Iowa teacher on LEAVE after this ONE comment about Greta Thunberg on Facebook

OK, everyone let me give you a really good life pro-tip. Don’t make comments, even in jest, that can be taken as a violent threat, especially if you have a job where your employers might be pressured to fire you. From the Hill:

An Iowa teacher has been placed on leave after remarking on Facebook that he did not have his “sniper rifle” for a visit by teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.

A spokeswoman for Waterloo Community School District confirmed to The Hill that the teacher, identified in local media reports as Matt Baish, had been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Yikes! Dude. We are ALL annoyed by how the media is worshipping Greta Thunberg, but that kind of joke is kinda beyond the limit. Use your brainmeat, please.

More from the Hill:

“The nature of the content shared rose to the level of putting this employee on administrative leave pending an investigation,” Waterloo Community School District spokeswoman Tara Thomas confirmed to The Hill.

“We appreciate your patience as we sort through the details and thank you for respecting the process,” she said.

Baish, who is listed as a science teacher on the Waterloo West High School’s website, was placed on administrative leave after responding to a Facebook post about Thunberg visiting Iowa City this week, a local ABC affiliate reported.

Responding to the post, which asked who was going to the event, the teacher allegedly wrote, “Don’t have my sniper rifle.”

I know, it’s unfair that it seems like the left can say whatever the heck they want and suffer few consequences. But y’all have to be defensive on this stuff. Is it really worth it for that snarky comments just to mock Thunberg, who clearly has problems, and put your livelihood at risk? I say no. But no one cares what I think! Y’all tell me so in the comments every week….

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60 thoughts on “Iowa teacher on LEAVE after this ONE comment about Greta Thunberg on Facebook

  1. No brainer. He deserved to be put on leave. He said something that could cause a visit by the police or the FBI so…yeah. Goodbye dude. Use your head next time.

    I don’t think he was serious but in this day and age you know that saying things like that isn’t acceptable. Being a teacher makes it even worse.

    1. Agree. Like everyone else he is entitled to his opinions on HER opinions but that kind of talk does tend to get you a visit by law enforcement and in a lot of trouble. I also doubt that he was serious but in the climate we are in now any kind of comments like that are taken seriously.

      He won the dumbass award for that day I guess.

  2. Steven Crowder had Paul Joseph Watson on his program a week ago Friday, and PJW pointed out that a high-follow conservative on twitter (I forget who) had his account permanently removed for pointing out that Thunberg, who (openly) struggles with mental illness, was A) mentally ill, and B) being taken advantage of by the left.

    So at this point, “Watching what you write,” is becoming a bit more difficult.

    1. It doesn’t matter what you write. They keep adding more and more guidelines and lines not to cross. The perpetually miserable left is never satisfied.

    2. There is also a double standard. When Greta Thunberg is even criticized they say we are attacking her, but it was okay to attack the Convington kids. And even after more evidence came out in support of the Convington kids there was never any apology by the media or anyone else.

    3. The teacher who made the ‘sniper rifle’ remark made a stupid mistake since that kind of talk is taken seriously even though in all actuality he was likely joking about it. Not going to be funny when law enforcement shows up to question him or he loses his job over an ill-thought out remark.

      I am a liberal and don’t agree with Twitter shutting down someone’s account for voicing their opinion on Thunberg. I think that her parents are overindulgent and really it would make more sense for her to stay in school and move onto college if she wants to do something for the environment.

      It’s dangerous territory to start censoring speech. Even more dangerous to shut down Twitter accounts simply because someone is offended by someone else’s politics.

    4. George Orwell was prescient: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” I see a time when this blog will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb and many of us locked up for daring to tell the truth.

  3. Pull your kids out of public schools. protest your tax dollars going to the indoctrination of our youth.

  4. At this point, why have any social media account that can identify the user? When even the supposed “defenders of free speech” (looking at you soop) are giving the tsk, tsk and saying you should know better- it’s time to call that method dead and move on; or back. As in going old school and not using any SM.

  5. I make similar jokes from time to time( not about guns though because I don’t own a rifle lol) so I have some sympathy for this dude but in this day and age we all must expect reactionary snowflakes with nothing better to do than police people’s speech online and act as unsolicited & unwarranted guardians for propriety to ruin the internet. Nothing will come of this, the school district will waste a bunch of cash paying for his leave and the ‘investigation’ and some busybody sjw will walk around feeling smug and self satisfied….. and the beat goes on!

  6. We all say or write something that can be misinterpreted. But for an educator to make an irresponsible remark about a high powered weapon being used on a child, that’s a bridge too far. I suspect the teacher was smearing 2A advocates and what THEY would do to a child. For that, fire his retarded ass (demonstrationem).

    1. How is a comment in the negative a threat?

      He literally wrote, “don’t have my sniper rifle.” It’s not even a complete sentence. You have to infer, “I won’t be showing up because I…” and even that would still be in the negative and only implying violence if he had his rifle, which he wrote he doesn’t.”

      Snarky? Yes. Unwise? Yes. A threat? Definitely not.

  7. Maybe greta should stop her insane nazi-ish nonsense when it comes to this global warming scam. What she says is very much a threat to the freedom and liberty of a free society. Just shut up greta

  8. I’m still trying to figure out, who decided that this kid from Europe is somehow the spokesperson for climate science??

    1. Her parents and other global warm-mongers who indoctrinated her and realized what a wonderful human shield she is.

  9. Kinda’ sad that we have Muslim Congresswomen saying “F- the President” and other inappropriate comments and they don’t even get sanctioned but flippant comments like this cost people their jobs.
    There is no logic to our outrage.

  10. Wow…not even a full sentence. I wouldn’t write that, but that hardly qualifies as a “threat”.

    Even taken literally, he’s “not going” due to lack equipment. How can it be a threat if he’s saying he won’t go?

    I could see an administrator admonishing him about a snarky remark trivializing violence, but suspension and probable dismissal? How dare they…

  11. What happened to free speech? Oh.. right… it’s only for Hollywood leftist and millennials that hate free speech.
    They’re allowed their Constitutional right to degrade, dehumanize, ridicule, wish violence upon… but no one else..
    Oh wait… only the right can be humiliated by speech..
    Any sacred cow of the left must only be worshiped…
    The kids is a tool… and I feel sorry for her.
    It’s her handle that is a g $0r0$ paid goon and her parents fault.

  12. I don’t see any way to plausibly read that as a threat. It sounds like classic hyperbole: an extreme statement meant to make a point, or for humor.

    It reminds me of a humor piece many years ago from Field and Stream, I think. They always had a column at the end called, “Exit, Laughing.” In this particular one, someone got mixed up with a group that robbed the Cleveland Armory, and explained it away by saying he thought they were saying they wanted to blow up Cleveland Amory, which was fine with him.

    Cleveland Amory, of course, was an anti-hunting activist.

    But nobody really thought that was meant to be a threat.

    This comment sounds more like a joke about how annoying he found Greta Thunberg. It’s actually pretty funny as an offhand joke. Unless you somehow interpret it as a serious threat.

    Which is the problem. There’s nothing about this that actually sounds like a threat.

    1. Yeah but here’s the problem: Greta is on the autism spectrum (her own words) and therefore NO JOKES ALLOWED!!!!!

  13. Read to the end of the article. In responding to a question about attending a Thunburg event, he literally wrote, “Don’t have my sniper rifle.”

    How is that a threat?

    If I wrote, “I’m not taking cyanide today because I don’t have a cyanide capsule,” would anybody think I threatening to harm myself?

    I’m expressing an intent to not do something.

    This was a stupid, snarky comment, but even if taken literally, he was saying he wasn’t going to do something. The exact opposite of a threat.

    1. Although to most it’s a flippant remark, I see how someone could infer evil intent. Although Iowa is pretty conservative, Waterloo is one of its bastions of liberalism.

  14. I want to know what “placed on administrative leave” specifically means. One day? One week? One year? With or without pay? I know it says “pending investigation” but how much investigation can there be? It was a FB post.

    IMO it wasn’t a wise remark to make on a public forum, especially for a person in a public sector position. But I hope they allow him to “apologize for his insensitivity” or whatever and let him go back to work. And soon.

  15. I get it, it’s a flippant joke. The left has killed humor, along with about everything else that is good and precious.

  16. Look at that header photo. I wonder if she’s always so angry and hateful looking. If you haven’t guessed it already, like most good sized cities, Waterloo-Cedar Falls is a liberal area. I have confirmed this myself using the patented Doc S bike path/libtard ratio.

    1. Hep parents need to be reported to child welfare dept.. no doubt her parents are libtards.

  17. Bad idea, especially as a school teacher where they believe there are school shootings at least once a week.

  18. There is a reason we don’t let children vote, make laws (except AOC), drive cars, or serve in the military. Theu are still ignorant to the facts of life. Libtards it seems love the smart ideas of children, possibly because they are smarter than the libtards. Children, perverts, gays, trannys, gender confused individuals, communist/ progressives/ socialists, and criminals are the 2019 party. They have left the American voter in an effort to find support for their crazy plans.

  19. At this point, Greta has a very unhappy life ahead of her. Very, very sad because she’s a child. The Left doesn’t believe God exists but they do like playing one.

  20. Maybe when Greta’s 15 minutes of fame are over, Liberals have finished using her and moved on to someone else, and she finally goes home to Sweden….perhaps she can take her soul mate and fellow worn our Liberal tool, David Hogg, with her?

    Well, we can dream anyway, right?

  21. If we allow a double standard on speech we are essentially saying that those who have to be more careful are second class citizens. That is not a free society.

  22. Yeah yeah …. when someone makes stupid comments “they” don’t agree with its “serious and unacceptable” when they do it and we call foul we’re (racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, white supremacist, uneducated rube) <--- choose the most convenient....

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