Insane video shows antifa idiot grab an AR-15 from a cop car, and get slapped down by former special forces guard

One of the crazier, and funnier, videos to come out of the horrible riots in America is this one from Seattle where an idiot protester thinks its a good idea to steal an AR-15 from a burning cop car. Watch what happens:

That dude just takes control of the situation and scares off the idiotic loser. Pretty awesome:

Here’s another video, you can hear him barking commands like a boss:

Wow. He turned out to be a former special forces veteran and a security guard from a Fox News affiliate station in Seattle:

Dramatic video from a Saturday night protest in downtown Seattle showed a news station’s security guard disarming a masked protester carrying an AR-15 assault rifle and ripping the magazine from it, averting a potentially fatal interaction in an already tense and violent atmosphere. KOMO News, the Seattle station which recorded the footage, pulled away after the confrontation. Reporter Brandi Kruse with local station Q13Fox tweeted that the protester had taken the rifle from an abandoned police car with broken windows and fired it into nearby vehicles. Kruse’s security guard apprehended the demonstrator and one other with a Seattle Police Department gun before turning the weapons over to police. No one was hurt, according to Kruse.

I didn’t realize he had shot it into other vehicles.

That dude is a hero for sure for disarming that jackass.


Apparently there were two AR-15s.

The reporter took some grief from other jackasses on social media, so she provided evidence that the guy shot off one of the AR-15s before another one grabbed the second AR-15:

Just insane. And that dude marched right up to the second guy with an AR-15 and took it away.

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