Is Matt Drudge anti-Christian?

This morning Drudge has this plastered in the headline section of The Drudge Report:


So people at a church praying for Ted Cruz with his dad speaking in tongues is supposed to make me not want to vote for him? Dude that stuff is right out of the Bible.

But that’s just the headline. The link goes to an article with a mashup video suggesting a conspiracy that Ted Cruz is going to take over the country and make laws more inline with the Bible, as if Cruz is going to turn American into a theocracy or something.


I watched the video of Rafael Cruz’s own words in the edited soundbites from this 2012 sermon and the bottom line is that Rafael Cruz basically said he believes in the end times God will restore wealth to Christians in order to do God’s work of bringing people the Gospel.

Maybe He will? I dunno. It’s not something I’ve ever heard or even given much thought about.

But who cares? The planet would in a far better place if there were many more people who loved Jesus.

But this isn’t the first time Drudge has done something like this. He did the same thing to Rick Santorum back in 2012 when he made this his big headline:


It was a sermon Santorum gave back in 2008 of how Satan is attacking and trying to corrupt our country.


So now for two presidential races in a row, Drudge has tried to use the Christian faith of two candidates that he doesn’t support to try and scare people into not voting for them.

Is Drudge anti-Christian? Does he hate Christians or something? Why target their faiths?

His candidate in 2012 was a mormon who, if you will, had far stranger beliefs than Rick Santorum’s faith has ever expressed. And this nonsense about Ted Cruz wanting to turn America into a theocracy sounds like it came right from the pages of far-left blogs.

And let me point out one other thing. Where is Drudge’s coverage of Trump’s campaign manager assaulting Michelle Fields? I’ve looked several times and I can’t find anything on the subject.

Maybe Matt Drudge isn’t anti-Christian even though he apparently likes to use it to scare people into not voting for candidates.

Maybe Matt Drudge is just a hack who will say anything to try and hurt candidates he doesn’t like, even using their faiths.

That’s what it looks like to me.

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