In total MELTDOWN over DeSantis & FL Guard, this MSNBC clip invoking RITTENHOUSE stands out for sheer STUPIDITY

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross cannot be credibly accused of being an intellectual. She’s not very smart at all, and so her guests tend not to be either – not that that stands out on MSNBC. But what does stand out in the absolutely insane conspiracy theory meltdown of the left and the media over Gov. Ron DeSantis this week is her segment on Saturday.

The left and the press have been insanely and hypocritically birthing cows over Gov. DeSantis looking to reinstate the Florida State Guard, which is a very normal thing that about half of the states have, including liberal workers paradises California and New York.

But CNN and the rest of the idiotariat have been dishonestly crying and screaming and kicking their feet over it in hilarious ways. It got so nuts that even extreme, offensively liberal Sarah Silverman had to tsk-tsk Joy Reid.

But this one from Tiffany Cross today is the funniest one so far if you ask me. For one thing she’s doing it AFTER the reaction has been mocked and corrected to death. And second because … well just watch.

Lol, Malcolm Nance doing the “just as I suspected” line all sly like that cracked me up. But the “shoot looters” thing is intensely fantastically pathetic and, yet, totally hilarious.

Y’all I can hardly stand it what crybaby school marms they are. “You have to wonder how all of this is being perceived on a global scale, Malcolm, I mean this is quite scary.

Ha ha ha ha.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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