INTOLERANCE: Santa Barbara Architectural Board blocks Chick-fil-A from opening new store

***UPDATE: Fox News reported earlier that the Mayor overrode the Architectural Board and Chick-fil-A will open up next year***

Santa Barbara’s Architectural Board of Review has effectively blocked Chick-fil-A from opening a new store because 5 members of the board abstained from voting to approve a revised landscaping plan for the location. One City Councilman is calling for these members to resign because he says the board is about architecture, not politics:

This isn’t just pathetic, it’s hateful and intolerant. These board members will probably hide behind technicalities as this one board member is doing. But as Hotchkiss points out, politics should play no part in this decision.

This is how the left governs. Free speech for all unless they disagree with it.

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66 thoughts on “INTOLERANCE: Santa Barbara Architectural Board blocks Chick-fil-A from opening new store

  1. I live in California and Santa Barbara is a leftist looney toon city. Mosel is full of sh*t and is obviously an intolerant fool. What does his affiliation with LGBT groups have to do with approving architectural plans?? Kudos to Councilman Hotchkiss for having the cajones to call these morons out for abusing their authority. And kudos to those city officials who slapped the architectural board down and approved the plans.

    And where the f**k was Romney on the whole Chick-fil-a issue? Willards has no [email protected] underneathe those magic underwear.

  2. I am telling you, the day is coming real fast when people are going to finally start pushing back against crap like this and all hell is going to break loose.

  3. This is getting scary. I guess the Architectural Board would prefer to see a boarded up, old building in their city. I’m glad to hear the city staff took over and is managing the operation now. Goes to show voting in local elections does matter. They are the most important elections.

  4. Giving potions of responsibility to racists, communists and gay rights activists is like putting a cocked and loaded, .38 cal revolver, coated with astrolube, into the hands of a baboon.

    They are not civilized. They are immature, oral-fixates and anal-retentives and exhibit little other than a sociopatholgy.

  5. Yeah, they apparently really care about “jobs” and raising tax revenue!! Nope, they just want gay marriage as an accepted practice!!

  6. Chick-Fil-A’s views on Gay and Lesbian employment? CFA doesn’t discriminate in its employment practices. As usual, the homosexual community is attempting to bully its way by lying.

  7. Borrowed from a poster at fox calling themself “bastids.”

    If you are more concerned
    With the moral character
    of your fast food restaurant
    Than you are of your President
    You may be a liberal


  8. These fluffies are not worthy of such delicious chicken sandwiches. The joy of nice big waffle fries would be lost on them anyway.

  9. The faggot community is a group CREATED by the COMMUNIST PARTY.. They do not breed and have lots of money to back politics…
    If you doubt this read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.
    Communists call you useful idiots.. you think your in your being used.. There are a few.. very few.. ”FREAKS OF NATURE” that are homosexual.. BUT the big fag movement was CREATED IN THE 60s… and this country is being brought to it’s knees with this crap..

  10. This is how it starts going faster folks, O-Hitler-O is giving cover for people to become facists.

    If you think this is something and the ads becoming way over the top extreme towards Mitt, wait until after re-election of Oh-UH-Oh. I mean we are in real trouble here !

    Expect Mitt to fight back soo, maybe over react some, but I am with Bill Crystal, he need to get his MAD on a little and fight back.

    This is a result of his spending so much to take out NEWT and RICK, and has to wait until after convention to spend his NEW money, not his promsary money. For such a great manager, he seems to be out-manuvered here.

    Oh rushs out to Colorado (his numbers slipping there and Colo wising up) to court the young women voters with “contraception”? This crap again?
    He ain’t got nothing. NO-THING.

  11. “anti-gay marriage comments”
    Heaven forbid the news anchor say instead “pro-traditional family comments”

  12. What an Alice in Wonderland world we live in.

    Mr. Cathy of Chick-fil-A says he supports traditional marriage.

    He didn’t say that he hates gays.

    He didn’t say that he disapproved of the Gay lifestyle.

    He didn’t say he approved discrimination against gays.

    He didn’t say he would not hire gays.

    But all HELL breaks loose because he said something that 30 or 40 years ago would not have caused a ripple in the river called life.

    On the positive side is look at all the free advertising the chain is getting.

    Wish he would start putting stores in Upstate NY where I live. Never heard of Chick-fil-A until this “controversy.”

    We need more Chick-fil-A’s.

  13. The management of Chick-fil-A should consider legal counsel to establish grounds for loss of revenue by the store not being allowed to open for unfounded reasons. Of course the culprits that are suppoting these cowardly measures will lie and deceive about their “intentions” as all liberal cowards do when they must substantiate their actions to financially harm a business for personal reasons. The city will have protections from damages incurred by those representing the city, but with the right legal counsel can make their lives a living hell by exposing their petty intentions. The expenses incurred in the process can be negotiated to provide motivation to the law firm entrusted with the action with minimum expense to Chick-fil-A.

  14. Shut up and let me be heard.

    When I talk it’s Freedom of Speech.
    When you talk it’s hate speech.

  15. No surprise here! IMO, Santa Barbara is an enclave of liberalism and their version of tolerance is exactly as you describe, “free speech for all unless they disagree with it”!

  16. Take them to court. If they all abstain from voting they are effectively denying. On what grounds? Does Santa Barbara have to money to fight a sure loser in court? Are they prepared to pay damages and court costs on top of being ordered to approve the permit?
    F**king self-righteous PC leftist cowards. At least have the courage of your convictions and vote against it and state the reasons. Chickens**t poltroons.

  17. On Monday, five members of the city’s Architectural Board of Review abstained from approving a revised landscaping plan related to the chain’s new location at 3707 Upper State Street– essentially halting the project from moving forward. Several City Council members, including Frank Hotchkiss, found the board’s vote to be outrageous.

    ABR board member, Gary Mosel says those allegations are untrue. That while each board member has their own reasons, Mosel refrained from voting mainly because there is a clear conflict involving the organizations he’s affiliated with– the Gay and Lesbian Business Association and the Pacific Pride Foundation.–165389326.html

    Soooo…politics has nothing to do with it, but politics has something to do with it.

  18. Well, I guess the good news is the city council over rode the board and is allowing Chic-fil-A to move forward.

  19. So all this BS about the left being for jobs and prosperity is simply that: donkey squeeze.

    I appreciate the city moving forward and allowing Chik-Fil-A to build as is lawfully allowed in spite of these biased libtards. I couldn’t agree more, they should fire these intolerant jerks.

  20. Unf%^kingbelieveable…. where does it end…. Santa Barbara’s a bunch of snobby, snooty, upity dumbasses anyway… but I agree, if you cannot perform your job without bringing in your personal beliefs, political views, etc… then you need to find another job… or better yet, go on welfare, then we won’t have to hear your views and you won’t f&*k-up our lives…

    1. This is only the beginning. The Bible tells us that Christians will be persecuted in the latter days. Those days are here.

  21. Let me see if I understand this guy Gary Mozell correctly – He has outside organizations he belongs to which require him to not perform his job objectively. Okay Gary, now who’s problem is that? It’s yours not the city of Santa Barbara who are your employers. If you refuse to perform your job because your loyalty to these organizations means more
    to you than your agreement to perform your job as required, then you need to resign. No sympathy for you jerk. You’re a bully, not a victim.

    1. There is a conservative legal group that will hopefully step in. The ACLU is busy defending illegals.

  22. “Saint Barbara became the patron saint of artillerymen. She is also traditionally the patron of armourers, military engineers, gunsmiths, miners and anyone else who worked with cannon and explosives. She is invoked against thunder and lightning and all accidents arising from explosions of gunpowder. She is venerated by every Catholic who faces the danger of sudden and violent death in work.

    The Spanish word santabárbara, the corresponding Italian word santabarbara, and the obsolete French sainte-barbe signify the powder magazine of a ship or fortress. It was customary to have a statue of Saint Barbara at the magazine to protect the ship or fortress from suddenly exploding. She is the patron of the Italian Navy.” (Wicki…)

    I think this is going to, wait for it…wait some more for it…explode in their faces 🙂

  23. Mr. Mosel doesn’t realize it, but he is proving the Councilman Hotchkiss’ point. He is stating that he is abstaining from voting based on a conflict of interest due to his affiliation with certain homosexual organizations. This means that he is allowing the political debate between those organizations and Chick-fil-A to impact his vote, because the only way that anyone could claim a conflict of interest, would be if he were to vote against the restaurant. Unless these board members can come up with a legitimate. architectural reason for abstaining, they are playing politics.

    1. Discrimination based on sexual preference is illegal and that includes against heterosexuals. Discrimination based on religion is also illegal. Sue them Chick-fil-A!

      1. When Chicago alderman/thug Joe Moreno said that he intended to block Chick-fil-A from building new restaurants in Chicago, a senior ACLU attorney stated that such a move would be viewpoint discrimination and was unconstitutional. Here is a chance for the ACLU to put their money where their mouth is. They should help Chick-fil-A to sue the city over this.

  24. This is an architectural board and this idiot just put on video that he opposes Chick-fil-A due to his personal gay position. There is no question that a lawsuit will be pending, as they can’t put this type of bias out there as reasons for their decisions. Watch for this city to get it’s misdirected decisions handed to them on a platter. Why do they make it so easy?

  25. A personal opinion from Mr Cathy has now morphed into discriminatory hiring practices. Give me a break!

    These cretins are so morally dishonest they will cost their movement in the end as well they should.

    Seems to me that the city should welcome the revenues from a well run national chain opening in a defunct, vacant location. Talk about cutting off their noses to spite their faces. They are ugly people inside.

  26. What business does the Santa Barbara government have reviewing the landscaping plans of a private business? Are they paying for it? No. Do they own it? No. It’s none of their freaking business!

    1. In the 2004 census it is noted that a full 34% of employment there is in the service industry. Interesting.

    2. The gov’t can dictate just about everything, including the plants and tree species and quantities you have to plant, the size of your parking lot, the brick on your building. If they don’t like you, they say no.

    3. Nanny CA has strict rules as to how businesses look and are located. The lack of diversity in business architecture is marked. IL is kind of in the middle. When I go to MO, I am amazed at the diversity.

    4. Common practice in the development game these days! And not just in CA anymore. Anyone interested in discovering governmental over-reach should try to divide a piece of property and then try to build something on it, commercial or residential. 40+ years as a land surveyor and all I can do is hang my head in shame. Got a puddle? That’s now WETLANDS. Got an old ditch? That’s now a NAVIGABLE WATERWAY. EVEN with NO water in it.

  27. The town should change it’s name from Santa Barbara to Hanna-Barbera. By the way, when are they filing bankruptcy? It’s all the rage in that state.

    1. Nah… Take ’em out back to the woodshed. Treat them to some good old-fashioned reasoning delivered by… I’d better stop now, before I get droned.

  28. They should resign immediately, if not….drag them out by their boots. Its a shame we are not the “United” States of America, but the Divided States of America

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