on the roof slumped over a machine gun apparently having bled out and died fighting with his last breath. I have not been able to get this image out of my mind. His braveness and courage is difficult to comprehend and something we usually only see portrayed in movies. I am praying for justice served to all responsible for abandoning him.

  22. Dunno if it’s good to start the day with tears – but then, I’d rather they be tears of compassion and admiration for this good man Charles Wood. That hug at the end showed me that he lives his faith, and doesn’t just talk about forgiveness. More, one could see this as clear as the clear sky when he looked to the camera: in his face, in his eyes.

    It is no wonder at all that Ty Woods sacrificed himself, trying to save others.
    And it is no wonder either that someone like Charles Woods knew that Obama*) and Hillary were lying to him and were insincere.
    And it is no wonder that his other son is a medic, helping others, and will now go and do some such work in the Navy.

    From this side of the Atlantic, on this Sunday morning: frieds, it is people like Charles Woods and his sons and families who made your country so great, and who will keep it that way.
    Stand firm and keep the faith.

    1. We no longer have to insult Barack Obama. He doses it to himself by entering a room now. Off all insults shame is the worst.

  23. Of course Obama is not at peace and Hillary’s words are insincere…They know what they’ve done.

    If the truth comes out about what really happened, it would be the end of Obama’s re-election chances. This is why they need to delay things until AFTER the Election. (Provide all sorts of excuses as a stalling tactic).

  24. God bless this family. They always knew that there was the possibility that Tyrone might be killed but it must leave an empty place in their hearts knowing that he was denied support from the president. I cannot imagine the feeling of betrayal they must be going through.

    Obama and Hillary must go, they have no business leading civilized people.

  25. Can we get some folks to meet at the next obaama stop with signs saying……oh, “TY WOODS MORE HONORABLE IN DEATH THAN OBAMA IN LIFE”


    My families prayers go out to you Mr. Woods. Thank you for sacrificing your life to save others!!

  26. Where would our country be today if President Obama had father figures around him like Charles Wood growing up or even in 2012?

    Charles Wood, the American people know. My thoughts and prayers are for your family. I pray Tyrone will be honored as the valiant hero he is in years to come. God Bless you and your family.

  27. God Bless your family! Your son is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO! The clowns in this administration have to be ashamed of themselves. Obama, you are a coward and a liar! I hope Romney administration will get all these cowards to answer for their anti-American actions.

    1. How? Did anyone hold the other Rat Carter responsible for his crimes in stabbing the shah of Iran or his surrender to the soviets in 1978? Obama’s damage are permanent.

      1. No, nobody did – but don’t forget that there were no New Media, no internet, no e-mails, no social media. Was there even a Freedom of Information Act?

        People did not have the means to inform themselves and spread the information as they do now, so they had to believe what the liars in government and the media told them.

        It really is different now.

  28. This man and his family want justice and so do I! The person or persons responsible should be punished for their treasonous crimes!

    Hillary lying about the film being the cause of the Benghazi attack to Mr. Woods and that they would have the filmmaker prosecuted when she knew what she knew is reprehensible!

    1. I’ve never cared for Hillary and Obama has pegged my dislike meter for ages. Mr. Woods’ recognition that Hillary and Obama were lying and were not at peace with what they were saying and doing that day that the bodies were returned to the US is now eveident to everyone. It gives me some hope that Obama actually recognizes that the is in a world of hurt and Hillary knows that we know that something is terribly wrong. They must know that this is the end for both of them, that we as a country will not tolerate liars in the highest offices in the land. They have to know that all hell is going to fall on them and they can’t really save themselves.

      1. I guess they are waiting to see if Obama can get re-elected with the way things are in this nation today- whether it has gone downhill enough that the country is ready now to embrace/overlook whole-sale corruption to allow this sort of politician to hold positions of leadership in our country.

          1. Why don’t you ask Colin Powell why he lied to the US Congress and the President of the United States about weapons of mass destruction.  Why don’t you ask the Democrat majority Congress why they voted for the war.  Bush never circumvented (went around) Congress to declare war, unlike Barky Boy who did with Libya.  Why don’t you ask the majority Democrat Congress and Barky Boy why they continued to fund the war in Iraq.  And finally, why don’t you ask the families who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center attacks if the war was worth it.  Do some research.  75% of the war deaths were under Barky Boy’s reign.  Panic time????

      1. Every one should call radio talk shows, visit forums and comment (like this one!) and talk to co-workers, neighbors and friends. Do not let it die, like Obama let our people die!

    1. You know, I’m beginning to think that Ty Woods and his colleague Greg Dougherty, may have saved more than just the people in Benghazi.

      That we’re still talking about their sacrifice, and that people are getting more angry about those who let them die means that they contributed to saving their and your glorious country from the enemies within and without.

    1. I disagree. Republicans will go out and vote in bad weather, demos will stay on the couch munching on goodies purchased with food stamps.

        1. I am Anti Obama and you can’t stop us we will vote him out of Office he (Obama) is a disgrace to this Great country and he is friendly with our enemies and not friendly with our Allies. If you want a country like Obama wants move to Russia and experience what he wants for us!

      1. I am a Democrat, never been on food stamps. But, I do know plenty of Republicans who have they’ve even used Medicaid before. Blow your theory out of the water doesn’t it.

        1. Wrong again.  Over 75% of welfare and food stamp recipients are Democrats.  I’ve studied the data quite closely.
          Just to show your inability to read and comprehend, there is no statement in my post that says 100% of Democrats are on food stamps.

      1. And such faith that one day, he’ll see his son again. Which God promised, that one day, we’ll all be united in our real home, with Him. Paradise 😀

        1. And the humility to know and say that he, Charles Woods, wants to become worthy of going there to be reunited with his son.

          Hearing that in one of his interviews was truly humbling for me.

          1. Wow…You know, Mr Woods is the reason I know something good is going to come out of this scandal. And he’s reminded me that God knows everything and see everything, and though we may not understand what’s happening, nothing escapes Him, and all will have to give an account of themselves to Him one day. I hope I’ll one day be just as worthy.

            A great guy. A really great guy.

      2. Also, he understands Exodus. God said YOUR enemy is MY enemy! Behold the Super Storm aimed at the home of the main stream media and it’s pro-Obama cronies. God will NOT be mocked. This administration is a stench in the nostrils of God.

  29. I love this woman and want her on my team…I have so much compassion for this man and know as he does, that his son went straight to heaven, for his bravery and selflessness…I’m sad thinking someone like that is not in our World anymore , we have lost to many brave men in the last few years, between the great ones dying off every day and men of true heroic love for their fellow men…I am saddened by our loss…

    1. The show will replay in about an hour. Check you local FNC listing. It’s a great show and worth the watch.

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