Is CNN a conservative PRANK meant to make fun of the media? That would make MORE sense than taking THIS seriously!

There can no longer be any doubt that CNN is trying to get people to say they are biased fake trash and make fun of them. That’s the only explanation for it.

While the Fat Dumb and Bald Guy is out there hawking his book about how biased Fox News is, Acosta and Friends are being a liberal mouthpieces in the briefing room and Jake Tapper et all are pretending Middle East peace is bad now.

And on CNN’s morning show? This completely farcical impersonation of a news program featuring the two people at CNN who exhibit the widest gap between actual intelligence and their perception of their own intelligence. And this is the network where Class of 1998’s “Dullest Knife to Somehow Snag a Diploma” Brianna Keilar works, so you gotta hand it to them.


Cross-eyed Berman and Fake Eyeglasses Make Me Smart Camerota are layered in wreaths of smug. But aside from the contemptible personalities, seriously ask what kind of news programming this even is here. It’s like a bad joke or a parody written by a conservative to make fun of CNN.

Can you imagine your parents or grandparents seeing the news do a snotty graph like that? And what’s Berman’s big medical background to spend every single morning whimpering to Trump supporters about how they aren’t Covidized enough?

CNN is such a crock it’s hard to even think of what to write to express it. This is just outright Democratic boosterism. They are pure propaganda. PURE.

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