Iowa: Gingrich 32%, Romney 19%, Cain 13%

Dang. Looks like Newtmentum has picked up a lot of steam:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers shows Gingrich with 32% followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 19%. Georgia businessman Herman Cain, who led in Iowa last month, drops to third with 13% of the vote. Texas Congressman Ron Paul draws 10% of the vote in Iowa, while Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann each grab six percent (6%).

As most of us suspected, Cain is down quite a bit and Perry, for some reason, just can’t get out of the hole in Iowa even though he is spending a large amount of time there. I feel like I’m being “backed into” my candidate. I really want a strong conservative to win and while Newt has had his problems, at this point he’s looking like the one that people want. At least in Iowa.

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172 thoughts on “Iowa: Gingrich 32%, Romney 19%, Cain 13%

  1. Ummmmm, if you’re actually a conservative and a supporter of the Constitution and our rights to be left alone, you need to vote Ron Paul. The rest of this pointless debate is just deciding which neo con puppet you want to represent the elitist ideas. Newt is anti COnstitution, as is Romney, as is Perry, and Cain is a Federal Reserve insider. Washington Jefferson, JQ Adams, Monroe all warned against generating these entangling alliances that trap threaten oursecurity like Israel, South Korea, Britain, United Nations etc. The most important thing we can do is ensure all US itizens are responsible for themselves, and we STOP policing teh world. As soon as someone can show me where the Constitution says we should be defending, building and re structring other nations, I might change my mind. NO MORE RINO/GLOBALISTS. Ron Paul 2012!

  2. Perhaps Right Scoop could put up all the other poll numbers that still have Cain ahead??? I don’t believe this one and I don’t believe the “reporting” on Fox these days. They look like the advocacy broadcast network for the GOP Establishment:( Very disappointed in their hard news and their opinion shows except for Greta’s show which seems to be playing it right down the middle, IMO.

  3. Cain will win in Iowa. Mark my words. Newt is going to be attacked mercilessly for the next 3 weeks. People are going to be faced with two choices in the end: Cain or Ron Paul to run against the RINO: Romney. I love Newt’s mind but I just don’t think he will weather the hail storm coming his way soon. These latest polls are being pushed hard by the media trying to convince us all that Cain has lost his support…the next guy they want to get rid of is Newt…and that will clear the way for Romney to get the nomination…except for one thing: WE’RE NOT UNDER YOUR CONTROL ANYMORE GOP ESTABLISHMENT. WE PICK WHO WE WANT, NOT WHO YOU PICK FOR US.

    Romney is not our candidate and his poll numbers are all the evidence I need.

  4. Newt would be a big mistake. In the general, he would win the debates but his dower demeanor and off putting personality compared to the sunny marxist would guarantee that he would lose. Obama will be hard to beat. Romney and Huntsman are our best shot.

  5. Perhaps someone like Newt who knows Washington and has the experience and intelligence in his background can lead us out of this political gridlock by putting the American PEOPLE before his own PARTY. In order to break this lock we need compromise and someone who has the fortitude to initiate it. I supported Obama in the last election, but Americans as a whole (Rep. & Dem) aren’t able to accept him and move to the middle for the good of our country’s future.

  6. Why is this poll so dramatically different from the other two Iowa polls that were released this week? The other two polls were similar in their numbers and this one is way off. Something is amiss. All I can assume is that nobody knows what the hell is going on in Iowa.

    Don’t listen to the pollsters or the media. Vote for the candidate you think is best.

    1. Depends on the group they poll, any poll can be swayed by the use of demographics to decide who they will poll. Run a poll in a business district and you will get one result, run one at a college campus you’ll get another. Keep the number of people polled tightly controlled to give another misleading result. It’s why I tend to ignore them, they are just too easy to skew to give what ever result the polling group wants.

  7. The media continues to try picking our candidate. I hope Iowans vote with their HEADS and not the HYPE that is being fed to them as fast and furiously as the msm can spoon it out. I should have said ‘SHOVEL it out”.

        1. maybe. but have you heard them gushing over huntsman, and giving him a platform at every opportunity even though republicans have shown no interest in him?

          it reminds me of McLame, they loved him till he got the nomination.

  8. This USA Today article set the record straight about the stagnant Massachusetts economy under Governor Mitt Romney’s strict environmental policies, state-run healthcare mandate and closing of loopholes that raised business taxes by $300 million.

    Today we don’t hear Mitt getting specific about his tenure as Massachusetts Governor, lest his Left-wing policies be exposed to Republican voters.

    Massachusetts ranked 47th in the nation in job creation under Mitt Romney. The man is no job creator. As Governor, he was more interested in combating global warming and raising taxes on businesses to fund RomneyCare.

    “Mr. Romney joined activists outside an aging, coal-fired plant in 2003 to show his commitment to the emissions caps. “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant, that plant kills people,” he said.

    On Dec. 7, 2005, the Romney administration unveiled the final orders. “These carbon emission limits will provide real and immediate progress in the battle to improve our environment,” then-Gov. Romney said in a press release touting Massachusetts as “the first and only state to set CO2 emissions limits on power plants.”

    “… Mr. Romney made it clear he believed in human-caused global warming and wanted a policy response.”

    Is Mitt Romney the most Liberal Republican in the history of the party?

    Here’s what Mitt Romney supported as Governor of Massachusetts:

    1. Pro-abortion with taxpayer funding (added it to RomneyCare).

    2. Pro-government mandated healthcare.

    3. Pro-government mandates in general.

    4. Pro-gay marriage with full state sponsorship (was first Governor to install it).

    5. Pro-transgendered education in public schools (promoted by Governor Romney’s administration).

    6. Pro-global warming caused by human activity.

    7. Pro-environmental regulations to combat global warming (imposed massive regulations in Massachusetts; has same environmental policy team as Obama).

    8. Pro-taxes on businesses (closed loopholes, then raised business taxes by $300 million as Governor of Massachusetts).

    9. Pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    10. Anti-second amendment.

    NOT a conservative.

    Indeed, Mitt’s track record is to the Left of most Democrats.

    Does this disqualify Mitt?

      1. What a lame defense of Romney.

        Why put something like this in place that can be made so much worse by the legislature???

        Who couldn’t see that one coming?

        ALso, Romney put in the individual mandate, which is one is a main key of Obamacare. At least Newt admits he was wrong on the mandate unlike Romney.

        Were you a big fan of Bush too?

        1. Bush,Perry and Gingrich are all the same career politicians who know how to spend lots and lots of money.

          I disagree with many of your assertions on Romney. You really should check out this website,it disproves much of your anti-Romney propaganda. Did you get this from the Obama campaign?


          1. The facts are the facts.

            Romney is a liberal Republican.

            I’m a conservative, how dare you try to say I’m getting this from Obama.

            Of course Romney would be Obama’s choice to run against. All he has to do is thank Romney for the idea for Obamacare and just say that Romney didn’t implement it correctly, but he did!

      2. Actually, Romney personally advocated or voted for each position in that top 10. I have all the sources.

        Don’t blame the Democrat legislature for Romney’s Liberalism. These were positions that Romney himself took.

  9. Cain train has (finally) hit on the issue of leadership. You can talk about his lack of foreign policy knowledge. You can talk about how well others debate. But in the end, it’s all about leadership and there’s only one leader in the race that we all know loves conservatism, isn’t afraid to defend it, and is willing to go to the American people to change Washington with bold ideas and a vision for America’s greatness! That’s Herman Cain.

    1. True, Steven.

      There’s never been a perfect conservative candidate issues-wise, but Herman Cain is more conservative across the board than Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

    2. Hi Steven,

      I was there today for Cain’s speech.

      It was very well done. He’s an excellent speaker and has great command of the room. Nice turnout too, probably over 100 people easily..

      1. That’s awesome! Cain is able, Cain 2012! He’ll get it back on track. The media has managed to redefine the terms of the debate around gotcha questions on the nitty gritty of the issues. That’s not why we elect a president. We should elect presidents on the basis of leadership ability and by that metric Cain is head and shoulders above the rest of the field, if you want conservative change in this country.

    1. I know…like Gingrich is going to win the women’s vote-NOT!
      Gingrich does not respect women-period! I guess Gingrich is the Morman with 3 wives and all.

      There is no way that this country will vote for a “First Tramp” instead of a “First Lady”

      and I agree, this is John McCain part 2, an old white haired fossil with a bleached blond wife that is a career politician who claims to be a conservative!Unbelievable! Thanks Tea Party for giving us 4 more years of Obama!!

  10. What was it SP said about polls? They’re for strippers or something? I think the only thing I can decipher from the daily barrage of polls is that this thing truly is wide open. This is a good reason why we should focus on the candidates & their vision for our country versus what everyone else thinks.

  11. Perry and Romney were a shoe in for the florida straw poll rignt, wrong!! cain got more votes than them both combined and guess who predicted a “narrow win for perry over Romney” Scott Rasmussen and Fox news the Miami Herald got it right though and now the Iowa gazette are in total dissagreement with you guessed it Rasmussen touted byyy Fox news. Intrade anyone?

  12. Way to go Scoop.

    Very disappointing. If you don’t want to be “backed into your candidate” then don’t!

    I just drove an hour and a half each way today to see Cain speak in NH. Great speaker, very motivational! Cain is the best conservative with a chance here. Don’t settle for Newt!

    Especially over a few trivia responses. Do we only care about soundbites or does someone’s record matter??

  13. Here is the rundown:
    Candidate %
    Herman Cain 24.5
    Ron Paul 20.4
    Mitt Romney 16.3
    Can’t Decide 8.1
    Rick Perry 7.9
    Michele Bachmann 7.6
    Newt Gingrich 4.8
    Rick Santorum 4.7
    Jon Huntsman 0.0
    Other 5.8

      1. A new Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll from Iowa shows Herman Cain with the lead. Maybe the best thing for Cain is the fact that the media is now beginning to focus on Gingrich.

        That ADHD media mentality can help a candidate in his/her time of need.

        Read the poll results below:

        With fewer than 50 days until Iowa’s first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses, the race appears to be up for grabs based on the results of an Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll of likely caucus-goers.

        “That’s more the story than who’s ahead,” said Jim McCormick, chairman of the ISU Political Science Department, who coordinated the poll.

        “The number of people who are firmly committed to a candidate is really only 16.5 percent,” McCormick said. “A majority of them, 52-plus, are undecided and 30 percent are sort of leaning toward one candidate.”

        For the record, Herman Cain leads the field with the support of 24.5 percent of 1,256 registered Iowa voters polled. Texas Rep. Ron Paul follows with 20.4 percent and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is running third at 16.3 percent.

        “Can’t decide” polled 8.1 percent — more than Texas Gov. Rick Perry (7.9 percent), Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman (7.6 percent), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (4.8 percent) and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (4.7 percent). Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has not campaigned in Iowa, received no support. “Other” polled 5.8 percent. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

        “My take away from these results is that voters are still really unsure of whom they will support,” added Dave Peterson, interim director of the Harkin Institute of Public Policy at ISU and associate professor of political science, who also assisted with the poll.

        “Over half of the people are still trying to decide, and another third are merely leaning toward a candidate. When asked, people will express a preference for one candidate, but they also will admit that this is a weak attitude.”

    1. FYI on RS Ron Paul is not being polled. Something to do with people voting for him too much.

      Your revised RS approved list should read:

      Herman Cain 24.5
      Mitt Romney 16.3
      Can’t Decide 8.1

  14. The only one left is jzaik. why not run so we can vote for you. You seem to know it all. What’s in your closet?

  15. But wait a minute “Newt has Baggage”—meme

    Newt—Baggage and served his wife divorce papers on her death bed
    Perry—Bimbo redneck who’s in favor of slavery
    Cain—Dummy who’s not ready for primetime. And is an “art project”
    Bachmann–Krazy with a capital K. Kamikaze mission for Jesus
    Santorum–High strung and an opus dei nutjob social conservative
    Romney–Flip Flopper who’s a member of a racist cult
    Ron Paul–Enough said.

    Basically nobody is worthy enough to run against the messiah? Remember, conservatives are all insane, stupid, racist or neanderthals……right?

    1. that bit about newt’s wife being on her deathbed in untrue. she is still alive. Newt’s daughter wrote about it to set the record straight about a year ago. the actual story was pretty tame.

      1. What does the truth have anything to do with this. All you need to do is play word association. For example:

        Herman Cain: Sexual Harassment, Assault
        Michelle Bachmann: Cross-eyed Crazy
        Newt Gingrich: Killed his wife with Divorce Papers
        Rick Perry: NiggerHead
        Romney: FLip-flop, cult

        As long as those themes are floated on there by the lib media–it’s enough to deflate their balloon.

        And Barack Obama: Save us from the above, messiah.

        ROFL. It’s cute that you believe that the truth actually matters.

        1. If you are right then obama is beaten anyway because for all their faults they did not F*** up the economy Obama did ROLF Its the economy jzaik yes we replaced the word stupid with jziak (delusional AND stupid) ROLF.

      2. What is the real story with Newt’s ex wife?

        It’s ex wives isn’t? I think he’s admitted to infidelity right?

  16. It’s obvious why he is up in the polls. I don’t care what he has done in the past he is a better conservative republican, than Bush, or than Romney is.

    Newt at least instills some confidence in me. He knows what he is talking about, and best of all he takes the fight to the right person, Obama!

    Not only that, after seeing Cain taking a beating from the MSM and how they have destroyed him. I think that conservative voters are now fed up with how they attack and belittle the GOP candidates and Newt just gives it back in to the MSMs ugly smug faces. Newt shows them up for what they are.

    Roll on Newt I cant wait to see him rip Obama’s empty suit to shreds.

  17. It would be better to throw 300 million American names in a giant hat and the one is picked is president. It can’t be any worst than this circus.

  18. Something is wrong with this poll. I don’t buy it. Rasmussen is just towing the line for the DC establishment .

  19. I like Newt, but not for president. We have to remember that he has always been a brilliant speaker, yes he’s intelligent and knows history. BUT he is also been a globalist and pro big government.
    People have been jumping off the Cain Train because of what they see from the lamestream about his thoughts on foreign issues and terrorism, believing by his last episode that he hasn’t got a clue. They also don’t see him as being strong enough to get this nation out of the sewer dear leader and the rest have flushed us into. This is not true, if one would do a little bit more listening to what the man has said in the past.

    From March:
    From May:
    From May:
    From August:
    From September:
    From October :

    From 1994-Cain debating Clinton on his healthcare plan:

    On obamacare, answering a liberal:

    On Class warfare:

    On State’s rights and Social Security:

    The debate feared by liberals:

    1. All that makes since in a rational world. We are told that by the expert of experts that only the best democrat can win.

    2. I donated to Cain’s campaign about a month ago. I was on the Cain train, but am no longer.

      His peak for me was before the interview with Christiane Amanpour (shortly after the big Fla. straw poll win I believe). But in that interview, he played into the media’s hand by actually giving credence to the absurd charge that Perry was racist because his father owned a piece of land that had a rock with a bad word scrawled on it. From there it has been down hill. The abortion question with John Stossel was painful to watch. The 5 allegations of sexual harassment (btw where are the accusations against the other candidates?). The less than firm grip on foreign policy. Supporting TARP then saying he didn’t. Saying the FED didn’t need to be audited then changing his tune.

      Likable guy and if he became the nominee then I would support, but I don’t think he’s the best candidate anymore.

      1. That was the beginning of the end for me too. He is way too unwilling to accuse without the facts, starting with Perry and the rock. He continued doing it with the sexual allegations, and it is unseemly.

        The way he keeps blaming the media for “gotcha” questions is juvenile. The questions today in Florida by the Miami Herald were perfectly reasonable, as were the ones at the Milwaukee Journal.

        It is starting to look to me like he is maintaining support because of a cult of personality, and we all know how that turns out.

        All right, I’m ready to take all the incoming fire.

        1. Newt’s past RINO positions are much worse than any of Cain’s gaffes.

          Romney – Do I really need to explain??

          Cain’s only questionable position is on TARP. Not bad. He’s the best conservative that can win.

          1. I don’t think Cain can win. His lack of foreign policy knowledge will matter to most people. He wants to be Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world, and he doesn’t know enough about that.

            The other thing that concerns me is that when you run a business, people have to do what you say, or you can fire them. This is a different ball game, and he has never played it before. I know a lot of people find that refreshing, but there is no guarantee that he will be able to navigate in the political environment.

            This country is in too much trouble to suffer growing pains while a businessman learns that he can’t run the country like a business.

            Most people hate politicians, and I don’t blame them. But our elected leaders are in fact politicians, and they have to operate in a political environment.

            1. Lack of foreign policy knowledge? Cain addressed this today. He said how can one person know everything about every country in the world? The key is that Cain has the right ideology. He believes in Reagan’s Peach Through Strength philosophy. He’ll be agressive in the war on terror. Cain is a strong supporter of Israel. He will listen to the advice of his generals on the ground. Really what more do you want in a Commander in Chief? Cain has said he seeks advice from John Bolton and Kissinger.

              In the General, do you think most will pick a guy who hates Israel (Obama not RuPaul) and apologizes for America or a leader in Cain who defends Israel and seeks to restore America?

              Also, I disagree. The problem is that gov’t should be run more like a business and it’s not. Cain would clean house. The problem with professional pols like Newt is they’re already damaged goods. Too often they have bent on key conservative issues.

              I’d much rather have a businessman who is going to stick to his principles.

              1. What do you mean he would “clean house”? He can’t fire the Congress, and he can’t do anything without them.

                1. You need to think outside the box teri. Cain could fire countless bureaucrats and agencies that do nothing more than busniness as usual BS while having the taxpayers pay their hefty salaries/benefits.

                  Cain has cut the fat as a CEO his whole career, he would do great cleaning housing by getting rid of the excess bureaucrats.

      2. Thanks for being fickle!

        What are your other options??? Support a RINO in Newt or Romney??

        Stand up and stick with Cain!

  20. I prefer Perry to Newt. Cain blew it big time again today not answering reporters at the Miami Herald. I can’t rally around Santorum, even though I might agree with him on most things. And Bachmann has no executive experience, which I think is too risky.

    I vote for a Perry resurgence. Any takers?

    1. Sure pal, I’ll take a slice O’ that. I’m needing another Cain fix or something. He should come out with a blockbuster speech right about now. One that makes your canines drip, with happy tears. Rrrruff!

    2. The experienced “front runners” like Perry, Newt and Romney are a huge risk even if each had 50 years of executive experience. The real risk is with them is quantifiable – they are big government political animals and no matter what they “say” now about the Constitution and limited government, they will continue build power through the Central Government once elected.

      Now is the time for risk on a principled Constitutionalists.

    3. Miami Herald????

      What’s the matter, you can’t do your research teri??? It was the UNION LEADER in NH. I know because I drove over an hour and half each way to see Cain today!

      I’m not trying to insult you btw, just showing how easy it is to make a simple mistake. Can you imagine constantly being on the campaign trail and having one off day? Is it really worth not supporting someone over that?

      Cain is a real conservative. He ended his speech today saying if you’re happy with the way things are, vote for the same politicians as usual, if you’re not happy vote for a problem solver who has a track record of getting things done!

        1. Again, so soundbites and how someone answers a question is the most important thing? This is why I stopped going to Hotair. Bunch of RINO’s running that site, shilling for them.

          Real proven leadership doesn’t matter? Do we need to be stuck with the same politicians as usual, settle for a professional pol like Newt or Romney?

          Cain is an outsider, a businessman who doesn’t always speak perfectly but has a real proven record as a leader at solving problems. He’s exactly what we need!

  21. We’ll see. Bachmann was fairly strong and got hammered. Then Perry. He got hammered on a number of fronts. Cain. no recovery in sight. Let’s see what they can trump up on Newt and see if it sticks or not. Amazing what they are trying to stick on him already. Working as a consultant for a gov’t agency. Wow; I don’t think ANYONE does THAT. It was entirely legal. next. Keep vetting everyone. When we have our candidate, we can focus ALL of our energy on Obama’s Record and not WASTE it on defending our candidate.
    THAT is the reason for the PRIMARY rounds.

  22. This surge for Newt is made up of people who are not YET aware of the mans skeletons (graveyard as somebody else put it).

    As far as Iowa is concerned, it is possible Newt could win as he’s taken $ from the Ethanol industry to lobby for the garbage.

    Perry’s the real deal and will rise again when Newt comes back to earth. If not, then I will hold my nose and vote for Romney who’s no more a RINO than Newt but without the high negatives that would kill Newt in the general.

  23. Don’t fooled by the polls . The MSM & the DC establishment is covering for Newt . The man is a Liberal at heart . All you have to do is look at his record . It’s that simple .

  24. There are three other polls showing Cain on top and you didn’t make a big stink about those. This polls is an outlier and meant to put numbers to the dreams of people like Scoop for Cain to go away.

    1. I don’t think that’s fair. TRScoop has been more than kind to Cain’s campaign. He also hasn’t endorsed anyone yet.

        1. Hey, Cain’s campaign is shunning some important folks right now. It’s causing a lot of bloggers who were pro-Cain to start feeling bitter.

          I’m not saying that’s the case with TRScoop, but I am saying that the frazzled nerves and frustration he expressed are totally understandable.

          Cain ought to be on Levin’s broadcast. He ought to take advantage of the right-side bloggers. He ought to be doing many things right now if he wants to win.

          I suspect his campaign is such a small operation that they are still working on basics from last month.

          There’s time to straighten it all out. But not much.

          1. Cain was on Levin last week, wasn’t he?

            Also, RSM, while brilliant, is always full of nerves…don’t believe he is bitter.

            If you go to Cain’s website…this instant…they now have up all the stuff RSM was talking about (the new site has a lot more information…though I think the other site had a nice layout….regardless…it’s better than all the other candidates).

            Cain probably had the worst 2 weeks of any candidate in modern history, but was able to overcome a massive media hit job. There is something to this Cain guy.

            1. I checked the site yesterday and did see schedule info (one of RSM’s gripes). I don’t know how current it is.

              Site loads kinda slow. Hope they fix that.

              I’m anxious to see the returns from his Florida trip, to see how it REALLY went.

          2. Ummmmm, if you’re actually a conservative and a supporter of the Constitution and our rights to be left alone, you need to vote Ron Paul. The rest of this pointless debate is just deciding which neo con puppet you want to represent the elitist ideas. Newt is anti COnstitution, as is Romney, as is Perry, and Cain is a Federal Reserve insider. Washington Jefferson, JQ Adams, Monroe all warned against generating these entangling alliances that trap threaten oursecurity like Israel, South Korea, Britain, United Nations etc. The most important thing we can do is ensure all US itizens are responsible for themselves, and we STOP policing teh world. As soon as someone can show me where the Constitution says we should be defending, building and re structring other nations, I might change my mind. NO MORE RINO/GLOBALISTS. Ron Paul 2012!

    2. Amazing that Hannity couldn’t stop talking about this poll and didn’t mention the one with Cain leading!

      I thought about calling in and telling him Cain wants that knife removed from his back Hannity!

      THen again Hannity’s love affair with Newt goes way back! Funny how some things are now off the table now. Hannity asked him at the time but it’s like the Scozzafavva and Paul Wing “right wing social engineering” things never happened!

    1. You mean “still” running the GOP, no?

      We’ve got closet progressives and socilaists donning elephant suits and marxists hiding behind donkey suits. All on the dole.

  25. I wouild like to get some feedback on Iowa

    My limited research on Iowa shows that their track record is not that great

    Why all the fuss about Iowa? – It seems that this event is nothing more than a “look at us” event to stimulate their economy at the expense of the candidates who spend a fortune there and give out free stuff.

    Is the Iowa process and result overated? – I think so – do you?


    1. A great big YES!!! Caucuses are notorious for being “played” by candidates. In fact, the 2008 Iowa caucus for dems had busloads of people brought in specifically to support Obama. So many that Biden even referred to them in his speech at the Jefferson Jackson dinner. (“Hello, Chicago!” was his opening phrase.) If the dems are doing it, my guess is the repubs are likely “stacking” caucuses as well.

      I’ve gone to caucuses and come away with the impression that they are absolutely worthless. If this is the way we choose candidates, no wonder we get who we get.

  26. Let’s face it. The Tea Party, even though a great force that has shaped the narrative in many, many positive ways, is not ready for prime time at the top job.

    Even I got really excited with Cain, Bachmann, and a little bit with Santorum, let’s be realistic guys… I doubt that at the moment of truth I’d be comfortable casting my vote for Cain, Bachmann or Santorum.

    I mean, I really love Cain (and like the other too); he has the energy, he is a conservative enough (he’s not flip-flopping on abortion, etc., he “just” gets easily in the heat of the moment, doesn’t hear the question or whatever) and he clearly articulates those things his passionate about. But I love myself too and I’m not up to the job. People are realizing that.

    Gov. Perry is a great governor, probably conservative enough, but he just can’t be a candidate at a national level and win. That has been proved.

    Paul is a real conservative and would probably reduce federal spending dramatically, reduce the debt, create freedom and power the economy… only to be enjoyed by the Islamic States of America a few years down the road.

    That lives us… Romney and Newt, and I think that’s what this poll is showing.
    Yes, Newt has been on the wrong side on many issues, but hey, Reagan was a democrat and campaign for Truman. I know, you’ll say Newt was on the wrong side just a few weeks ago… but do we have any other options? West and Rubio need a few more years for prime time.

    I guess we have to live with that and give Newt our support and get behind his Contract with America with the understanding that we’re going to be on top of him pulling to the right as much as we can and trying he doesn’t got away from the path.

    1. All we have seen so far is a bunch of campaign BS.

      Tea party not ready for prime time at the top job? That is exactly the picture the media and DC Elite are working to portray.

      Any principled Tea Party leader would make 90% of DC look like the corrupt, pathetic blood sucking parasites they really are. West, Palin, Bachmann for example, are just a start.

  27. and last night Herman Cain lost the coveted Dennis Miller endorsement saying he’s off the can’t win Cain train and not sure but might head over to Newtville or planet Ron Paul, but in the end settle at Romney Acres

    1. well, that’s not exactly what he said…he said he still wants Cain to win it, but at this point he wants whoever can beat Obama. He said if Cain comes back in the polls (which in Iowa, contrary to everything on Fox news right now) he is IN THE LEAD….that he’ll come back and support him.

      1. Disgusting.

        No backbone at all Dennis Miller! Just go back to being a liberal again!

        Could he be anymore fickle?? He’ll only support Cain if he wins Iowa??? Uhhh, maybe you should use your national syndication to support Cain NOW to help him WIN Iowa!!

        This is worth calling into his show over!

  28. “Newt has problems”?!! No! Newt is a disgusting nasty SOAB!!! He is about as corrupt as you can get! He fought very hard for a bunch of lefty and rhino boondoggles. He got paid a sh** load of money for it as will. I guess to the new conservatives that is capitalism in its truest form!

    If Newt get elected how many $trillions do we cough up to the industries that lavash his bank account. Maybe we can pay the ethanol industries $billions on the backs of us that has to pay high gas prices! WAKE UP!!! We should just change our party to democrat lite and be honest about it! Which candidate is the best democrat that can win!

    Herman Cain the best economic policy out there by far! 999 plan is the best plan to get the poor that don’t want to be poor out of poverity! It’s awesome for the middle class and everybody else. It is devastating to lobbyist! We are going to throw that away because of a couple of gafts and a bunch of gold digging whores!

    The #1 thing Newt has going for him is he can make a liberal message sound so damn conservative! Do we really want to have and Obama lite in the white house! How does that benefit us! Where the hell is Sarah Palin!!!!

        1. Needs to sail far and wide.

          No wonder the State Media and DC Elites are treating Newt with kid gloves while they beat Cain mercilessly with bare knuckles.

    1. I don’t think Newt is Obama lite at this point. He is Obama only smart. He seems quite capable of selling the big government we’ve come to expect as being conservative. No, he would be Obama on steroids. Citizen legislator. Citizen Cain!

  29. Romney has been campaigning for Potus for like 4 years and he can’t break above 25%…

    He does not have the support..

    1. and Newt is a career politician and the ultimate Washington Insider. Reagan ran for president 3 times before he was elected.

  30. While I still haven’t decided on a candidate I am beginning to believe that Newt is the right man for the times. He’s got a brilliant mind and a grasp of history like no one else. That old saying, “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it” is particularly appropriate now. If you know what’s happened before, you have a better ability to predict and prepare for what’s coming around the corner. I’ve always felt that if GW Bush and his advisers had looked at what happened in Yugoslavia after Tito’s death, they would not have been surprised by what happened in Iraq after the fall of Saddam.

    I know Gingrich has his “warts”, but he’s tough. Right now we need someone who isn’t afraid of the media, and who doesn’t give a rat’s tail if the networks and the “other side” likes him or not. I want someone who can kick asses, take names and get things done. I think Newt might be it.

        1. I not worried by Newt’s sins. I am worried by his tendency to formulate and push policies that lead to more government control over our lives.

    1. Boehner and Cantor believe Big Government is good. Use Big Government to create even Bigger Messes. Blame the Bigger Messes on Hussein. Tell the People only elephants can now fix the Bigger Messes, but they will first need even Bigger Government.

      Rinse. Repeat.

  31. New poll: Iowa Republicans favor Herman Cain and Ron Paul
    Nov. 17, 2011
    A new Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll shows former
    Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain as the top pick of Iowa

    Here is the rundown:
    Candidate %
    Herman Cain 24.5
    Ron Paul 20.4
    Mitt Romney 16.3
    Can’t Decide 8.1
    Rick Perry 7.9
    Michele Bachmann 7.6
    Newt Gingrich 4.8
    Rick Santorum 4.7
    Jon Huntsman 0.0
    Other 5.8

      1. Another perspective… –
        >> fundraising –

        “So thus far in Q4, Herman Cain – he of the Libya pause – has raised $10 million, and Newt Gingrich has raised $3 million.

        “Meanwhile, Rick Perry has raised… what?
        A million and a half or so?

        “Perry is spending millions of dollars on Iowa, New Hampshire, and national television and radio ads as we speak.

        “If those ads fail to move his poll numbers, he simply will not have the money to compete come January or February.

        “Larry Sabato has updated his 2012 Presidential Possibilities rankings this morning, and the major move was dropping Perry down into the “pretender” category.

        “Meanwhile, Cain slipped and Gingrich rose:

        “The Contenders –
        1. Romney
        2. Gingrich
        3. Cain

        “The Pretenders –
        4. Perry
        5. Paul
        6. Santorum
        7. Bachmann
        8. Huntsman
        9. Johnson
        10. Roemer


        1. Can no one see the correlation? Perry goes down, Ob goes up. Perry comes up, Ob goes down. No matter what other runners do, Ob stays the same. It is obvious to me, pick Perry or OB. Or, maybe everyone does see, and wants OB. So be it!

          1. That is not particularly logical.

            I am currently for Cain. As a Texan, I despise Perry and his crony ways.

            BUT, he would be better than Romney and Newt.

    1. Interesting to note that the RCP poll average shows that though all the fluctuations and variances among and between polls, Romney is +1 from last time they averaged. (Last week? I dunno.)

      I’m tellin’ ya, the plan is to cram Mitt down your throats, and all the scrabbling amongst Perry, Cain, and Gingrich folks is helping the cram down.

      1. Dittos…

        It may have been Rush who said this morning that it is sorta kinda peculiar that Romney, who has hovered as a “frontrunner” at 25% +/- since, well, forever, and he NEVER has had a hit job from any direction, left or right.


        So, Perry, then Cain, now it’s Gingrich in the cross-hairs.

        If Santorum and Bachmann never become contenders, it will be either Perry, Cain or Gingrich who will be doing the “cram back” toe-to-toe with Romney and the Washington establishment, including Ann Coulter, who is promoting Romney since her political heart throb RHINO Cristy has endorsed RHINO Romney.

        Hmmm… does that make Ann Coulter a RHINO too, or is Ann “progressing” in her politics?

        Just askin’… at this point.


    1. I hope she does it on live TV.

      It could be a PBS special–The Miracle Of Cross-Species Birth

      Sponsored by the Tides Foundation.

    2. I started questioning Coulter when she was in an interview where she said ear marks didn’t matter. In the larger scheme maybe so but if your talking about ethics and standards they matter as much as anything can. She’s gone steadily down hill since then. I can remember when conservative sites were all upset over anything she had to say because she was the only one (besides Rush) saying anything truthful about liberals. Now she’s way behind compared to every conservative site I visit. Gotta give her credit for getting us started I guess.

  32. Newt would be a great candidate. My wife was born in the same hospital as Newt. She is so lucky. I cannot wait for those seven three-hour debates with President Obama. Newt will have time to lay claim to all possible positions on all possible issues. Take that Mr. President. Check and mate. Well played Newt.

    1. I’m glad you really are conservative, because when you examine Newt’s record he is NOT!

      1. His past support of the individual mandate (which he admitted to Levin last night that he was wrong on).

      2. His past belief of global warming leading to the PSA sitting on the couch with Pelosi. He told Levin last night that he doesn’t support cap and tax but that we need to do more research. To me there is no global warming, it’s a giant scam.

      3. Endorsing Scozzafavva – probably the most liberal Republican ever. I’ll never forgive him for this. Newt was very defensive of this to those who questioned him on it. Too bad no one asks him about it anymore – it shows Newt to be all about the GOP, not conservatism!

      4. His support of ethanol subsidies.

      5. Calling Paul Ryan’s plan right wing social engineering.

      6. ** New- his consulting work for Freddie Mac!

      Cain is the best conservative that can win!

      1. You forgot 1.8 million in “consultancy fees” from freddie mac and having an affair with a junior staffer while speaker of the house NH

  33. I wouldn’t mind Newt. I wouldn’t mind Newt at all. He is a worthy candidate; just hope he gets his position straight on global warming, namely that he understands that its a hoax and puts in place real policies for energy independence. If he sorts that, and I think he will, we have ourselves one heck of a candidate taking on that sick joke that is the Impostor-In-Chief, Barack Obama.

  34. I think Newt is the best we’ve got of the group as a far as beating Obama. But I would vote for whoever the candidate is against Obama in the General election!

    1. Newt can bring a lifetime of experience and a Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedic knowledge to bear on Obama if he gets the primary vote. I have a few issues with Newt but none that would make me hesitate to vote for him.

      1. When you put debate skills above principles, you get Obama. Debates are a small fraction of a presidency. I’ll take solid principles and a good track record over debate finesse.

        1. When you put debate skills above principles, you get Obama.

          If voters want another debater in 2012, then all the conservative principles embodied in one man or one woman won’t be enough to oust Obama.

    2. Newt has zero chance against Obama. Sorry….he won’t bring out the Conservative base…Obama will still bring out a fairly high black turnout which will win him the election along similar metrics as last time….except this is Newt we are talking about….Obama would win 40+ states.

  35. Where is Romney? Is he in hiding? Undisclosed location? What do him do between debates?

    I can guess what he’s doing right now…screaming Noooooo!

          1. Ehhh, sort of. Decent production there.

            I’m getting about mad enough over the Cain and Perry stuff to write in Paul in 2012, despite the fact that I absolutely hate his foreign policy, and think he’s too damned anti-Israel. But if the Republicans want to play this back-stabbing weasel game, screw ’em.

            1. Do you think Paul is anit-Israel or his foreign policy is anti-Israel or that he would use his foreign policy against Israel?

              I ask because it seems quite clear to me that his foreign policy is pro-Israel.
              He wants to stop the welfare and treat them as a sovereign nation. He doesn’t believe that the US should be telling Israel what to do and what not to do and what allies they can and can’t have. But the foreign aid is not specific to Israel, it is an accros the board thing, which benefits Israel the most since their enemies get 7 times more than Israel.

              Don’t we critisize the democrates for spreading the welfare state and then when the republicans want to remove some welfare they call you racists or you want to kill old people. Saying Paul is anti-Israel for stopping foreign aid is the same type of talk.

              He is ready to support Israel if they attack Iran. He did this already when they attacked Iraq and he ones on of a few congressmen that did. Is that anti-Israel?

              1. It’s probably not worth discussing it, since it’s been done to death on this site already.

                I know you’re gonna do a good job of not being combative about it, but I really don’t want to get into it. Maybe later.

      1. 🙂

        This is how George Washington would handle the press during an election.

        Take a note Newt.
        It’s mind over matter Mitt.

      1. …after the snowplow went through and tossed it on your mailbox, at about 45 mph, knocking it down…again 🙂

      1. Its his first TV interview in 7 weeks and that was on C-Span. If we don’t count C-Span, then this is his first TV interview in 9 weeks. He refuses to do the Fox News hot seat. He hasn’t done a Sunday Morning show in years. And Hannity-Cavuto interviews are anything but revealing.

        Whats interesting is that he is hiding from his own supporters. None of the media would be tough on him. Yet he still hides. He is a coward.

  36. At the risk of stating the obvious, polls fluctuate.

    Today’s numbers don’t match the results from a month ago, and likely won’t match the ones coming out a month from now. Who knows what they will be by the time the Iowa caucus is actually held.

    1. They certainly do fluctuate, however Newt’s been gaining momentum for a while and if he keeps up with his stellar debate performances, there’s a good chance he can keep his high position in the polls.

      1. “Newt’s been gaining momentum for a while”

        Yeah, it’s been what — a week now? Ten days?

        Of course for bloggers, pundits, and other political junkies… well, 10 minutes is a long time, so I understand.

        1. Newt has been steadily gaining for two months. It’s been subtle and slow, but it has been there…a couple points here, a couple points there. Now we can say that he has broken through the ceiling. His support will not erode as it has with Bachmann, Perry, and (in some polls) Cain. People are going to Newt, warts and all, so whatever comes out about him is either nothing new or will not destract at this point.

          1. I doubt it. I think in a month from now, Newt’s numbers will be way down again. People are saying “hey, let’s take another look at Gingrich”. And when they do…

            1. And when they do, they find a guy who said he was just a historian for Freddie and then later admits to consulting, aka lobbying, for Freddie. They find a guy who cheated on his first wife to get his second and cheated on the second wife for SIX years to get his third. And, they find a guy who shoots down Paul Ryan’s medicare overhaul plan by equating “right wing social engineering” with “left wing social engineering.”

              This is just the beginning. I don’t understand the support for Newt. I’m in the Perry camp. He’s conservative principled and can be taught public speaking. Much easier to teach good speaking skills than to establish good principles.

      2. RIGHTSCOOP have ever read anything about Newt’s accomplishments like the $millions he recieved from working very hard on liberals and rhinos agendas. Don’t get me started on ethanol! It’s just reading and knowing of how Newt of all candidates have worked very hard to screw people like you and me in the name of the conservative movement. Yeah! He sounds great in debates lets elect him.

        1. Thank you!

          I’m pretty disappointed to see Right Scoop jump off the Cain Train over a few gaffes.

          What’s more important someone who speaks flawlessly or a real conservative??

          Newt’s record makes him barely better than Romney! Newt is a professional politician. If we care about conservatism we need to stand behind Cain!

    2. Today’s results don’t match today’s results either. See the Bloomberg andIowa State University polls I posted above.

      1. Having said that, RS is correct below about the polls showing Newt’s rise as was expected a couple weeks ago.

  37. “at this point his looking like the one that people want. At least in Iowa.” Trust me. Polls aren’t the important thing as this point.

    I mean, if the best we have to offer is a guy that endorsed the individual mandate and TARP we ought to just wait for Rubio in 2016. But that isn’t so. We have Perry, and he’ll see an uptick. Polls lag behind by about a month.

    1. I mean, if the best we have to offer is a guy that endorsed the individual mandate and TARP we ought to just wait for Rubio in 2016.

      Um, that’s not an option even if we end up with Romney. Seriously.

      1. The article was the opinion of Thomas Sowell, my comment was below the link. I am sure he considered the Iowa caucus, he just wrote it yesterday.

    1. There are two other polls that have come out that are dramatically different.

      Bloomberg News Poll: Four-Way Republican Dead Heat in Iowa Caucuses
      Cain 20%,
      Paul 19%,
      Romney 18%,
      Gingrich 17%

      Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll of likely caucusgoers
      Cain 24.5%
      Paul 20.4%
      Romney 16.3%
      Perry 7.9%
      Bachmann 7.6%
      Gingrich 4.8%

      For what is is worth – Ron Paul indicated that their internal polls line up closer to the Bloomberg poll.

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