Is Oil and Gas becoming an afterthought?

Ken Salazar recently held a telephone call with the press and he said something that I found troubling. Toward the end of the audio below, you’ll hear him say that in Obama’s energy plan there is a place for oil and gas production, but they are forging ahead with wind and solar technologies. It almost seems that oil and gas production are becoming an afterthought, as if they are being seen as old systems that need to be replaced.

That’s bothersome considering that the entire world runs on oil and gas, and that wind and solar can never even come close to matching the energy needs of this nation or even the world. And consider too that they are wanting to use these new ‘green technologies’ to further redistribute wealth, which I find to be very troubling.

Plus, they are mandating new costly regulations and are forcing drilling rigs to go through a new application/inspection process, all of which I would imagine are just going to make it more difficult to do any deep water drilling. When you look at the bigger picture, it seems that they are trying to make it too expensive for companies to safely drill for oil in deep water.

Think about it. Banks started leaving the student loan arena when the Feds imposed new regulations that made it too expensive for them to continue. Now the Feds have taken over the student loan industry. We know that with ObamaCare they are trying to make it too expensive for insurance companies to stay in business, and they will attempt a complete takeover of that as soon as the industry goes up in flames. What’s next? Who knows, but I would imagine nationalizing the oil industry is up there. And once they nationalize it, they will use it to redistribute wealth, just as they are in the student loan industry and in the health care industry.

The audio is below:

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