Insurrectioni — I mean ‘Protesters’ STORM federal bldg. in D.C. but GUESS how much the disinterested PRESS has reported it?

Noisy climate protests in D.C. this week drew some media attention, it’s true. But it was favorable press. Careful press. Kid glove press. And it wasn’t everyone. CBS mainly. Some local channels. Some radio. CNN? LOL no. MSNBC? Not exactly.

See even the ones who carried climate protest stories skipped a pretty significant part. The storming of a federal building, including someone LITERALLY doing what Ashli Babbit did, which was to climb above the crowd and attempt entry to an area of a federal building that was blocked.

Maddow, for one example, showed scenes of climate policy “protesters” as they carried signs, “indigenous peoples” protesters having sidewalk sit-ins, and even cops arresting people. But somehow she didn’t notice that the “protesters” stormed a federal building and breached the doors, or the scene when one of the insurrecitonists — oh sorry Google, I meant rioters — oh sorry again Google I meant PROTESTERS literally climbed onto the barrier attempting to gain access where police were standing guard to prevent them entering the building and potentially harming the public servants inside. Somehow NBC and MSNBC missed that this protester GRABBED A HAT OFF A COP AND WAVED IT ABOVE HTE CROWD LIKE A TROPHY OF CONQUEST.


But not insurrection, though, heavens.

Guess how much CNN has talked about this? Go ahead seriously guess. Guess how much they covered the fact that the rioters I mean protesters were able to infiltrate the building and were arrested in clashes with armed security?



Have you guessed?

Did you guess ZERO? Because that’s the right answer. ZERO TIMES. Oh they yakked about protests (complaining about anti-mandate protesters) and they jawed about breaching federal buildings (January 6th. Yeah THAT story has been on CNN many times this week. STILL.) But the climate protesters? The takeover of the Department of the Interior?

NADA. Not one dang time.

CNN is propaganda. That’s literally the only thing that it is. It is not news in any way.

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