INTIMIDATION: State Dept, CIA threatening whistleblowers their careers are over if they come forward on Benghazi

James Rosen on Special Report tonight said that the State Dept. is not providing ‘a process’ for lawyers, being retained by whistleblowers, to get classified information on Benghazi, as we reported earlier today. But not only are they interfering with the legal representation, Victoria Toensing, one of the attorneys representing the whistleblowers, says that they have clients in both the State Dept. and CIA who are being threatened that if they come forward their careers will be over.

Watch below:

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104 thoughts on “INTIMIDATION: State Dept, CIA threatening whistleblowers their careers are over if they come forward on Benghazi

  1. IT is from the top abomination and baghdad Clinton murdered the SEALS and the ambassador was guilty he was point man for Obama’s gun running operation to Syria from Benghazi. SEALS were in covert op tracking the surface to air missiles the somehow just disappeared from our arsenal. They were responding to the calls for help told to stand down three times they refused. abomination and the bagdad witch are guilty of TREASON and all of you can HONOR the BRAVE NAVY SEALS by HOUNDING YOUR STATE REPS TO NO END FOR THE TRUTH TO COME OUT. Trust me they know the truth it is TREASON

  2. This is disturbing. Here it is on the news…threats being leveled at whistleblowers and nothing is being done at exposing who is making these threats. If anything those making the threats should immediately be publicly exposed. Why is this not happening? All I see is a news story making these claims but there’s nothing for me to really rely on as this being the truth. I don’t doubt it at all…I absolutely believe it, but the lack of detail in the reports and the fact that NO ONE is doing anything about exposing who is making these threats is highly suspect to me. There should be silence on the matter…the people will want to know who these people are and why the hell are they threatening other U.S. officials careers for blowing the whistle. EXPOSE THESE MUTTS NOW!!

    1. whoUtellin More screaming and shouting and nothing constructive.
      How about we hear their testimony in Congress and find out what actually went on in Benghazi and then deal with that and then deal with the folks making the threats?  It’s more important to me to know what went on in Benghazi and deal with that first rather than get caught up in who said what at this point.
      Screaming and shouting is not a plan, it’s a reaction and playing right into their hands.

      1. Pinkflowers  These thugs are actively making threats to keep witnesses from testifying. These are CIA and State Department officials which makes it inexcusable. These people making threats need to be exposed immediately. This type of behavior should never be tolerated by the citizenry of the United States. Those people should have to answer immediately. The investigation can continue unimpeded once these people learn they will be immediately exposed and will have to answer for their threats. There is absolutely no good excuse for them threatening people’s careers.
        I think we all want to know what exactly went down in Benghazi but they sure are making themselves look pretty suspect when they are making threats on ending people’s careers. Whistleblowers always get treated unfairly even when they are exposing atrocities that most don’t agree with. Right or wrong, they pay the highest price for doing what’s right and at some point the American people are going to have to make a stand and say no more…if you act like a criminal you will be judged as one and you will be dealt with severe consequences.

  3. Democrats crying about politics?  Incredible, seems there were nightly reports on Sheehan, tallies of soldiers killed, endless Abu Graib BS and wailing about Gitmo during the Bush admin.  Obama takes office and poof, no longer an issue.
    Perhaps starting a war w/out Congressional approval is the height of the hypocrisy.
    As for the whistleblowers, maybe if Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford aren’t busy they can make a movie about these whistleblowers.  Nah, better to praise Ayers.

  4. If Victoria Toensing is involved there is something going on that is bigger than we think or know.

    1. Laurel A Could you provide more insight Laurel, I’m not familiar with her.  I do know the Terrorist now has the attorney that represented the Unabomber and is already deal-making to get the death penalty off the table.

      1. Orangeone Laurel A Toensing is a high powered lawyer who worked in the Reagan Administration. She writes laws that are considered bullet proof. She wrote the law about not exposing CIA undercover operatives and was primary in the fight over Valerie Plame arguing she was not covert.

        1. Laurel A Orangeone Thank you Laurel!  I truly had not heard of her before.  Hummm, this could get very interesting.

  5. Benghazi was pure gun running on overdose ambassador was running guns for abomination and bagdad Clinton  Navy SEALS MURDRED!!

  6. 565 GUILTY OF TREASON, Saudi National who ended up as no concern and sent home was Bin Ladin’s son these are facts scream at these treasonous elected officials about this call Glen Beck ask why he is not reporting on these facts!!!!

  7. My father in law is a Democrat and an Obama voter. I point things like this out all the time and the only answer I get is that I only get my news from Fox or conservative websites. No answer on the actual issue at all. He is coming down from Washington St. Friday and I cant wait to talk with him about this. In the end it wont matter though, I could have the CIA files on this in my hand and I would still get the same statement…did you get that from Fox? I’d get a better answer from an Acme brick.
    Obama needs to be impeached, now.

    1. ryanomaniac I grew up in a hardcore liberal household. Facts don’t/never did matter to them. And researching anything beyond the latest liberal talking points is simply not done. It’s just like a cult. They don’t want to know anything other than that which confirms their preconceived notions. Skepticism, critical thinking, and open-mindedness are heresy.

    2. ryanomaniac At least you are reading something.  Most of the progs, libs, demos don’t read anything, just have their usual talking points ready.  What they would do without their favorite ‘Fox News’ response?  No need to ‘know’ the facts and be informed since that response always shuts down the discussion.

    3. ryanomaniac Some people are incapable of admitting their mistakes and like all tribes there is safety in numbers. He is sticking with his tribe.

    4. ryanomaniac You should make it sound as if this all happened under Bush. And after he’s swallowed it hook, line, and sinker then go after Obama. For the Record: I was against Bush too. They’re both pieces of filth.

  8. They don’t bother to prosecute illegals or black panther militants, but the moment somebody tells the truth about something the long knives come out.

  9. Golly gee, I wonder why a Totalitarian Dictator like Obama would want to silence Fox News, and conservative talk radio?

    1. Matt2Matt I’m surprised FOX is reporting this knowing that a huge investor is a Saudi.

  10. The state department and Obama administration must be hiding something huge, even worse than what we already know about their failure in Bengazi. But, as the saying goes, ‘Murder will out.’

  11. Victoria,
    I am sure that you are a great attorney and I agree with you most of the time.  But please, please, please do something about your hair.  It hurts your credibility.  It’s time for a grown up style.  You’re a grown up now, not 18.

    1. Pinkflowers Out of all there is to be outraged about in all this you focus on her hair? Really?? Kill yourself please!!

      1. whoUtellin Pinkflowers I’m just as outraged about the other stuff.  However, I also think it’s important to present yourself well so that your message gets heard.  Hair is a very easy thing to fix and it just makes sense to present your message as well as possible and give the opposition less to work with in ridiculing you.  And, we all know that that is what’s coming.
        I meant it as helpful advice in communicating ideas.
        Your tolerance is just amazing.  Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. Pinkflowers whoUtellin You are talking about HAIR!!! You are worried about them ridiculing her because of her hairstyle…you can’t be anymore small minded and trivial than that. I have a low tolerance for people that think like you do…you’ve done enough damage to this country.

        2. whoUtellin Pinkflowers No.  I’ve given her some ideas for how to improve her presentation so that people will focus on her position, not her appearance.
          Screaming and shouting is not a recipe for success.  It plays into the characterization of the right by the left.  But if it makes you feel better to scream and shout rather than position yourself and your ideas for success, feel free.
          You do not know me and have no idea what I’ve done.  How dare you accuse me of damaging my country.  Look in the mirror.  Do you want to win or do you want to scream and shout?  Do something constructive for a change.  It’s a better path.

        3. Pinkflowers whoUtellin Where does it end? She’s not wearing the right color for her today before Congress! Oh that must mean she doesn’t have any credibility after all. Her shoes are dirty…don’t bother listening to her because what facts could someone with dirty shoes have? She has too much make-up on…throw out that last statement. Do you want me to apologize for not being a partaker of the right and left paradigm? LoL!! That’s not going to happen. When liberals or conservatives have to say I take it with a grain of salt. No matter what you disagree with either of them on they will always accuse you of being right or left because in their little minds that’s all there is.

        4. Pinkflowers whoUtellin The last thing anyone should be worried about is how someone’s hair looks or how they are dressed. Whether they have real facts to share should be the only thing we should be focused on. The rest of it is pure nonsense used to distract people from the things that truly matter.

        5. whoUtellin Pinkflowers That is so far from the truth it is absurd. In a perfect world, it would be true.  However, the truth is that anyone and their credibility are judged first by appearances.  Then they are judged for content.  Why keep yourself from the content stage by your appearance?
          You and I agree on the value of her content.  I simply want her to be able to present it without distraction.  It appears that she agrees.
          Walk into a car dealership looking like a homeless person or call a press conference looking the same way.  Do you think that anyone will pay attention to your ideas?  No, they won’t.  Should they?  Probably.  That’s the difference between theory and reality.
          We really need to stop making our positions weaker and lives more difficult.  We need to be in it to win it….Not to scream and shout and claim moral superiority.  If you have to claim it, you don’t really have it.  If you have it, it’s obvious.

  12. The biggest threat to national security is in the White House.  He should be tried for treason and executed, along with Holder.

    1. NJK Yes tried for treason and once a conviction comes thru he should be disgraced as well as his family. Then he should be executed in a public forum and all politicians made to watch.

  13. Call me the ultimate cynic folks, but I have a feeling the other shoe is going to drop any day now. Uhh…you know, wag the dog? What will this administration do for ANOTHER diversion? You can, of course, read into that statement anything you like…

    1. doofuschmartz Well the worthless CongressCritters did promise to bring the gun control bill back…..hope they are not planning another school shooting.

      1. UMMM…the temperature is creeping upwards, get ready to adjust your thermostat…maybe we all should…just sayin…

    2. doofuschmartz They have several distractions set up for the picking. Syria, North Korea, Mexican Drug Cartels, Islamic Jihadists, more mass shootings (they get 2 birds with one stone with this one), or maybe they will tell the truth about the economy to save their Fuhrer.

  14. Whatever happened to this quote about whistleblowers, Obama?!!  “Such acts of courage and patriotism . . . should be encouraged rather than stifled.”  How can we respect this LIAR!

    1. temi227 I don’t respect him at all. He’s an wolf in sheep’s clothing…a dictator, not a president, a foreigner, not a citizen, a communist, not a democrap, a criminal, not a hero, a devil, not a saint.

  15. wow quite a threat for obamaer isn’t it??? what is the problem? Perhaps you LiED to us again and they can prove it????? Not good to threaten people… arrogant losers………you have nothing to fear right obamaer??????? you didn’t lie, you found the killers who took the lives of 4 Americans right???  Please we didn’t go to Harvard but we’re smarter than you moron

  16. It needs to be known who exactly is doing the threatening against the brave souls willing to talk about Benghazi. They need to be interrogated, then fired. It is the whistleblowers that need all of the protection they deserve to get to the bottom of this whold ugly mess.

      1. jazzee PatriotInk Impeachment, the stain that never washes out! O deserves that on his record forever! The Redumblicans will never see the light! Besides what would the mushrooms do if enlightened? Ted Cruz says it makes them yell at him for making waves! Give’em Hell, Ted!

  17. Why no outrage from the gay community?  The first gay ambassador was murdered.  Is ruining marriage more important than finding Stevens’ murderer?

    1. Orangeone Must be. I did not know that he was gay – yuk! 
      Maybe that’s why they killed him – word got out?

      1. Godisright Orangeone IMO I think he and Smith were killed because of what they knew, witnesses came forward in Fast and Furious so no witnesses left behind this time, at least that was the plan.  The Admin didn’t count on Woods and Doherty!

        1. Godisright Orangeone Awesome article!  You are extremely bright, help me understand why someone would send the WH an email when the compound was under attack.  Seriously, they didn’t pick up the phone?

        2. Orangeone Godisright You give O too much credit! When informed of Benghazi. O rolled over and went back to sleep to dreams of Beyonce and Jay-in Vegas dancing through his head! The incompetence of Hillary was overwhelming! She should have this albatross worn permanently around her neck as well!

        3. factsobill Orangeone Godisright Didn’t mention Barky Boy in my post.  He has handlers….but I do believe he watch the events go down live and enjoyed watching the slaughter of our Navy Seals because they disobeyed him.

    2. Orangeone WOW WOW excellent point I never thought of that
      why don’t they care about this man???????  excellent

      1. jazzee Orangeone IMO I think Barky Boy’s Admin pushed the SCOTUS on gay marriage in exchange for them keeping their traps shut about Stevens.  But it’s just my opinion.  But the timing is uncanny.

    3. Orangeone One way you can help, Orange, is to stop calling them gays.  They’re homosexuals.  Call them what they are.  Gay just means someone who is happy.

      1. white531 Orangeone Hahaha…have you ever called them homosexual to their faces? They really do get angry and take it as an insult…it’s nothing more than a description of their sexuality and THEY don’t like the term…wow…what does that say?

      2. white531 Orangeone Hahaha…have you ever called them homosexual to their faces? They really do get angry and take it as an insult…it’s nothing more than a description of their sexuality and THEY don’t like the term…wow…what does that say?

  18. TELL!  Expose them!  After they have been removed from office and people with integrity replace them, your careers will be just fine.

    1. Stehekin912 
      If I were them, I’d say “Screw my career. I want to save my country.”
      I think they need to show who they are and blast it everywhere. I think they are in more danger staying in the shawdows.

      1. Keyes Stehekin912 I agree with you………………………..!!  they will get jobs forget the dumb government and hire a good lawyer

      2. Keyes Stehekin912 Easy for you to say! Whistle-blowers have gotten a raw deal, every time I’ve heard of case resolution! You’re right, it’s usually a career ending move!

        1. factsobill Keyes Stehekin912 It’s definitely a career ending move. Even if they do come forward and tell the truth which ends in Obama being impeached and imprisoned or executed the whistleblowers will still get a raw deal because there are more people with things to hide than those who have nothing to hide.

  19. this is sickening.  the entire organizational structure involved in this cover up should be exposed and prosecuted, where applicable.  what is especially nauseating to me is the military leadership that covered for obama and his minions.  their duty is to the Constitution, to duty and to honor.  obama and his admin despise the Constitution. we all know the media will do everything in its power to obfuscate this matter.  we have to raise hell with all the representatives we can possibly and the local media.  the progressives have this attack strategy down pat.  we have to counter them by any and all means

  20. Considering what this Administration did the that Inspector General almost right out of the gate, is anybody really surprised with the continuing campaign of intimidation?

  21. Everybody keep an eye out for bodies found in parks around DC…it is the trademark of Dem administrations….

  22. Everybody keep an eye out for bodies found in parks around DC…it is the trademark of Dem administrations….

      1. NYGino d1carter They just think they are inVincible when it comes to accusations like that.

  23. This is could be it folks. This administration is a disgrace. I hope we get to hear out  these whisteblowers.

  24. I hope these stories have legs. Furthermore, I hope others who were there come forward and confirm these eye-witness accounts.
    This is so important.

  25. Enough of the lies and deception! Let’s have the  truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. Then let’s indict Obama and Clinton and try them for treason.

  26. This administration “threatens” law abiding public servants and crap their pants running to give a terrorist Miranda rights!
    The people in this administration is evil to the core.

      1. Orangeone Why not? Taxpayers bought their food and helped pay their rent, gave them a hand in school….did everything but wipe their…..and they still murdered.

        1. badbadlibs Orangeone The only thing I’d like to pay for are the bullets used by the firing squad or the electricity for the electric chair.

  27. Another obvious admission of guilt by the obama regime. Every time obama and hillary try to speak publicly from now on, they ought to be drowned out by an endless chorus of “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!”
    This regime is sounding more like North Korea or Egypt every day. We are cursed with a plague of liars and traitors in control of the government.

    I’d trade a career for my country any day. Besides, what career do these whistleblowers and witnesses think they have ahead of them now anyway? They will be lucky not to be assassinated by the obama regime. Or betrayed to the muslims. God, please protect these people.

    1. lawngreen 
      Exactly. They don’t have careers anyway. Save the country and blare this from the rooftops.

  28. It is very simple. Nothing to hide-come forward. Something to hide-intimidate,threaten & lie. Now, what one is obama & hillary so good at? Who wants to bet that this will be swept under the rug like “fast & Furious”? A dictator{obama} & his minions will scoot through this like a walk in the park.

    1. mcgurn Maybe. But God can do anything He wants. if Christians will pray, there’s no telling what might happen.

  29. Let’s see…Lose your career or turn your nation over to liars, thieves, communists,traitors racists and muslims and allow your children to become slaves…
    If I was an escaped black man in South Carolina in 1861 and I could see the Union Army over the hill, what would I do? Let’s see, man this is really hard…Corn pone on Friday’s or freedom for myself and my posterity for ever? There’s always lots of syrup for that Friday pone…. 
    Okay, okay, okay, okay…let’s make a list of the pro’s and con’s…Can I borrow a pencil….and some paper?

      1. famouswolf  They might be concerned about premature death too. Evil albeit legitimate accidents happen all the time…especially on TV.

        1. Rshill7 famouswolf I understand but if it was me, I would have to do the right thing and get my backside to a member of Congress I trust.  Navy Seals were murdered, I believe veterans would volunteer to provide armed security for them.

        2. Rshill7 famouswolf 
          All the more reason to go public with it and let everyone know who they are. O knows who they are now. They are in danger staying in the shadows.

    1. WordsFailMe Come on now, that plantation might be a good thing. Food.. a guaranteed job…..purpose in life. Wait, that’s what they all clamor for now.

  30. Four patriots are dead by jihadi violence and the administration won’t even utter the word ‘islamist’……there is a deep ugly coverup here….Obama should be impeached for perjury and dereliction….Hillary Clinton should do jail time for gross negligence……………..probably won’t happen because it might interfere with his golfing schedule.   Nixon was hounded out of office for theft of a few useless documents….Clinton was impeached by the house for lying about a sex act….Obama basically kills 4 people by gross negligence and     –    NOTHING???

    1. wdobni 
      Clinto was impeached because he lied under oath.
      It was muslims that killed our men.
      There is a good article on BARENAKEDISLAM right now talking about how we use the words, “islamist”, “radical islam”, etc….but muslim call it what it is…Islam. Also, it says “It’s the muslim brotherhood…not the islamist brotherhood”.
      Muslims murdered our men and they worship under the hate filled banner of islam.

    1. famouswolf Disgusting P.O.S’s…..The whole lot of them should be put on trial for treason!

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