Investigation has BARELY BEGUN in Buffalo rampage but liberals are ALREADY blaming Fox and TUCKER CARLSON for it

When there’s a hint of a possibility that a person who has done something bad might be on the right, it is immediately treated as gospel and blame assigned to various groups and entities such as Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, or even back in the day, George Bush, George Bush, Ronald Reagan and on and on.

When there’s blatant hard evidence that something bad was done a person motivated by liberals, such as the shooting at a Republican softball game, the beating of Rand Paul, months of death and destruction by Antifa and BLM mobs, or gee, I don’t know, the bombing of a pro-life group’s offices, the media ignore that aspect, call the person a lone crazy, or simply bury the story altogether.

Same deal when a person can be even remotely tied to Christianity – articles for days. Explicitly claims to be acting on Islamic beliefs? Crickets.

So this isn’t a surprising development. The murdering scumbag who went to a grocery store hours from his home in a predominantly black neighborhood and opened fire, killing innocent people while espousing his insane ideological beliefs, which he also outlined in a manifesto, it is immediate, loud, and persistent again for every Righteous Leftist Democrat to call it open season on conservative thought and Republican leaders. Although the investigation has barely begun, they feel completely comfortable blaming Tucker Carlson because they know they won’t be called out for it.

Take Joe Lockhart for example.

Only one problem with his little theory.

Everyone knows the more to the right you go, the less likely you watch Fox News. More likely you hate it. So their left/right assignment makes no sense.

And that’s leaving aside the fact that it’s a patently absurd leap to blame the actions of this person who has such explicit and obsessive ideas of his own that he wrote a MANIFESTO on something he heard in an hour a night TV show.

It won’t stop though.

Trust me, there are hundreds more.

They will never not capitalize on a tragedy or a crime for their own political goals. And their number one political goal is the silencing of speech.

What they are doing here is despicable. No one anywhere will hold them accountable for it. They won’t have to answer tough questions from Chuck Todd or Jake Tapper. They won’t have hit pieces written about them by WaPo or NYT. Those people are participants, not press.

The left and Democrats are unaccountable in America. They can say or do whatever they want. Even if they have to use still warm bodies to do it.

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