INFURIATING video from spa where any SWINGIN’ (ahem) can nude it up with young GIRLS. Complain? Get MANSPLAINED!

The left and the press and Brian Stelter are always having hissy fits about how the right is constantly “outraged” and how the “outrage” machine is getting everybody all fired up and speaking OUT in RAGE.

Well yeah, jerkface, that’s because CRAP LIKE THIS KEEPS HAPPENING. We see Antifa attacking residential neighborhoods and police stations and you tell us it isn’t happening and we’re idiots for believing it is. EVEN THOUGH IT’S ON VIDEO. You say “nobody is taking spots meant for women” in sports and yet not only are people born with male advantages demonstrable doing exactly that, it’s even true AT THE OLYMPICS.

Nobody is trying to take your guns, you say as you keep taking gun rights. Nobody is trying to silence anyone, you say as Google and Facebook and Twitter literally silence SCIENTISTS AND PRESS over Covid!

And of course my favorite: nobody is going around showing their penises to young girls in bathrooms, you big paranoids.

Except they ARE. YOU LIARS!!

Of COURSE we’re OUTRAGED. And if you still aren’t clear why, listen to the lecture from this granola creep at the end of this clip.

You better believe anyone who isn’t a member or hasn’t paid isn’t getting back there. You better believe they check ID. But no lefties are complaining that it’s classist, capitalist, or that it disadvantages minorities because of IDs. No, they’re too busy praising the spa for catering to the privileged and (I GUARAN-FREAKING-TEE you) white guy with his c**k out waving it defiantly in the face of any woman he pleases.

You’re damn right we’re outraged.

And you ain’t gonna calm us down by continuing to blame our lyin’ eyes.

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