Internet FREAKS out at Tacoma Officer over video snippet. BIG SURPRISE: the whole story is different.

The internet flipped out a cop over a video of his police cruiser pulling out from the midst of a mob in Washington State. Like he’s the bad guy. The left loves to freak out when their antifa enforcers are hit by the cars they were busily destroying while innocent people are inside, and naturally took the opportunity to do the same thing to a cop, especially when the mob isn’t a protest group or antifa thugs (for once).

Here’s the video and, we warn you, it can be disturbing. Make no mistake, people get hurt.

But what’s the whole story? Just a cop getting his kicks?

Rantz explains.

Police were called as drivers were doing illegal doughnuts and burnouts at the intersection of Ninth South and Pacific in Tacoma.

When one officer arrived, a mob surrounded his patrol vehicle, trying to block him from leaving. But they were also trying to break his windows according to a source.

“The crowd was violently punching and kicking his vehicle so much that it was rocking back and forth,” a Tacoma PD source tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “He was trapped. They surrounded the vehicle. He tried to back up but couldn’t. They were very violent. Some people were yelling to pull the cop out of the car.”


“He did not panic. He felt like his life was in danger and… [reasonable people would think] they were going to pull him out of the vehicle if they broke the window,” the source explains.

There’s more context here, but that’s plenty for me.

I don’t know if it’s this generation or what, but it’s about time folks learned not to attack cars and threaten the people inside them. You surround my truck, start beating on it, threatening to drag me from it? Let’s just say Old Betsy is going to have a you-shaped smudge on the side, you know what I’m saying?

The left has convinced people they can act without consequence, if their actions are from the left, or part of “counter” culture. It’s time they start getting disabused of that notion. Thoroughly.

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