The Iraq and Afghanistan wars on this week’s Glazov Gang

The first clip of the Glazov Gang is very interesting in that it features a former Iraqi POW who came to America who expresses his views on the Iraq war.

NOTE: There is a bit of a glitch with Michael Walsh’s microphone at the beginning…but it gets fixed by the time the discussion begins.

This second clip begins focusing on the Afghanistan war and the myopic views of US Middle Eastern policy.

h/t FrontPage Magazine

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6 thoughts on “The Iraq and Afghanistan wars on this week’s Glazov Gang

  1. This new format sucks and it’s a piece of crap. 5 minutes to edit? A lot of times, I’m not at home, so I’m using my phone or tablet to post comments. Being locked out of editing your own comments after 5 minutes is a bunch of horse crap, and will seriously limit my participation in these discussions.

  2. Before we get too far into the weeds of recriminations, we all know therr WERE WMD remaining in Iraq, and samples were recovered, for years.
    Secondly, we all know the liberal lie of ‘no WMD ever in Iraq’, was nothing more than a politically motivated lie, calculated to hurt President Bush, and, by extension, the GOP.

    Let us also not forget the duplicity of the leftists that supported military action against Iraq (which steadfastly,and patently, REFUSED to honor UN agreements towards transparency) through an act of Congress, only to later claim they didn’t, and wordlessly imply to the stupid that a declaration of war has some specific language, not found in the Constitution. (We authorized force; we didn’t declare war!)
    Let us also not forget that caring, compassionate political libetality refused to seriously investigate Gulf War Syndrome, which could’ve been the result of a direct hit on one of those nonexistent WMD stockpiles, and exposing people to those RCBN weapons, by way of aerosolization.
    They refused to investigate, because the Soldiers, and Marines, were fighting for the cause put forward by a president they personally disliked. Because of that, the lives of American combatants were considered expendable and unimportant.
    If liberals were so concerned about the health and welfare of American Soldiers and Marines,

    1. If liberals were so concerned about the health and welfare of American Soldiers and Marines, they would have taken as in against Barack Obama what is clearly a legal wars, which no member of Congress voted on. They also would have made an effort to find out what happened to those WMD.
      No. The liberals will continue their political dog and pony show, at the expense of the lives of people better than themselves. They will continue to work diligently to twist and twist and distort the truth into a custom made lie. They will continue to campaign to use the graves of people better better than themselves, is monument to their own greatness.

  3. That was very interesting and enlightening.   Thank God there are people with common sense and actual knowledge.  I just hope more people see hear this.  Thanks 911Infidel. I’d never heard the Glazov Gang until you posted his shows.  I like it.

    PS- The Canadian bit at the beginning of part 2 made me miss donuts.

  4. Wow, very eye-opening. We should be listening to a man like this rather than people who “think” they know about Islam, Sharia etc. Experience trumps notion and surmising has brainwashed people to think that this is a peaceful religion and law. It is clearly not.

  5. I just ordered this man’s book, he is amazing and should be giving college commencement speeches everywhere!  He speaks of freedom and demonstrates love of this country.
    Thanks 911Infidel for posting.

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