Is the GOP really the “big tent” party?

It’s only a few days after the election from hell, but it feels like November 6, 2012 was a lifetime ago. After spending the week trying to make sense of what happened, reading all the punditry, trying to wrap my head around the ORCA debacle and watching the melt downs, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I don’t have all the answers. But there are a few things I’ve observed that are worth discussing.

My pals in the conservative world are some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. They’re artistic and creative. They’re film-makers, techies, painters, writers, builders, engineers, attorneys, gamblers, activists and teachers. Some serve or have served in the military, some work several jobs to make ends meet. Many are brilliant visionaries. They come from all backgrounds, races, nationalities.  Some are cityfolk and others drive loud diesel trucks in the middle of nowhere Texas. They’re from all over the country and many from outside of these great United States. They have varying religious beliefs, practices and ideas.  Some are gay, some straight and some still haven’t figured out what they like.  They listen to punk and indie rock, love obscure cinema and song and some are inked, pierced and mohawked.  Far from the straight-laced, didactic, nerdy stereotype, they know how to have a good time better than anyone else I know.  Their political leanings fall anywhere from radical libertarianism to moderate Republicanism. We argue about our ideological and policy orientated differences as much as we agree, yet we’re all connected by one common thread – hatred of Nickelback. But seriously, regardless of our philosophical differences we’re connected by our commitment to America’s founding principles.

Looking at the GOP, the GOP brand and the how the GOP is publicly perceived, reality doesn’t match perception.  The faces of the conservatives I know aren’t what the public sees as the GOP.  Therein lies the problem.  If we’ve learned our lesson from this election (we’re doomed if we haven’t), then we’ve noticed the American landscape has changed, and that like it or not, so has our party.

For all the talk of being the “big tent” party, we’re fatally fragmented and divided. Social cons don’t want to accept the new crop of young cons, like myself, who tend to be socially liberal, but fiercely fiscally conservative.  They see us as a threat to traditional American values and unbefitting of the fight to install conservatism.  Hardcore libertarians don’t want to play with anyone except Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, meanwhile blaming everyone else for what ails America.  Moderate Republicans may as well be turncoats because they are viewed with scorn and disdain as the embodiment of why we’ve failed.   As long as these striations remain, our hopes of political dominance will be nothing more than that – hopes.

We all too willingly impose ridiculous purity tests on people we agree with 90% of the time.  Not everyone we elect will be the next Reagan, and guess what?  That’s OK.  Different communities and demographics have different needs, all of which can be successfully adressed by conservatism, and it’s not always going to look the same.  We’ve wandered down the very road we lambast the left for traveling — homogenization of ideas.  “Either agree 100% with what we have to say or get out.”  Yet we sit around baffled that we were annihilated Tuesday.  “We don’t care who you are, where you’ve been, what you believe or what you do in your own time, we just want government to leave us alone.”  Or at least that’s what we say.  So why do we bother squabbling about any of the aforementioned anyway?

Liberalism is a wily foe. With the groupthink, collective mentality, leftists have little trouble rallying the troops towards a common goal.  As conservatives, we’re stubbornly independent and avoid group association at all costs. This election being any indicator, that’s not working. If our efforts are ever to materialize into results, we will have to find a way to come together. Yes, as cheesy as it sounds, we have to work together. From the Paulbots to the RINOs, it’s time to kiss and make up, light the fire and bust out the marshmallows for a nice little round of campfire Kumbaya.  Rather than engaging in bitter battles over ideological nuances, conservatism would be better served if we worked from the common ground that we ALL share. I know some of you are already thinking, “but PRINCIPLES!!!!11!” if that’s you — stop it.  I’m not asserting we abandon God and country, simply that we focus on our common ground before freaking out about our ideological differences. Crazy, I know.

We have to not only accept, but understand that we’re not always going to agree with one another. But… and here’s the good part, because of who we are and what we believe, we’re perfectly suited to be the “big tent” party.  It’s time we start acting like it, time we started practicing what we preach.  God help us if we don’t.

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416 thoughts on “Is the GOP really the “big tent” party?

    1. Does the term moron sound familiar to you? Why don;t you just start raving and foaming at the mouth like a normal Diversiterd?

  1. I suppose the modern version of “Divide et impera” (Divide and conquer) would be “Diversify and conquer.”

    As long as the many constituencies of the Democratic party are kept separate, none can take over the party and that is the key “Keeping the constituencies separtae by feeding the distrust of each other will keep the liberals in power for 100 years.

    The constituencies occupy the New Communism Zoo; animals in wide, roomy cages, easily dominated by and submissive to the hand that feeds them. The mindless menagerie, breeding, brooding and eating, believe they owe their very survival to the government. And like all animals, as long as they are fed regularly they will not attack or resist the zoo keeper.

    But the blacks will never accept the hispanics as equals and vice versa. The gays and lesbians, the flag ship humans of the New Communist world, carry within them the seeds of their own destruction and are essentially ‘throw-away humans.” They neither reap, no do they sow.

    Union organizers, the world second oldest profession, will forever intimidate and dominate the weak and homeless.The scholars, safe and protected on their campuses with their own police forces and autonomy have nothing to fear as the enter the Priesthood of the New Communism.

    And New Communism’s new female, her plumbing needs financed by pilfering the wages of dull workers, the State exploits her ego and sexuality to cow and anesthetize overweight, overstimulated and over-hormoned males, who at the same time have been liberated from the need to parent their own off spring.

    We cannot break the coalitions through appeal to reason. We cannot break the coalition through modeling, accepting, partnering or cajoling. We have no wealth left so we cannot bribe them with cell phones or food stamps so essentially we are at a cross roads. Conservatism is the dinosaur and Obamunism is the asteroid.

    So what do he have to bargain with? I think we need to look at the basis of the New Communism and focus our attention there. The regime proposes to provide the basic necessities of life. But those necessities come from systems developed by the dominant culture in this nation, the organizations, the production systems, the scientific insight, thoughtful engineering and, most critically, maintenance. I propose that allow the regime to maintain it’s own production. We must refuse to participate. We must withdraw both physically and mentally from participation in the systems which deliver food, clean water and transportation. We do this through massive and sudden migration.

    When the zoo keeper no longer shows up with a half of a shovelful, the animals begin to get panicky and like all wild animals they will turn on their keepers in a heartbeat.

    It would not be the first time the resistance attacked the occupying force’s infrastructure.

  2. Unlike the Democrats we don’t mind criticizing those in our party. Many of these RINOs are part of the problem. I mean, if we are going to criticize the left for their spending and support for amnesty, it’s not okay when our side does it either.
    Besides that though, I think some of these small, even odd issues that don’t matter should be looked over. But we can’t compromise our principles.
    Besides the RINOs that have so much power I like our tent.

  3. Sadly, most of the comments have unwittingly proved the author’s point for her.

    If you want ideological purity, you’ll keep losing the big elections and the big policy decisions to the left…again, and again, and again.

    Stop promoting freedom while using government to interefere in people’s private lives. Stop building huge security bureacracies (DHS and TSA, among others) while promoting freedom and liberty. Stop promoting balanced budgets, when you spend like drunken sailors when you’re in power.

    Conservatives and Republicans are absolutely duplicitous on these and many other issues…and somehow thinks that the rest of America isn’t hearing or understanding your message…or that we are too stupid to understand it.

  4. ” God help us if we don’t” Well, therein lies the fundamental problem. If we are not faithful to godly precepts, moral collapse will inevitably be followed by fiscal and societal collapse. Don’t believe in God, you say? Well. Don’t expect a happy future. Just look at Europe- the once great Christian nations are now ripe to fall. And we are close on their heels.

  5. Sorry but I disagree with some, not all, but some of what is written. Yes I have my principles, and yes I know what I am willing to compromise on…PROVIDED YOU PROVE TO ME THAT YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY I STAND WHERE I DO.

    The way I see it is many, especially the young, want to toss out the social issues and go on the fiscal issues. I have as yet to see where someone says that with full understanding how the social issues are fully connected to the fiscal issues, most especially in a country where most of the budget is consumed by entitlements. Entitlements are a direct result of social issues.

    Furthermore some social issues are totally weighted in foundational civilization issues. Gay marriage will not make us more fiscally responsible. It will have a direct impact on society and civilization that will require more money to ‘cure the ills of society’ as a result of total and complete dysfunction.

    While this piece was well written by Kemberlee Kaye it fails to show a depth or understanding of the roots of conservatism. The ‘can’t we all just get along’ message falls far short without depth or understanding as to how we got here to begin with. Also why is it after every election the social conservatives get the most pounding? Is it because it is easier to be loose with morals and easier to be bad than good perhaps?

    BTW…we did kumbaya with our differences under Reagan. Since then the kumbaya has resulted in things like Obamacare. Remember it was a RINO Senator that could of stopped it from going to the floor of the Senate to begin with…AND SHE DIDN’T. How do I kumbaya with that? Simply put: I won’t.

  6. While I understand that there was a significant squabble within our conservative group, having such a diverse mix did not have a whole lot to do with it. I do not believe that losing had anything to do with uncompromising supporters. It has everything to do with party selection of candidates. If I had to bet, I would say that the next candidate that the GOP will run has already been selected. Done deal. The tea party and the conservative movement did not pick Romney. The GOP committee did.

    Think for just a minute. What would be the best way to keep the masses from rebelling? To give them hope that their candidate will win! It is a pageant that is fixed from day -1,000 and there is no way to bring it down.

  7. Some thoughts from a Canadian Conservative: We here in the great white North have been labelled as conservative, always assuming that we are a member of the Conservative party du jour. Wrong on all counts. I am a small-c fiscal and social conservative and I don’t hesitate to educate people on the differences, including politicians. BTW, I did that to this country’s present Attorney-General, a good friend, when I dog sat for he and his wife. He was somewhat taken abakc, and since he has the ear of our Prime Minister, I did tell him to pass o my thoughts-this came up when I told the AG that my party membership lapsed for the reasons I specified. I don’t want to be classified as a member of a “big tent” party, to compromise my values and beliefs all in the name of inclusiveness. That did NOT work in this election, nor has it worked in Canada, or any other country for that matter, where the mushy middle is brought out in order to appeal to “everyone.” one thing you have to give to President Barky Boy-he did NOT compromise on anything and look what it got him-a victory. What the true Conservatives have to do is stop the infighting between the fiscals and socials and unite together. When this RS poster talks about Liberal groupthink, this is what has to emerge-a united front of people who are like minded enough not to compromise what they believe in and willing to stand up to critics who label us “extremist.” To hell with big tents, and RINOS and welcoming all, standing up for principles and beliefs is what it’s all about – if people don’t like them, there’s always the Democratic office down the street. The time do do it is now. Forget being “numb” or in shock about what happened. Forget navel gazing as to why the we lost. We all know what happened, but it is what it is and it’s time to move on. Forget “soul searching”, it’s time for action. Do you seriously think the Dems are sitting on their laurels, savouring victory? Nope. They’re planning their ground game for 2014, for 2016, anticipating that the Conservative movement is still fighting amongst itself, still trying to shake off the yoke of the RINO image, that Rove is still directing the game there. If it is going to happen, if decent, strong, Conservatives are going to be run and elected, time to start looking now, not when the election is upon us again.

  8. Late to the party here (we do have a bit of a scandal over here, involving the BBC …!), but let me say this is a great piece!

    I’d like to add just one little footnote:
    it would be great, and extremely useful, that all who fulminate against other conservatives and especially against certain candidates, do run a critical check on where their opinions about socons/libertarians etcetc are coming from.

    It couldn’t, by any chance, have come from the corrupt MSM, could it?
    Or could it?
    I ask because the ‘principled’ stand of so many conservatives against Sarah Palin consistently goes back to the smears and vilifications produced by the corrupt MSM since she was nominated as VP.
    I believe this applies to all the other ‘principled’ stands we’ve been reading about.

    The one group which is exempt from this check are the RINOs – we all know who they are and how they operate.
    In fact, we can say that, until the opposite is proven, all who are praised by the corrupt MSM can be regarded as RINOs.

    Great piece!
    Oh, I said that already! Never mind – bears repeating!

  9. Typical DIRTY Chicago politics stole the election. Voter fraud was rampant, and the voters don’t seem to care. Despite the myriad dissections of the reasons the election went the way it did, the cause and effect is simple. Chicago politics, voter apathy, and the descent of Americans into the Federal Feeding Trough. The future is indeed dim and gloomy. I fear the US will never be able to recover. We reap what we sow.

  10. Thanks for the thought-provoking article, Kemberlee!

    Having seen these calls to be more temperate regarding so-called “social” issues many times in the last five decades, I must respectfully offer a different opinion.

    I get that we need to do a better job of selling inclusion. Winning does involve marketing, after all. But one thing about the exit polls is that they do not show that we lost this election because of social conservatives. At least they turned out to vote, even though Romney was clearly not their guy. That disconnect is all you need to know to show that something other than so-cons played a larger factor in this loss. Several things, in fact.

    We lost because it’s perfectly legal to require union membership in several industries, where they extract union dues from the workers, and funnel them exclusively into the Democrat party. This is a practice that should be highly illegal, with punishments just below those for treason and murder. Because of this institutionalized corruption, we are playing at a tremendous disadvantage that no amount of outreach to specific groups of voters could possibly fix. Until this practice is halted, we must fight ten times as hard as any Democrat for each vote.

    We lost because we are fighting a nasty, persistent stereotype that the Democrat/Media complex is fully vested in selling as hard as possible. Every aspiring tyranny needs a scapegoat class upon which to heap blame for their failures. The left’s scapegoating of conservatives is this era’s call to Judenrein. Anyone who thinks that is too extreme is simply not paying attention. Breitbart saw it. He fought back.
     [And in an ominous parallel to this fact, is the rise of de-facto “cleansing” of Jews from many countries around the world, including such leftist-dominated cultures as Norway. Evangelicals and Jews will be destroyed if the left has it’s way. So we must protect our evangelicals, just as we would the Jews.]

    The Democrat/Media complex hangs the nastiest labels on conservatives they can find, and they make sure everyone feels comfortable saying so in public. In countless man-on-the-street interviews with the average Democrat protester, we see that they know the right is racist and hates women, but they can never give a single reason why. In reality, the only party concerned with race in America is the Democrat party. They care more about skin color than any human alive in 1860. And yet somehow they continue to tar conservatives as racist.

    We lost because only one or two of our best candidates seems to be aware of this problem. We lost because Republican party leaders in congress have remained silent in the face of overwhelming slander aimed at the right. Trey Gowdy and Rand Paul cannot do it alone.

    We lost because voter fraud is rampant, and we do nothing about it.

    We lost because the media loves a provable lie if it comes from Obama, but will spin up a mere disagreement on policy by a Republican as a calumny of the highest order.

    We lost because too many on the right still believe only a moderate can win, despite a long history that proves otherwise.

    Read that last sentence again.

    And we lost because too many on the right allowed this moderate concept to be employed yet again, despite the fact that Reagan showed exactly how to win an election without running as a moderate.

    We did not lose because of a lack of outreach to Hispanics or any other group. In fact, as many intelligent pundits on the right have pointed out from historical example, Republicans NEVER gain ground from outreach to special interest groups.

    Republicans. Never. Gain. Ground from pandering to special interests.

    But this is about the tent. Clearly we have the broadest tent because the most important voting bloc to a conservative is the individual. It has to be that way, because that’s the way Liberty works. Anyone who wants to live their life for their own sake is welcome in our tent.

    Try that over on the left, where they have litmus tests for everything.

    Those are the reasons we lost, and here is what we must do about it:

    First, we must fully embrace the long, hard battle to reclaim our institutions from the left. The schools, the media, and the workers are all controlled by the left. Their tyrannical grip upon those “estates” is at an all time high in the West, in general, and is worsening by the moment, even while the old media have lost their market share and are failing as businesses. I do not advocate fixing the public schools. I advocate ignoring them Do not send your children there. Do not vote for school millages of any kind.

    Next, deal with the playing field. From the earliest days of the abolitionist movement, conservatives have always had the deck stacked against them. This was to be expected in every election, and usually it is rational to claim that a rigged game is just the playing field we have to fight upon. But not since the days of Lincoln has the playing field been so fully rigged against the proponents of liberty. We have to change the dialogue, and the rules concerning the elections. We must refuse to be thrown out of polling places when they count votes. We must show up in large numbers to observe the elections. One or two “poll watchers” is not going to cut it any more.

    We speak out. We need men like Allen West who know how to speak out and take major risks to their political careers, not backroom dealers who are trying to simply keep the game alive.

    We must employ every tool at our disposal to dislodge the racism pushed upon us by the left. We must also be vigilant to make sure they do not get away with false flag racism in our midst. We must have zero tolerance for this despicable slander, and every person on the right must learn to fight against it with every fiber and every resource we can muster. Only a Democrat cares about race. Make this known.

    We need to do our own organizing. And we need to show up. We need to become independent from the economy, and we need to be prosperous. If the left doesn’t want to follow us, we should at least be able to keep them from harming us while we continue the long march through the institutions that is required to preserve this nation.

    Returning finally to the social conservatives: The social cons are the heart and soul of the political right. We do need statesmen from among them who can learn by Reagan’s example how to avoid being bogged down in discussions of abortion, homosexuality, and the second amendment. We should take our positions on these things as a given, and assume all questions about them are an attempt at slander, not an attempt at dialog. Learn to Reaganize the response, and get back to selling individual liberty. That’s the best way to preserve religious freedom in this country.

    But we must embrace and cherish the evangelicals and other Christian groups on the right, even though it’s not “cool” (see Complex, Media/Democrat). They may stumble in their articulation of conservatism, but that is no reason to let them go the way of Copts in Egypt.

    Let me just put it this way: you can have our social conservatives when you pry them from our cold dead hands.

  11. Nothing wrong with the tent. Until we start treating all the minorities like the Democrats and give them things, then we continue to be declared non-inclusive to minorities. That is what they want. Personally, not being of sound monetary value and having worked hard to where I am today, it just amazes me that we let those who want to make the situation worse continue the narrative and the leadership in the GOP keeps agreeing with them.

    My money will continue to go to candidates not the party. Not a party man and have never been, but if no one steps up and challenges Boehner for the Speaker of the House we will continue seeing the stupidity. Stop the stupidity and stop letting the Democrats control the narrative. If not, then I do believe people will not support the Republican in 2014 and beyond.

    We have got now what we have so dreaded, in part because we did not clearly define the issues and not standing on sound conservative principles. The pundits that sound like they are speaking as conservatives are only speaking for the themselves and the Democrats and continue to wring their hands and bemoan how we are not inclusive. What we are not inclusive with is the Democrat ideas. Our tent is big enough and getting bigger. We just need the right people to convey those ideals and principles. Unfortunately the candidate this election done a poor job of doing this.

    1. I am a minority, I don’t want “things”. I have a duel B.S and M.F.A I can take care of myself. It’s a little insulting to say that we just want things when you really have no idea who we are. Do you think that saying that we want “things” we’re spoiled, entitled brats, etc, etc, and all the things I have been hearing lately endears us to want to go republican? Not very likely. It’s simply proving their exclusivity as a party and this is speaking for someone who initially considered it as my political affiliation. I am apart of a constituency you so badly need to win over if you want to win in 2016 and I will remember these remarks come then.

      1. The Democrats are all about Free Stuff. “Things.” If you claim to not be interested in those things, then don’t vote for them. It’s a waste of time to attempt some vague threat about words when your actions speak much, much louder.

      2. If you don’t fit the description, why be so offended? Conservatives will not bend over to get your vote. You either value the freedoms granted you by this great Country or you don’t.

      3. Dang it, he’s not saying minorities are to blame. He’s saying that Democrats are trying to FORCE conservative candidates to come over to the dark side by offering more entitlements than this nation can possibly afford, just so they, too, may have a chance of winning elections. But the truth is, they simply want more House and Senate votes so they can REALLY get going with the liberal agenda.

        It’s the Dems that are running on the “Conservatives hate minorities”, not us. They tell you that we are racist, and you automatically believe them, mostly because they have the biggest bullhorns here, namely the mainstream media and the entertainment industry. The federal government is already running on fumes, borrowed money and borrowed time. Our Beloved Leaders are just trying to milk us plebes — no matter what skin tone — for all we’re worth, so that they and theirs can funnel as much money into their own interest groups before it all comes crashing down on our heads and people start starving (they’re already cutting back on food stamp allowances, so to be honest, people already are.)

        The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Wanting to prevent that from happening has got absolutely nothing to do with race. It sounds like you already had your mind made up before you read his comment, so I’m truly sorry about that. About how you listen to one group’s slander, but not another’s policies.

      4. Nikki, may I suggest you remember some things Obama has said.

        Shortly after the Benghazi attacks he stood in front of the UN and told muslim leaders,
        “The future does not belong to those that insult the prophet of islam.” That is the blasphemy laws under the shariah (islamic) law. They kill you for “insulting” islam or their prophet. Obama stood there and basically said he supports it.

        Last year he said, “America can absorb another terrorist attack.” Really? Maybe he should ask the families that lost loved ones on 9-11 and ask them how their “absorption” is coming along.

        Too bad you didn’t remember what he said BEFORE the 2008 election. He said, “Under my policies electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket”. He also said, “Someone can open a coal plant if they want, but it will bankrupt them.” Really? Guess Obama supporters don’t understand that much of our electricity comes from coal powered plants.

        You do know O was raised on the koran, where they are taught to kill nonmuslims?

        Too bad you didn’t remember what he said last spring to the Russian president when he thought the mic was turned off, “Be patient, I will have more flexibilty after the election.” That is treason. He is going to sell us out to the Russians.

        He shut down our space program. He is going to gut our military. Russian has a nuclear sub off our East coast now. Feel safer?

        Too bad you didn’t remember what he said the week before the election, “The future workers of America WILL be blacks and hispanics.” Really? It sounds like he wants to round up whites and kill us. That is what his good buddy Bill Ayers group the Weather Underground talked about in a meeting in the 70’s that a guy infiltrated. They said they would have to kill about 25 million of us.

        Obama has already shut down a natural gas pipeline on Friday in Texas. He canceled any permits on 1.6 million acres of land for shale oil. His goal is to get gas to 10 bucks a gallon and keep us dependent on Middle Eastern oil.

        Obama is already flying drones in our skies and will probably try to end all future elections.

        But you go ahead and have your little snit fit over the truth…..95% of blacks vote democrat and one big reason is “free stuff”. The day after the “election” and number of blacks at my work were talking about all the “free stuff” they couldn’t wait to get from O.

        I suggest you wake up. This clown is out to destroy this country.

      5. Nikki, get the book, “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White”. You will be outraged at what dems have done to your race. Right after the Civil War blacks dominated all Southern legislatures….all blacks were Republicans. We had a black Speaker of the House in DC shortly after the Civil War….Republican of course.

        You really must read it. Also, understand that dems enslaved your race all over again with welfare in the 60’s. Dems encouraged blacks to quit their jobs and go on welfare. You can see what it’s done to the black family. Over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. 90% in the inner cities. Lyndon Johnson said, after welfare (The Great Society) was passed, “This will have the (n word) voting for us for the next 200 years.”

  12. Good article, but many of us weren’t lost trying to figure out what went wrong. I think most of us hoped for the best, but were prepared for the worse. I think the only folks in shock were the ones who drank the Romney kool-aid.

    Our party is fractured for many reasons, but one of the biggest problems is with the current leadership and they need to be replaced.

  13. The author wants people to do what’s expedient, rather than what’s right. The author wants consistent and principled people to compromise with inconsistent and unprincipled people. The author wants purists (uncorrupted by liberalism) to “get along with” with impure (corrupted by liberalism) people.

    No, never again.

    The Republican party “big tent” has been “kumbaya” like that for a very long time. The results have been a hop, skip and a bounce along the road to serfdom – Statism increases when the Democrats are elected, and statism increases when the Republicans are elected. Nothing changes. That’s what “getting along” with RINOs and other people who are impure (ie. corrupted by liberalism) does.

    What’s needed is to create a 3rd party that truly offers an opponent to statism, to take us in the other direction, rather than a statist-lite companion along the road to serfdom.

    I voted for Romney last time, even against me better judgement, but because Obama got elected to a second term, the Republican party is dead to me now.

    1. Third Parties don’t work, Kordane. What has to happen is that the true Conservatives-not the Rove/Romney/McCain-types have to take the party over. All a third party does is create more division.

      1. Third parties don’t work? — The Republican Party doesn’t work!! The government grows no matter whether the Democrats or Republicans gain power. Only giving people the option “Republican or Democrat” just isn’t conducive to the cause of liberty – In fact, it’s harmful to the cause of liberty.

        Conservatives take over the Republican party? — Not going to happen. It’s a massive stretch for me even to say that it would take decades of fierce tooth/nail fighting to achieve it – And by the point it would be too late because you won’t have a country left to save – The Democrats will have destroyed it with their policies.

        It’s better just to abandon the Republican party, start with a clean slate, and do it right next time. I say leave that stinking pile of crap to the Roves, the Romneys and the McCains of the world. Start fresh, without their corruption/impurity. It would be liberating indeed.

  14. Well we could do what the Democrats did before we ended slavery.That being we could abduct innocent villagers, force them to work our lands, or face torture and death.

    just sayin…………..thats how they got a big tent.

  15. The fact is we play fair and they produce votes by voting 40 times for one vote. How do you get 148% turnout in Florida districts, how do you get 99% in Philadelphia after the Republican poll watchers removed. Black Panthers outside the polling places. Shredded Republican registrations and ballots. Poll workers telling people to vote democrat all down ballot, no voter i.d., the republican get out the vote computer was sabotaged. The Republicans are like Romney/Ryan decent, honest and tell the truth and are embarrassed when mistakes are made. Democrats like Obama want to destroy their opponent not just win. they stuff ballot boxes, promote illegal votes, take foreign money. No wonder Republicans lose. Fair and Square they lose.

    1. I can appreciate and accept your disappointment, but I can not appreciate this idea of cheating or wrong doing. I’m from Philadelphia, and no I didn’t see a single “black panther”. Listen, We dems were sorely disappointed when Gore lost in 2000 and it came down to FLA so was that cheating or was what happened in 2000 fair? Life is a crap shoot.Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

      1. The bottom line is it’s cheating if all the votes weren’t counted properly and fair if they were. It has nothing to do with being on the winning or losing side. If the vote counts in 2000 Fl were not counted correctly, then yes, it was cheating.

        We already know the votes (or at least some of them) weren’t counted correctly, as St. Lucie’s votes were swapped from West to his opponent after closing the doors, locking them, and doing a private recount (against the election laws). Then when a recount was asked for by West, he gets a partial recount rather than a total recount.

        Why is that do you think? If everything is above board, why could he not get the machines impounded? What is there to fear in an honest count? Do we need to go back to Minnesota in 2008 to mention Franken and the shenanigans pulled there.

        Yes, there is fraud on both sides and it needs to end. It’s been ramping up every election until this runaway train hit the curve this year. The losers in this game are the American people, both Democrat and Republican, and anybody else who is not either one. It must come to an end.

        1. look, I here you but I think West did what he could, he took it to court and they decided. I don’t really think thats cheating. Now it is also said that early voting days were shortened in dem counties and lines were out of control. You could make an argument for either case. Fla has always been a cluster##$% and thank God this election didn’t hinge on FLA because it would have been a disaster.

          1. Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, just to mention a few, were exactly like Florida. 9 out of 10 swing states went to Obama with an average of 51% to 48% in all of them (when the polling trends and the overall enthusiasm was to Romney).

            I’m compiling information now on the data and in a week I’ll be getting ready to start showing the numbers. It may turn out surprising to most. At the very least, my goal is to change the voting process so that we can get back to fair and honest elections, where the American people can once again win, whichever way it leans.

            1. “enthusiasm” aside, if you looked at silver and 270towin, and countless other statistical sites, they ultimately favored Obama for re election. I’m in philly and if your going by enthusiasm then Obama really won on that alone. I can not speak for other states like ohio etc, but I always thought PA would go blue as usual.

              1. No, you don’t quite get it. The enthusiasm part I was talking about was on the Republican side (when the election numbers ended up less than McCain). The pollsters were claiming all along that the dem turnout would be greater than ’08 and that’s what showed Obama ahead in the polls.

                If that was true, why did Obama receive almost 10 million less votes than he did in ’08, if the demographics were set up to have a larger skew than ’08. That is one of the numbers that is out of wack.

                I have 2 dozen other demographics that I could start showing as being skewed from the reality of the last two year campaign season, but I’m not ready yet with the total storyline. There will be more later.

                Until then, everybody can forget the way the populace was talking the last year and go with republicans just can’t get out the vote, or whatever.

                1. I see, and its interesting, but with that aside, I still think it went the way it was ultimately predicted. Again, I would watch fox news and all the while they dismissed time and again data and poll results. They just assumed, on what I’m not really sure.

                2. Ok, so we’re done then, since you’re commenting on what you’re not really sure.

                  So you believe pollsters that were coming up with a mixture of Dem voting that was greater than ’08, but even though it turned out to be a lot less than ’08, the final results for Obama come out perfectly. Those are the statistical data that you are relying on?

                  Or are you relying on the fact that only 9% of people contacted by the pollsters were actually responding? Or that these same pollsters were saying, as well as our own lying eyes were showing, that the Republican enthusiasm was extremely high this year, but lo and behold, the pollsters were exactly correct on the Republican turnout as those same enthused people lost their enthusiasm on the last day? Hmmm…

                  Facts are indeed facts and there are ways to show why the votes in the swing states ended the way they did – statistically.

                3. well, you seem to have it all figured out. But what can be done about it? I’m not one for conspiracy theory, even when so many of my fellow dems insisted bush stole the election back in 2000, i just told them to move on. Sometimes the predicted polls don’t always reflect who will actually go out there and vote. I can appreciate where you’re coming from , good luck in your research.

            2. I think Republicans were shocked at this win because they were going with gut feelings instead of statistical data plus Fox news et al kept predicting a Romney landslide while ignoring the raw data. They kept saying it was skewed, and too overly sampled by the dems but what was predicted happened.

              1. There’s an underlying reason why what was being predicted was what was going to happen. If the demographics were right and the skew of more Democratic than ’08 was correct, then where were all the Dem votes? Why did Obama lose 10 million? How did the pollsters know Romney was going to get less than McCain, when you can’t find any conservatives that like McCain more than Obama?

                I could go on and on. It’s not just a gut feeling. As time goes by that is what the pundits will tell you to believe, but everybody knows it not true. Eventually, the pundits always try to change the history books. And it wasn’t just FOX news predicting a landslide. In fact, it wasn’t Fox news at all. Your bias is showing now.

                The one thing I work on is statistical data and it all showed something different from what the outcome was. There is a reason for it and it’s logical once you see it.

                1. Well, I’m sorry about the Fox news comment but I actually do watch Fox news and I was not trying to be biased because that is truly what I saw. It was literally the day before the election that they finally admitted that, yes its possible that Romney could or would win the popular vote but unlikely he would win e.c which is absolutely what happened.

                2. That is why Soros made sure his Spanish owned company got their voting machines into those swing states.

                3. I also followed polls, and no matter where obama was in the popular vote he was always favored in the E.C. no matter what poll you looked at so I don’t understand this outrage. You are wrong though,b.c fox did predict a landslide, I watched it.

                4. You don’t understand the outrage? Don’t you understand what is going to happen? If you are 70 or over you are going to be deny medical treatment to save your life. You can’t be readmitted to a hospital within t 30 days. I’ve already met a woman whose mom was turned away because they brought her back the same day. They realized when they got her home she was having a stroke and the hospital refuse to admit her!

                  They took her to a different hospital.

                  Doctors have now been told if someone 70 or older comes in with bleeding on the brain they are not to save them, just make them comfortable. The gov’t is going to determine if you live or die. If doctors don’t do what they are told they will face a five figure fine. The second time they don’t do as their told they will go to jail! TYRANNY.

                  Heck, 2.5 years ago I was told by the federal gov’t if I didn’t fill out a form on my part time business I would go to jail!! They said they sent these questionaires to ppl who have been in business for 7 years or more. I’d only been in business for 5 years so I threw it out twice. The third time I got the threat. The federal gov’t has no business sending a questionaire on ones’ business anyway.The questions were outrageous and it was page after page. You REALLY don’t get what this guy is doing because all you can see is his skin color.

              2. The same polling data that kept showing Obama leading had totally conflicting internals. THe polls kept showing that a huge majority thought the country was on the wrong track. The polls showed most people felt Romney was better suited to fix the economy. The polls showed that independents overwhelmingly favored Romney (or at least wanted to vote against Obama). The President had a favorabilty rating that has always signaled a loss for an incumbent. The polls showed Obama had lost support from key groups.

                The turnout among evangelical Christians was at an all-time high (whereas for McCain, it was quite low). The poll watchers for Romney reported very high turnout among Republicans.

                So no, the belief in a Romney win was absolutely not a “gut” feeling.

                This was evidenced by how the economy and stocks kept creeping up in the last month, only to fall precipitously after the election: even the business leaders expected Romney to win.

                The result of the election is totally at odds with almost every single measure of the political opinion in the electorate.

                Something is upside down with all of this. It may be fraud, it may be something else, but it isn’t rational. Nobody votes for a guy who they think is harming the nation. Not in a rational world.

                1. well if that were the case, Romney would have recieved 100% of the vote if “nobody votes for a guy who they think is harming the nation”. Yes people felt the economy was an issue but exit polls said by and large people didn’t blame Obama for it. Ok I’m not saying it was all gut feeling but you have to admit they refused to listen to anything that predicted an Obama win, and I guess you refuse to believe he won fairly too. I am sort of on the other side here, because what I saw was a whole lot of enthusiasm for Obama, in philly it was palpible and the philly turn out was incredible. Again I can only speak for where I live. Also I have family in Mass who voted as well and the enthusiasm was for Obama as Mr.Romney had alienated many mass residents. Family in Ohio cited the same sentiment.

                2. Enthusiasm for what? Everything his administration has touched has gotten worse.

                  Every poll reflected that. Every one.

                  Meanwhile, it’s not about “belief” in the fraud. We have data that shows it was massive. You don’t get 100% of the vote in a district, and have over 100% turnout at the same time. Maybe once in one district in one lifetime, sure. Lighting does strike people occasionally.

                  But the numbers do not add up. Until they do, any American concerned with liberty should support every effort to remove fraud from our elections.

                3. He won through fraud. Machines were rigged in swing states.

                  How can you not blame Obama? Are you aware of all the layoffs now because of Obamacare? I won’t go into how Obama illegally shut down all the GM dealerships when he first usurped the presidency. Not allowing us to drill. A million jobs right there, along with lower gas prices.
                  How about the fact he won’t let California turn the water on in the “Salad Bowl”? 40,000 jobs gone. Not to mention it makes our food prices go up and less food. That is what tyrants do….control the food supply.

                  Obama supporters don’t blame Obama for the bad economy because they are not reading and paying attention to what he is doing.

      2. Nikki, Republicans did not cheat in Fl in 2000. The only line that had problems was the presidential line. It appeared that votes for Bush were run back through and punched for Gore in order to try to take votes from Bush. Of course, the press called Fl for Gore before the polls closed in the Panhandle (it is an hour behind the rest of the state and goes Republican). Many Republicans didn’t go vote because of the early call. Had the press not done that it would not have been that close.

        Gore tried to block the military vote in Florida.

        Obama succeeded in NOT allowing ballots to get to our military overseas. Don’t give me this garbage of “sometimes you win or sometimes you lose”. We have lost our Constitutional Republic with unfair elections on the dems part. You are happy because your guy won the election thru fraud, but you don’t seem to get what is coming down the pike. Obama is trying to destroy the middle class and consolidate his power. He wants us standing in bread lines. Maybe you don’t care because you think you will be one of those in power and maybe you will, but at the cost of your soul

    2. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
      you will succumb in every battle”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition

      Who among us did not know the liberals would do whatever it takes to win? Did someone miss the memo? Was it the RNC? Was it those would not stoop to their level?

      This is what losing feels like and only a fool would blame the game.

      Winning isn’t everything. Winning is the only thing.

  16. I can truly appreciate this article. I am a dem, but he is right about the GOP. It is an extremely exclusive party and I’m just not cool enough to get in. It’s interesting that the writer talks about such diversity within the party but when I would see Gov.Romney/Ryan rallies honestly saw zero diversity.
    Suddenly republicans want to focus thier attention on hispanic/minority vote only because it finally occurs to them that it mattered.Wow it took this for them to realize we exist? Now they are pandering and scrambling to make a dent. Here is the problem, it seems disengenius now and I have seen t-shirts that say “lets put the white back in the white house Romney/Ryan 2012” not to mention your stance on immigration is self deportation and the Democrat stance is the dream act. In truth my value system would fall in line with GOP (devout christian, believe in fiscal responsibility,smaller government, etc.) but I don’t feel like the party cares about me just my vote so they get to do what they want to do. You can not sit around and use us as talking points and political chips to get by. You want to win the hearts and minds of minorities then include minorities in your reindeer games and maybe we’d consider it.

    1. This is silly. You know full well that we have excellent minority members on the right. You only saw what the media showed, because the media only wants to show white people. Yet when Romney spoke or Ryan spoke, you could clearly see minorities present.

      Look at Bush’s cabinet and compare it to Obama’s. Look at Fox news and compare it to MSNBC. You want to see places that are mostly white, there you go. MSNBC is so white you have to wear sunglasses when you watch it. Obama had a whiter, more male dominated cabinet than Bush.

      Meanwhile, excellent candidates of color lost against white Democrats in this election.

      The reason why the right side is a bigger tent is because the smallest minority is you. The individual. And we are champions of individual liberty. We don’t require race checks and union membership. We sure don’t have as many Billionaires. What we have is hard-working folks that want a fair shake and a country that follows the law.

      1. It’s not really silly, we just see things differently. It’s not really about what the media showed, I know how I’ve been treated. I tried the republican route, it didn’t work out. There was a R/R rally here in PA, I went to it just to check it out, saw the crowd and the t-shirts for myself (lets put the white back in the white house) This was extremely intimidating and I was afraid. No diversity I promise. Freezing cold, and wouldn’t let ppl leave.

        1. Curious. No one could find the guy in that photo of the t-shirt.

          Every single conservative I know would have put such a person out or down. We do not tolerate racism in our events. None of it. So you are selling some serious shinola here today.

            1. Yeah, It’s disappointing. She showed some promise until she trotted out implications of being treated poorly at a conservative rally.

              The only people that get treated poorly would be the disrupters and antagonists who show up uninvited. Anyone willing to listen and participate with an open mind will meet real Americans who are courteous, respectful, and patriotic to the core.

              1. I’m sure she never to went to an R&R rally and if she’d seen that shirt, she would have taken a picture of it with her cell phone. The lamestream media would have been blaring about it for weeks.

          1. I’m late to this conversation but nikki seems to be enjoying throwing out the bait!

            I took a bite, but I stopped after reading that she was “afraid” at Romney rally. LOL 🙂

        2. You are either a liar or the person wearing that shirt was a democrat trying to make R&R look bad. The left did that the second year of the Tea Parties. Tried to cause trouble and show racist signs, but Tea Partiers drummed them out quite quickly.

          I bet you have a cell phone that takes pictures? I’m sure you took a picture of the shirt? Post it.

    2. If you claim to have all those values that you do … then what’s with the identity politics?

      Secondly, why do you want a political party to “care about” you? All that means is that a politician of any stripe wants to control you. Only you can care about yourself and your family. Government will never care about you and neither will a bureaucrat. They only care about power and your money.

    3. It’s too bad you are so obsessed with your skin color. Either you view yourself as an American or you view yourself as a group. Blacks are hurt the most by illegal immigration by the way. I suggest you research the Reconquista. There is a very hateful movement going on with the Mexican gov’t.

      If you are a devout Christian, believe in fiscal responsibility, and smaller gov’t than you would have been welcomed with open arms into our tent and you know that. You are just grasping at straws trying to defend your guy.

      I do hope your church doesn’t spew hatred towards whites like Obama’s “church”. I met a black woman at a Bachmann rally last year. She had moved here from out west and she was trying to find a black church to go to and she told me she had not been able to find one yet . I asked her why and she told me they were all spewing hatered toward whites.

  17. Scoop, this is a great thread. I particularly liked this:

    “We have to not only accept, but understand that we’re not always going to agree with one another. But… and here’s the good part, because of who we are and what we believe, we’re perfectly suited to be the “big tent” party.”

    Thank you for this Scoop. Perfectly said.

    My wife and I watched Les Miserables today and started discussing the difference between American and French versions of liberty. We both agreed the French version and it’s requirement for “fraternity” is nothing more than a “requirement” for all people to think and act in concert.

    What I liked most about your comments above is that the American version does not require people to get along. We assume by default that each of us have rights that allow for a panoply of diversity in the first place.

    It is why I love the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are the very foundation of the biggest tent this world has ever seen.

    Liberty and equality, without the requirement of fraternity, make it possible for respect for diversity and minority of thought … by design.

  18. We argue about our ideological and policy orientated differences as much as we agree, yet we’re all connected by one common thread – hatred of Nickelback.

    I was saddened the other day when Sister Toldjah said she was listening to Nickelback!

    Well written post. I want to really pull my hair out when people I respect declare, “if only we nominated Santorum he would have won.”

    No. He would not have. And I like Santorum personally.

    If we can get back to a party that focuses on fiscal (less government, less taxes, more freedom) and leaves social issues to the states to deal with (via federalism) we will be a lot better off.

    1. Sadly, you are right. Santorum would not have won either. No one would have because of all the fraud.

  19. We already are the “big tent” party. The problem is that there is a disconnect between the elite and the base. The base wants to stand up for their values and never back down and want the elite to grow a spine and feel that they’re getting the short end of the stick when the elite work across the isle with Dems.

    This is reminiscent of 2008 with McCain. Many of the base did not like McCain being nominated but many held their noses because of choosing Palin. Here we have Romney, that many of the base did not like, but held their noses because either they are ABO or because he chose Ryan. Some in the base felt like that elite did not learn their lesson of 2008 and were following the same strategy again.

  20. The reason we lost is because some refused to vote. Months ago I was one of them and said I would not vote for Romney but I could not allow another Obama term. This election was too important not to vote so I forgot my own opinions and voted.

    For me, its about love of God, love of family and love of country and if I did not use my opportunity to cast my ballot future generations could lose the precious God given privilege to do so. As Edmund Burke said “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

    1. The reason we lost is because some refused to vote‘ – sj

      You were one of those that felt you needed to vote more than the dislike you had for Romney. Was the dislike more than the dislike for McCain? Have you ran across any yet, since the election, that are saying, “Boy, am I glad I didn’t vote for Romney”? Or are you seeing, as I suspect, the same comments that you are making?

      I challenge all Scoopers to go out and find those that didn’t vote for that reason and see how many there actually are (we have people from all across this country here). I feel we will be hard pressed to find that amount that was lost from the Republican ranks. And the more we find out, the more we will realize the fraud.

      I will not let this one go away. It’s that important.

      1. I am only going by what I heard on the news that there were three million less people who voted than in 2008. Truthfully, I have been out of the loop the past week because my son’s wedding was on Sat and I was busy and my mind was elsewhere.

        You’re saying we lost because of fraud? I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute.

      2. I’m calling the governors’ offices of OH, PA, VA, and FL and beg them to look into this and to hold off certifying this fraud.

  21. Conservatism is alive and well but it won’t have power. Liberals and moderates have the war and the battle. If we select a moderate then the conservatives will sit out election like they just did with Romney, if we select a conservative the the Msm will him extremist and independents will sit

    1. I don’t think so. Conservatism is a message that everyone can agree on. Even Democrats will like the message when properly delivered. The problem is that moderate candidates can’t articulate the principles. Then there are those like Ron Paul, Huntsman, Huckabee and Santorum that just freak me out.

  22. The more I read about this election, the more I am convinced that it was stolen. Completely and totally! Until we confront this, jail those responsible, and fix it, the GOP candidates will never have a prayer…..and neither will this country.

  23. I think it’s much simplier than everyone realizes – conservative liberal whatever if you truly love your country like I do and the greatest generation did then the rest falls in place. This Jim Jones in the white house could never have gotten veterans of WWII to drink his KoolAid. Sorry but I think a long look inward and a look at how kids have been raised might be enlightening. We once were all Americans who loved America and believed it was the greatest country ever. Now everyone is hyphenated. As far as the libertarians, Gary Johnson supporters the rest of the idiots who sat home, they could not possibly care about this country – no it’s all about them. I’m beyond disgusted, our flag is at half mast and the one on my car is upside down. They will remain so until the jackasses have had enough and I’m no longer living in a banna republic. Thank God I’m an OLD-white-southern-married-woman. Enough hyphens for ya!

  24. We need to unite the real wing of the party. The RINOs need to be expelled! They are a cancer on this party, moving it to the Left. I didn’t shed a tear when Scott Brown loss and frankly as disappointing as Romney’s loss was, I see an opportunity for real conservatism to breakthrough with the candidates we have in the wings for 2016.

    As I have said, the GOP needs to stop nominating people the base doesn’t trust or particularly like. This is two cycles in a row they have done this resulting in two landslide victories for the most liberal Democratic Party we’ve seen since FDR. Do you remember the days of the Democrats trying to moderate and appear to be centrist in the aftermath of Ronald Reagan? Now they are outright Leftists!

    We need to respond with fire! Pure, unadulterated conservatism and yes, that means free markets, rule of law, strong military, and God. These are the pillars of conservatism. Free individuals and strong communities. Jobs and upward mobility. Those are the principles that have founded this country.

    The real wing of the party has been neglected and taken for granted. That wing is the libertarian and Tea Party conservative wing. It’s time for this wing to unite behind a ticket that will put our agenda upfront. There are candidates out there that can fulfill this. I for one would like to see Allen West and Rand Paul join forces and lead our party. There are others like Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Susanna Martinez, and Paul Ryan. Any combo of these folks is acceptable to me in 2016.

    So, in order for the GOP to win, first nominate a candidate that has the cred to begin with not a person who needs a vice presidential candidate to bolster their conservative cred (doesn’t work). Second, those candidates need to be able to articulate conservatism and go to the urban areas and the college campuses and get the votes. Remember, we are the true party of the future, because to be conservative you have to be someone who thinks about the future of this country. This should appeal to the young, but it must be articulated to them in a way that they understand. Our message to minorities have to be that they should rather want a job and upward mobility, than a government handout and faux equality derived by trying to punish those who are rich with punitive taxes. All you are going to get is equal poverty with wealth redistribution!

    Our party if it embraces conservatism can change this country and can win national elections again. We can win the states that were close like VA, Fl, OH, and PA. We need to stand on principle these next 4 years and we need to not give in if it means moving the country further to the Left. If you move left, don’t be surprise if the nation moves left too! If we want to win, it’s time to dig in and take a stand! Then and only then will we be able to restore our nation and reform it for a better future.

    1. Your comments were good Steven. I agree for the most part. The one part that stood out, was about getting the message onto the campuses and into the cities. I see this is where folks like Alfonzo Raphael come in. He is excellent at explaining conservatism, and we need more younger folks like him. We can’t expect the older ones to be accpted by the younger and urban folks without an understanding of Conservatism, and even the social issues which concern us. Just as many blacks are against much of the same, yet vote for dear leader or other democrats because, a) they’ve been taught nothing more than that dems are for the poor and for minorities. b) because republicans are racist and rich. If we can find more guys like Zo, and other young folks we might have a better chance of getting the message to the people, and open their eyes.

  25. After reading recent comments, I don’t think any of you, understand, it is over.

    The worst maniac President in our History, just gained another four years, to finish destroying this country. He thought he could do it in four years, and when he found four years not enough, he asked Americans for four more years, to complete the job. Without any hesitation, whatsoever, they gave it to him.

    That’s like coming home and finding a thief in your bedroom, stealing all your jewelry. He looks up, surprised, and says, “I’m not quite through here. Can you give me four more years?” And you say, “Of course!”

    1. We still control the House – and that means we control the purse strings. We can stop a great deal actually. IF – and this is a mighty big if – IF Boehner et al will grow a pair and stand up to “The Won.”

      1. He’s not going to grow a pair. He is not going to do anything to save the nation.
        He needs to go. The party of Lincoln had a great run but it ended a long time ago. It must replaced now.

        1. Actually, he always looks drunk to me. That may be a cheap shot, I know. It’s just that his eyelids are always half closed. And that sun tan thing, living in Washington. What is that all about?

    2. White, I don’t think it’s over. I think we are in a dark time right now. After the election, I was depressed with the results and shocked that it could even happen this way. We know the media was complicit in Obama’s lies and we all truly know there was massive fraud.

      What I’m doing is taking a week off, getting away from anything and everything political, and coming back next week fully refreshed and willing to re-engage the enemy.

      And we know who the enemy is. It’s not Obama. He is now so transparent, it’s pitiful. The enemy is the media and they must be taken down. The enemy is also the voting process and I think we have the expertise on this site to develope a new reformed system that will be fair to all.

      I suggest everyone do some form of what I’m doing this week. It is essential to refresh our inner selves and I really need you (along with everyone else on this site) in my mission to ‘fundamentally transform’ this corruption that is tearing our great nation apart.

      What do ya say? To paraphrase Bilbo Baggins, “Do you feel up for an adventure?”

      1. Nuke, you know I respect you immensely on this site. Your words are like Jefferson’s, to me. But, sooner or later, a person has to deal with reality. Half the people in this country are brain dead, or on welfare, or both.

        Many of our most intelligent people have stated that once we get past the fifty per cent idiot profile, this country is history. Unless we count the hanging chads, in this most recent election, I think we have reached that goal.

        In four more years, we will be a Socialist country, on the European model, and the United Nations will have control of our national security.

        If I am proved wrong, I will buy you a steak dinner, in the restaurant of your choice, that’s if I still have any money left.

        1. If I am proved wrong, I will buy you a steak dinner…‘ – w

          You’re on, and if I’m wrong that we still have a chance to stop this evil avalanche that is trending toward us, I will invite you onto my Pacific Island, which I hope will be large enough to accomodate a community of Scoopers.

          In the meantime, “Whaddaya say, once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more?”

          1. That’s a great answer, keyes, but do you think the Colonists were as stupid, as the people we are dealing with right now? Its an honest question.

            1. LOL, I think you know the answer to that. We didn’t have welfare back then, which of course, makes a difference.

    3. Whitefriend, I think it’s over too, if we don’t fight with everything we can. I’m not sure yet, how, but I believe us being here, discussing everything, ideas are coming about where we can begin. I know how you feel with dear leader, for my fear is that he really IS a dear leader (I call him that because that’s what the North Koreans called theirs) and I fear that some how he, and those who follow him will do away with everything Constitutional, including future elections. We must find ways to band together and fight with ideas first. If that doesn’t work, well there is always the old fashioned version, which our founders did… I just pray it doesn’t come to that.

    4. The only thing that’s “over” is the Republican party.

      We have a year to ponder whether we just grab it away from them, or start a new one. Either way, they aren’t ever going to get another candidate out of conservative America. Next time guys like Rove start in with their crap, we need to throw them out of the room, after giving them a giant wedgie.

      1. You are well respected here, K-Bob. I have never read any words from you, that did not make sense.

        I hope we can do this.

  26. The faces of the conservatives I know aren’t what the public sees as the GOP. Therein lies the problem. If we’ve learned our lesson from this election (we’re doomed if we haven’t)…‘ – Kaye

    Therein lies our problem. How do we learn our lessons when people keep telling us the wrong thing about what’s wrong with us? The Media was our major problem this election. We all know it and we ought to do something about it.

    We, as conservatives, are indeed diverse. Democrats are diverse, too, and so are Independents. But no one ever talks about how they are pulled apart by the issues. Why is that? Because the media directs the narrative. It’s the media we must fight.

    There are two major goals we must achieve before the next election. One, the power of the Lame Stream Media must be cracked wide open and broken. It is essential to our survival.

    And two, we must reform the voting process. With the massive voter fraud going on, we can never win another election no matter what we do. And we need to brush off all those who would say, “Ah it’s just your sour grapes or just a conspiracy theory”. They are merely trying to dismiss something that everybody knows has been going on for years and keeps getting bigger and bigger each election.

    Without successfully addressing these two problems, we can kiss any election goodbye, no matter how big a dog and pony tent we create. I suggest we start with a poll. I say anybody who chose to stay home this year, please speak up and tell us why. I suspect we would get very few responses.

    Now why would that be? Because the turnout this year was better than ’08, no matter what the results show. It’s not a figment of our imagination. Each of you try to find someone who was conservative and decided it was better to stay home than vote. I want to hear the stories. I don’t believe they are out there.

    Why do that, you say? It doesn’t accomplish anything. But yes it does. It reaffirms what we all already know. It won’t change anything, but it will give us the incentive to proceed with this voting process reform that we need to do.

    And then we need to do it. It starts right here, right now – with us.

    1. I don’t understand why she is even addressing the topic, like she’s some expert based on Jennifer Griffin’s reporting from Fox. They did detain 3 of the suspected terrorists and for some reason were told to turn them over to the Libyans. That’s the last I’ve heard on the topic. I’m waiting to hear statements of the events from the survivors, not the political hacks.

      This women is a disgrace.

      1. Guess she wants her 15 minutes of fame like F!uke peddling birth control pills.  Now she’ll get her time before Congress, but it will be diffierent. She’ll be under oath and Trey Gowdy will leave no questions unasked or unanswered.  Pop the popcorn folks!

  27. I already mentioned on Twitter one point of criticism regarding your post above: the left is not, by any means, as homogeneous as you think, and the whole “group think” part is just incorrect.

    However, in spite of your attempt to generate a rational and reasonable discussion on your side of the political spectrum, it is sad to see that what you got are the same over the top comments I read on many other way-right-of-center blogs. Sad, because I really believe (and this is just that, a belief) that in the 21st century, with the world getting smaller, and with us being able to communicate with one another that much faster, we should be able to find a way to at least understand where each side is coming from, and maybe agree to disagree.

    1. Adriana, of all the people who have ever come here, from the Left, to try to engage us in conversation, you have to be the most pathetic, by far.

      Your comment, here among Conservatives, is stupid on its surface. That is enough, in itself. But to make a comment like that, when your history shows you have only one comment to your name, and even that, on a questionable site. Unbelievable.

      If you are the best the Left can produce, then Romney should be President, right now.

      I’m a Conservative, and even I’m embarrassed by your comment.

      With the world getting smaller, and our President, a Communist Muslim, I’ll tell you exactly how this all turns out. We will become a country on the model of European Socialism. And then we will all understand where each side is coming from, because there will only be one side.

      We will all be Communists.

      1. Obama is going for something far more sinister than European socialism. In Europe the gov’ts don’t kill you for dissent. obama is flying drones in our skies now. He has every intention of killing us. Do not forget his comment before the election, “America’s future workers WILL be blacks and hispanics”.

    2. ” we should be able to find a way to at least understand where each side is coming from” It’s good in theory, but it doesn’t work in real life. I have tried many times to try and explain why for example, I am vehemently pro LIFE in all circumstances, yet I am always still called anti choice. I try to explain to folks why I trust in the Bible, and show how America was begun as a nation as a Christian nation, and I am called a bigot. I try to explain why I believe it is wrong to celebrate and promote unhealthy lifestyles such as homosexuality and sexual promescuity and I am called a homophobe and anti women. Some values can not be compromised. I can always agree to disagree, and I will not call names to those who disagree with me, but I don’t see the same courtesy from the left.

    3. See – this is where all the oh-so-well-meaning ‘attempts’ at dialogue from your side of the fence fall down immediately: you ask for a ‘reasonable’ discussion and in the same breath disqualify all comments here as ‘over-the-top, way-right-of-center’.

      Who defines what is actually ‘right-of-center’ – you, from a left point of view, isn’t it.
      So all you’ve done is cement, in your mind, that entering into a dialogue is a waste, because the terms of the dialogue are not the ones you have set.

      As long as ‘understanding where each side is coming from’ means ‘provided it is in accordance with the socialist world view’, your side will never understand.

      You are looking for a confirmation of your point of view, not for a dialogue, because you do not even enter into a dialogue, never mind asking yourself if perhaps there are other ways of looking at the world which are of value.

  28. We HAVE to engage in “ridiculous purity tests” during PRIMARY ELECTIONS. After that, I HOPED we would all have backed our party’s candidate. That didn’t happen this time around, OBVIOUSLY, and I hope those who failed to do so realize the error of their ways.

  29. Even though it has been discussed here, ad infinitum, none of you believe this was voter fraud. You continue to believe it was something Romney did, or didn’t do, or that the
    Republican Party failed us.

    You have, right in front of you, a Communist, who got himself elected, in the first place, by massive voter fraud.

    He just did it again, except better this time, right in front of your eyes, and you want to still want to blame it on us.

    God help us.

    1. Thank you! I’m with you, I can’t believe people on our side are blaming us…the commie stole the election.

  30. I am totally unclear how we can invite the looter/plunderer into our party. I don’t want free stuff, it’s always crap. I don’t want someone else to pay for what the he’ll I want. Govt issue stuff is always substandard marginal sect 8 food stamp debris field paraphinalia. Which is, obviously acceptable to 53.7% of our formerly free country. I don’t want limits on my text/voice cell phone which 0bama phone [sic] have which is why the receipt class has two, three, four of them.

  31. When tents get crowded and full. There is no room to move or breathe. It will eventually have to stop inviting more people inside, and it will have to push people out. Instead of one big tent, there should be multiple tents.

    Variety is Unity. We’re all gears of the same machine. Each of us serves a different function in society.

  32. Thank you for writing this post Kemberlee. I have been beside myself for the last 5 days, unsure if I could even care anymore about the country. With the #LIBTARDS in total control of the DEM’s and their lies being heard as fact, the future looked bleak. But now, after reading this well thought out and written post, I know your right. What makes Conservatism such a wonderful ideology is the individualism it promotes. I love a team just like the next guy, but when it comes to being judged for your own accomplishments as opposed to those around you, it’s tough to swallow. However, as you point out, we must join up on the 90% we do agree on and take back the country. 4 years from now, we are going to have a mess of epic proportions on our hands. In my opinion, the national debt will exceed 25 Trillion and many more of our fellow Americans will be without work and on Gov’t dependence (Food Stamps, Disability, Welfare, etc.). If this election was the most important since Lincoln becoming #POTUS, the next will be for all the marbles. I expect the Clinton’s to be ready to take back the #WH and that means the celebrities will be out in force. That means we need to head way in pop culture and the other areas we’re seen as pariahs. The irony is that the most well-rounded people I know are Conservatives. #LIBERALS are typically one dimensional not only in their thinking, but with their focus in life. It’s really sad to be honest with you. The first step that any great team must make is to first come together and communicate openly. Without that, we will be stuck in the mud and unable to save the country. #AMERICA is on the clock and I for one don’t want it to go the way of dodo. So let me make the first move…Hello Gary Johnson and Ron Paul friends….my name is Paul and I agree with 90% of what you believe to be right. I think that is a good thing and hopefully we can have a beer discussing the other 10%. The bottom line is that we are on the same team.

  33. conservatives continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Post a thread about being accepting of others you don’t agree with on gays and abortion, and a flood of intolerance is on display for all to see.

      1. You know…, that discernment between right and wrong that makes leftists so uncomfortable. So uncomfortable in fact that they have to prate about intolerance all the time in a weak attempt to deflect attention away from their wholesale acceptance of gross sin–such as abortion, adultery, drug abuse, debasing of marriage, etc.

    1. wodiej, difference of opinion and folks strong stances on these subjects are not intolerant. Please stop calling folks as such. We don’t agree with each other on abortion and homosexuality- the Bible speaks about these and many of us agree with the Bible. I know you do too, but please, it’s not intolerant to disagree.

      1. Thanks, ABC. While I often appreciate wodiej’s take on many issues, I don’t appreciate the re-iteration of left wing talking points re: religious people. Its bad enough the RINOs in the party continue to denigrate the people who make up 30 percent of the party.

        Its suicide for the party to “get rid” of these important faction. Do the Dems just kick people out? Its crazy.

        Check out this post on why Romney lost.

        1. I actually read that article yesterday! It was well written and I agreed. You’d think people would appreciate those who stand strong on their convictions if you’ve got so many other things in common.

  34. Kimberly you speak about the young cons not be welcomed into the GOP. That is wrong! the old cons like myself have welcomed young social cons into the party. Heck, we even coptulated and the GOP chose social liberals as their candidates ihn the last two presidential elections (McCain and Romney) and where did that get us? So what now? Does the GOP need to choose a candidate to the left of McCain and Romney? I’m sorry but the GOP no longer represents me.

      1. In a way, this may be a fault of Romney and his alone. He indeed has shifted his position many times. This was one more occasion. And say what you will, but that did not help the GOP. Neither did Romneycare. I still believe that Romney ran an excellent campaign. In the end, I believe the American people got it right. Yes, I’m saying it. It’s the first time since the election, but they saw in Romney someone who would shift positions. Did Obama shift positions? Sure. But there was no mistaking he was a liberal or further to the left. With Romney, people on the Right still didn’t know what level of conservatism he had. I can’t tell you how conservative Romney was. It doesn’t matter to me HOW MUCH he is. What matters is WHERE he is on the conservatism spectrum. That’s something conservatives prided themselves on. That no matter who ran, you could tell where they stood.

        Can’t say that this time around, I’m afraid.

          1. They didn’t look at Obama’s record the first time. They weren’t about to look at anyone’s record this time either unless it was to attack the GOP candidate.

  35. Last week I completed the Hillsdale College (free) on line course, Constitution 201. I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this, as it clearly points out where our country is, and how diametrically opposed “Progressism” (Marxist… my words) is to our founding principles and how we’ve arrived at this place. Forget the D’s and R’s, we have to decide which we believe in. The lectures are not at all political but points out our modern history so we can clearly understand where we are and the clear choice we now have.

    Here’s the Overview of the last course, which sums it up:

    “The past century has witnessed a transformation in the understanding of the purposes of American government. The political, academic, and media consensus today upholds the necessity and legitimacy of the Progressive project, making a return to the principles of the Founders appear difficult, if not impossible. However, the resonance among voters of appeals made to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan highlights the enduring character of those self-evident truths upon which the Founders built the American political order.”

    Here’s the program outline:
    “The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism”

    The Founders’ Constitution and the Challenge of Progressivism
    Larry P. Arnn

    Woodrow Wilson and the Rejection of the Founders’ Principles
    Ronald J. Pestritto

    Woodrow Wilson and the Rejection of the Founders’ Constitution
    Ronald J. Pestritto

    Overview: Founders vs. Progressives
    Thomas G. West

    FDR’s New Bill of Rights
    William Morrisey

    Total Regulation: LBJ’s Great Society
    Kevin Portteus

    The Transformation of America’s Political Institutions
    Kevin Portteus

    Post-1960s Progressivism
    John Grant

    Case Study: Religious Liberty in the Administrative State
    Thomas G. West

    Restoring Constitutional Government
    Larry P. Arnn

    (Sorry for the long post).

      1. Ya know…. everyone wants to talk and discuss “politics”. I want there to be more discussion about “our values, our Constitution”, and what we STAND for. I don’t and won’t stand with a party or any politician that opposes those views. That being said, we have many great patriots fighting hard (Allen West, Bachmann, S. King and many, many others) that we can still believe in.

        I don’t want ANYONE to pander to ANY group. We are all Americans (I know you are with us in spirit until it becomes official). People either believe in our founding or not. If not, they’re not welcome in my tent!

        I sure hope you can squeeze in the time for these courses. They might actually fit in pretty good with your home schooling history classes. Lectures run about 40 min and the follow up Q & A generally runs around 20 min.

        You can do it Duckie!!!!!

        1. Well said again, and I agree completely. I didn’t do too well in school. I’ve done most of my learning since I graduated. I liked subjects, but I just have a hard time learning things on a schedule. ADHD too doesn’t help much 😉 But I do love to learn, and I started the classes because I wanted a more in depth idea and look into what the founders really intended when they wrote the Constitution. I’ve read a lot on line, the Federalist papers, WIlliam Blackstone’s Commentaries and all the Founders. I might not be good at a lot of things, or understanding all these works, but I have come to understand enough to know where these men were coming from when they formed this Nation. I think this course is great, and because of my learning style, I can go back and read and listen again to something that’s over my head until I understand it. I wish I could teach this to my class, and I’m not shortchanging them by saying they wouldn’t quite understand it yet, as they are only 12, 13 year olds. But I am trying to form my lessons based on some of the course, made into something they CAN understand. It’s our only real hope, if we are around that long, to teach these young generations the truth and the Constitution NOT as a living breathing document, but something written that encompasses every generation, and like the Bible, is just as relevant today, and in the future as it was when it was written.

          Sorry Maxine, I’m so tired, and rambling, but I will try and get on those classes. Maybe I’ll find some time during our Christmas break.
          Night Sister. ((()))s

          1. Oh dear, my friend, you are selling yourself way too short!!!!!! You have a big, big heart and a great spirit and have the proven ability for higher thinking and understanding. Forget about how you did in school….. it’s about our life learning, right? I’m sure you are instilling a great education as well as values with your home school kids, which is what we need. You ARE making a difference.

            Nite Nite. Tomorrow is another day. (I’m with you – tired of crying today.)

  36. TRS, that was a nice article, but it doesn’t address the core problem of this recent election day. Voter fraud was blatantly and flagrantly committed in nearly every swing state! I’m not buying that the conservatives stayed home! I waited an hour and a half to vote early! On election day, nearly every polling station I saw was brimming with cars and lines around the building! Something is very wrong here and the GOP caved like a house of cards to it! Why? What is the harm in counting the votes closely and checking that the voter registrations and rolls match the number of votes? This election was 330,000 votes away from being won! Why is Col. West the only man willing to question it formally? What was the GOP promised to sell us up the river?

    1. well said notebene. The polling places around my county were seeing record numbers also, and STILL voting even when the race was called for dear leader. So I don’t accept that argument either…. that said, it was Kimberly who did this story,not Scoop 😉

      1. Thank you for the clarification! My bad for not looking at the author and assuming it was TRS. I’m really annoyed at all of the criticism about how the GOP needs to be more inclusive, when the real problem of this election is that it is riddled with fraud! No wonder Odumbo and company basically fiddle faddled through the debates! They knew they had it in the bag no matter what they did or said! We can discuss how to make everyone “feel more at home” once we find out why we were disenfranchised. The attitude of accept it and slink off into the sunset that has been displayed by the GOP is completely unacceptable! It won’t matter what color or how conservative the members of the GOP are if we no longer have fair elections!

    2. Agree wholeheartedly. This was a massively fraudulent election of epic proportion. This coming Friday there is a Tea Party meeting in which Mark Meckler will be the speaker. I intend to ask him if anything can be done. He is a lawyer and I am sure he can shed some light on this.
      I need some answers!

  37. Scoop, I know you spent a long time, making a very soul-felt comment, on why we lost this election, that should have been a cake walk. Your words were both emotional, and instructive. I believe everyone in the community, absorbed them, just the way you put them out there.

    After being gone all day, I have come home and read all the posts of my fellow Scoopers, in response to your comments, and I have come to this conclusion.

    Absolutely nothing we could have done, would have changed the outcome. Let me explain.

    We should not have lost this election. But we did, for a number of reasons.

    First and foremost, the Republican Party, and the general population of the United States, does not understand, how much voter fraud has advanced, since Obama was first elected in 2008. It is what got him elected, in the first place, and it is what got him elected again. And no one is interested in doing anything about it. I’m not going to go into the details, of all that voter fraud entails. It has been discussed here, at length.

    Second, the Republican Party is always trying to take the, “nice guy,” approach. We have seen how well that works.
    These people treat us like enemies, and we treat them like friends. There is simply no future in that approach.-000

    Third, we are Conservatives. Most of us, are Christians, or Jews. Even those among us, who don’t call themselves Christians or Jews, at least believe in an ethic, that says we didn’t just get here, by accident. Maybe they’re just hedging their bets. At least, they’ve given some thought to the question, “why are we here?”

    I think Hollywood and the media, changed that. The churches are empty, but the movie theaters are full.

    Perhaps the Hollywood movies, have become our new religion.

    The mindless groups of teenagers, who inhabit our shopping malls, on any given evening, are evidence of that.

    They gain status, in their group, by how many F-words they can drop in one sentence. Double, if they are seated next to a senior citizen, or a family with children.

    This is what we have become, as a society. We are succumbing, to the lowest common denominator.

    The lowest people, in our society, the most worthless among us, are dictating, how the rest of us live.

    Don’t believe me? Who do you think voted for this Idiot, not once, but twice?

    We are a divided nation. Anyone with a brain, can see that. This was the one election, of a lifetime, when we at least had a chance of turning the tide, in our favor.

    Maybe, if it had been an honest election, we might have pulled it off. The Leftists among us, made sure that didn’t happen. Unless we get a handle, on voter fraud in this nation, Conservatives will never again win an election, in this country.

    I’m not holding my breath.

      1. He was so right on the mark at the time. See my comment regarding Hillsdale Constitution 201 class. The 8th segment dealt with Post-1960s Progressivism. Explains it all. Actually 1965 was a year that was historical, in many sad ways for our country.

        I now understand why my female friends in the 55-65 age group are so left wing. I’m in the same age group, but must have had a better upbringing, or was just too darned independent or just grew out of it when I got married and started a family.

        Funny but all of my male friends in the same age group are very conservative. They’ve been married for years and all are great guys.

  38. Wow….wonderful.

    “So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.” Romans 14:19

  39. Here’s my epiphany for today: Luke 6:27 – 28, 37.

    Jesus is speaking: “But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, Bless them which curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you.”

    “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned:” forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:”

    I’ve been saved for over 30 years. I have a deep anger and resentment against Obama and the lemmings that have voted to jump over the cliff with him. To love them anyway as Jesus commands, to obey Him in this way is still alien to me, even now. But if we could take these to heart, unification would be a whole lot easier… and all hearts would be softened, giving God the glory. Progress could be made.

    This was preached this Sunday by my Pastor… and it’s an answer to prayer. I’m still angry and bitter… but to disobey Jesus? To dwell on the past? I’m trying to move on and serve Him even better… trusting Him with the future. I hope we all can do this. It’s REALLY hard… but we must.

    Pray for America and fellow Christians around the world.

    1. Gotta do more than pray and forgive, my friend.

      Gotta take action!

      In 2004, Dems lost with Kerry. Today, it’s GOP’s turn to lose with an uncharismatic candidate. Yes, Romney is a better person. So what? He’s changed position so often that I’m willing to say the country actually got it right. Yes, I’m saying it. No one doubted Obama was a liberal. But with Romney, no one knew exactly where he stood.

      Like I said, this is the GOP’s version of the Dems’ 2004. Obama lost 6 million votes. (Bush actually gained). By 2014, Obama will own this economy and it’s not going to be pretty. The Fed’s been printing money to get past the election. Guess what? We’re there and it’s going to get worse. The next four years will be hell, but the GOP stands to make great gains in 2016. They need to expand the base. Get either Hispanics or blacks, or both. But make a move NOW. No one is even trying. It’s so sad. However, if they do expand the base, Dems will never win another federal election. People think the GOP is on the losing side. Not so. Not even close.

      2016 is the GOP’s to lose. Saying it right now. The disasters to come will be extreme, but the GOP’s mistake can be catastrophic if they keep repeating the same ones.

      1. I agree with pretty much all of what you said.

        I still put prayer first… but we must act (now) also.

        I’m concerned for the GOP… I just don’t think they can be who they once were. That being said, while Independent, I will vote for the best candidates… from a Tea Party point of view. Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Allen West and so many from the class of 2010 were spot on excellent. I’d like to see more like that. Ted Cruz is a nice next step. Same with Flake in Arizona.

        I hope there’s something worth salvaging in 2014 and 2016. You’re right… it’s gonna get really bad.

  40. I think we have one last chance. No one is going to like the idea.

    The crux of the problem is the cause-effect relationship between the size of government and the money in your wallet is alien to too many voters.

    Solution? You idiots voted for this leviathan, fine, PAY FOR IT.


    For too long government has grown and taxes have not. Let’s see the urban hipsters whine and cry when they don’t have as much money for their hipster lifestyle.

    Until then we are just p!!!sing into the wind.

    1. good idea. still don’t see us being the same country we were prior to Nov. 6th. look to Europe, they are rioting in the streets because of cuts to their “entitlements” what made us free is gone. more people voted for “free stuff” than did for FREEDOM! that’s not the America i knew and my gut tells me it will never be again.
      Tocqueville said way back in the mid 1800 that it would all fall apart as soon as the people realize they can vote themselves “free stuff” remember the date November 6th 2012 the day the real America died.:-(

      1. Yep, there will be rioting in the streets. Grown adults throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old baby. But their efforts won’t get them anything because the money simply won’t exist. After burning down half the town they will cry themselves right to sleep and hopefully we can rebuild from what is left.

        1. What do you mean “the money simply won’t exist”? The tyrants will borrow it, print it, steal it from US. We aren’t going to jail to avoid paying, so THE MONEY WILL STILL EXIST. Am I wrong?

          1. Until now it has been a combination of borrowing and printing. However, we just borrowed 6 trillion dollars over the past 4 years. There simply isn’t that much more that can be borrowed.

            If they tried to print as much money as it would take to fund the current size of goverment, the entire system would collapse overnight, weimar republic style.

    2. been saying for some time that we should let the bush/obama tax cuts expire for everyone.
      then the idiots who insist it only helped rich people will see just how bad it will hurt them, and the married ones will get it even worse.

  41. I think we are past parties. the “fundamental change” has already happened. with, soon to be universal health care and additional judges on the supreme court its a done deal. we are Europe. we will be fighting over which party can most effectively run the bureaucracy.
    somebody please help me see how I’m wrong

  42. Today I have renounced my label, “Republican”. I don’t recognize the party anymore. Social Liberals can have it. I am now an Independent. A social conservative, fiscal conservative Independent!

  43. I’m socially conservative and fiscally conservative and up until now that was a good thing. Now I’m told I shoudl be socially liberal? No thanks! I’ll go to my grave a social conservative, fiscal conservartive!

    1. Doesn’t it seem that if these people think we need to suddenly change to fit into their ‘projections’ or demographics, its simply more leftist propaganda leaking out from within? How about those who believe the base showed up to vote, raise their hands? And maybe the voter fraud had a bigger effect than believed? Or the many times we’ve thought or even said and posted that we never felt Romney was the best (or 2nd best) candidate yet anyone but Obama was the only way to go? McCain and Romney both followed the “i’m above the fray” game and it blew up all over us in the end. You can’t fight fire with sugar cookies! And if Santa is giving away the store, it’s time to stand tall and get your ass out there and explain to the population exactly WHY this cannot work for any among us. Though you will have to sell it like it’s a sugar cookie, apparently idiots only remember 20 second commercials and things late night commodes champion. When your enemy is wounded, you don’t walk away with a smile. You finish him off so he can’t hurt anyone else (or you later). Finally, I just love the ironic twist of the article. By saying we need to be all-inclusive and only whisper the truth after other matters are handled, you are in fact dividing up conservatives even further until there is no longer a base and instead another party. Maybe that is what is required.

    2. Who is going to do all the heavy lifting without the social conservatives? They do all the grunt work in campaigns.

  44. As Obama would say, “We’re all in this together.” Some people have one train of thought, and some people are like this, but at the end of the day, all of us are being attacking by a tyrannical government. All of us are united to defeat Obamacare. Whatever ideology got us to this point, we must stand together to defeat liberal socialism.

  45. I was thinking exactly the opposite. The up-in-smoke libertarians, and squeamish-on-social issues moderates need to find it in themselves to mature into solid conservatives with a thourough and well-rounded committment to our founding principles–that which we aim to conserve, the only thing there is to conserve.

    Conservatism is an integral and essential set of long-standing values which reflect, altogether, a truth beyond mankind. An essential tenet of conservatism is that truth is unchanging–our application of true principles might change somewhat, but there are very real limits, thankfully. The question is not, ‘What do I believe/like/want/accept?’ The question is, ‘What has been understood as a proper application of true principles arising out of our long Judeo-Christian and Classical heritage; is there a genuine problem with some aspect of it, or only discontent; are there both a sufficient justification for change, and the possibility of doing so without violating foundational principles?

    Who was it, anyway, who was considered the Author of those self-evident truths, and the Creator who endowed men with inalienable rights–who gave us something to conserve? Oh yeah! God! What does He say about homosexuality and infanticide, and divorce, etc.

    1. What does God say about judging others? Take the beam out of your own eye. I am amazed at the prejudice among some conservatives who seem to think they have no ungodliness. It’s called self righteousness.

      1. Oh how terribly, terribly judgmental of you!

        And how utterly in error.

        But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.

        Hebrews 5:14

        Humility is not softness toward sin. Softness toward sin, is in fact tremendous arrogance, as it substitutes the judgments of man for the judgment of God.

    2. for every slide in social fabric there has been following slide in financial status.
      hippies and free sex led to huge welfare state, etc.
      when there is no repercussions for peoples good times we suffer.
      people just have no shame anymore.
      thats not saying everyone needs to be a churchgoer or anything like that, but people with shame have morals.

        1. …and lots pf people in church are good and virtuous people outside of the church. What’s your point?!

  46. I think for the most part those of us that voted for Romney are in utter and indisputable shock. The world just doesnt make sense any more. The sky is no longer blue. Up is now down. I think we all realize now that we no longer have justice for all. The dem party should be ashamed of themselves. Why are we even comparing ourselves with them. We dont have anything in common. We are a nation devided. How can an administration that for the most part has done nothing but bring sorrow to so many be rewarded with another term. I agree with all those that feel that votes were tampered with. Even during the debates Obama seemed to concede to Romney and his ideas. He repeated every idea Romney had and no media covered the inconsistency. There were so many factual errors coming from O camp and yet more GOP voted for McCain 4 years ago then Romney today… nothing adds up and we are at the mercy of this injustice. Four more years will only make the injustice worse and more powerful. I pray for the revenge that those wished for comes back to them in tenfold.

    1. I’m not shocked one bit. Conservatives could have had Palin or Gingrich. They passed on both. And now they are complaining? Please, they should at least take some responsibility for the loss to obama.

      1. your statement doesnt hold water. Both Palin and Gingrich came out in big support or Romney…… Romneys record was the least the MSM could attack. The election was rigged by the obama machine.

  47. This post really concerns me, in more ways than one.

    Since the re-election of President Obama I’ve been hearing the friends, coworkers, and the media punditry to explain why the Republicans lost on November 6th. The growing consensus it seems to me is that the Republican Party merely is too old, too white, and too male. I disagree with this as well.

    If we were defeated on Tuesday, why then did Scott Walker and GOP in Wisconsin gain control of the Senate again? Why did a union backed amendment got defeated in Michigan? Why Do we now have 30 Governor Houses belonging to the GOP?

    Within the Republican Party, we are trying to see the fractions within the party itself; Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, Libertarians, and moderates. One may say this loose collection of groups is also the reason for our defeat on Tuesday; this rational seriously concerns me.

    Why did we lose? For the same reason why Kemberlee’s perception of her party doesn’t match reality; we have let the Liberals tell the public who we are.

    What do we all believe in?

    We are all endowed by our creator with unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    We believe all life is sacred and choose life over death.

    We believe we should spend only as much as we take in.

    We also believe the individual states should do more than the federal government.

    We have unifying beliefs that stretches throughout conservatism. I doubt Social Conservatives will disagree with a Fiscal Conservative advocating for a simplistic tax system. Or a Libertarian would disagree with a Conservative believing the Marriage issue is left to the state and her people to decide than the Feds.

    Willard Mitt Romney is a good man, a respectable man, however his campaign wasn’t the best. Orca proved it. In an election based on turnout, Romney failed to turnout his base.

    But what the ever lasting threat to the GOP is this:

    For all the cry we need to pander to Hispanics and other minorities, did you know there are more elected Hispanics in the GOP than Dems?

    Ask any Black Conservative, ask Mia Love, Allen West, Herman Cain ask them what it’s like to be on our side? Look what happened to Stacy Dash with a tweet for Romney.

    I can’t describe what you call it. You have our pundits on TV saying we need to have a bigger tent, yet anytime we get a Mia Love, that person is crucified as an Uncle Tom, a Sell Out. Remember what the MSM Media called Herman Cain? You remember the tone they used with him?

    Have we forgotten already?

    The problem isn’t the GOP isn’t a “Big Tent” it isn’t that we are divided and are purists.

    The problem is, WE don’t know how to COMMUNICATE to the Masses anymore. Our message gets filtered, we get painted and smeared daily.

    To Say the GOP is Too Old, Too White, Too Male means; Michele Bachmann doesn’t exist, means Marco Rubio, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, Michelle Malkin, Kelly Ayotte, Susanna Martinez, Katrina Pierson, Thomas Sowell, Pam Bondi and countless other diverse individuals do not exist in our party.

    When will we all wake up? The Enemy is taring us, pouring feathers on us. Making us out to be something that isn’t. THAT is the problem.

    The Party FOUNDED on FREEDOM, The Party who was created to END SLAVERY to be claimed we’re the party that will put people “back in chains” the fact the public views us like that is the problem.

    We have a big tent, and yet the media claims all we have is an umbrella.

    Our only issue is we need to reveal who we are to the masses. We need to be unfiltered. That is who we look for in a candidate.

    That is what Ronald Reagan was so famous for doing. That is why we Conservatives cry out for another one. Not only for policy. Not only for pure conservatism. But who can ARTICULATE Conservatism so that the Media can’t soil his message, so he can unite the people.

    That is what we need for 2016.

    1. Exactly Joengima, you’ve hit the nail on the head except for one tiny imho error, on the second to last line you need to replace his with her and he with she.

      Sarah Palin 2016.

    2. Reagan did cut through it all. I do not see anyone who can do it that way except Palin and West. Romney just did not have the fire in him, the core conviction just was not there.

      The media freezes and targets anyone and anything that goes against the narrative. As Sarah Palin said, once the media’s bell has been rung against a true conservative, it cannot be un-rung.

      I do believe now it will take a major shock to to open the minds and ears of the opiated masses. A major collapse, that will also cut off the blood supply to those parasites who now transfer wealth and power to themselves without bound or resistance.

      The collapse is coming and instead of rushing to surrender to Obama, perhaps Bohener and company should steer the train-wreck back at him. The Cloward-Piven cultists expect a New Order to emerge. I’ll put my bets on us, conservatives and capitalists.

    3. Joenigma, that was fantastic! Exactly how I was going to respond! The republicans have a way more diverse, especially in leadership, party than the dems. We’re running against a party that lies, about us and the issues! We’re getting painted a certain way, and then even our own conservative pundits act like its true, and work from the false label given to us by liberals! That is so crazy!!

      I don’t know what the answer is when your opponent is a liar! I do know we don’t need to turn into liberals, giving out goodies and buying votes. If we end up giving up and doing what democrats do just to get votes then were the same and one is unnecessary.

      1. Truth shall set you free.

        We combat the lies with actually calling them out. Obama repeatedly lied to the American people and yet Romney refuses to respond.

        Never again, every attack goes answered, every lie must be corrected.

    4. what else would you call the Republican party but too old, too white and too male? That is who all the GOP candidates are. We could have had the first female president who is also conservative. Republicans PASSED. Why? It certainly wasn’t for lack of experience, her success, record, or integrity. That leaves one thing-her gender.

      You cry out for another Reagan-he was old, white and male.

      1. That is not true. Herman Cain ran in the primary until the MSM ran him out. He might be old but he’s a black man! Prior to him, Elizabeth Dole was fairly popular in this party. I’m still disappointed she didn’t run back then.

    5. The so-called Media WILL soil his/her message – we can count on that. Some say WE are the new media, but we don’t control the airways, newspapers, magazines, etc. We are practically irrelevant in the big scheme of things!

      1. We’re not irrelevant, we’re Americans and if we decide to push forward to advance the New Media, then lets work harder. I mean look at Rightscoop. This site is a perfect example of the changing landscape. We’ll get there my friend, don’t you worry.

    6. Joengima, I agree totally. I love the way you write and think.

      Another great addition to the Scoop family, and why I keep coming here. Kudos!

  48. The GOP is a big tent. It is a tent that includes people who support abortion funding, debt ceiling increases, “shoring up the social systems for generations to come”, wars to no end, foreign entitlements, the Fed Res system, massive federal regulation, forcing our industries overseas, shipping our resources to China, ending the fourth, fifth, seventh, and ultimately the second and first amendments, etc.

    You can say the same thing for the democrats, so herein lies the primary point.

    Anyone who supports these two parties supports all that is listed above, because it doesn’t change. The same agenda is pushed forward regardless of who is in power. The two parties cover for one another, while ultimately supporting the end of America and it’s supreme law.

    Conservatives are going to have to come together if they want to cause change that will save this country, but they will not be able to do it within the republican party.

    I agree with Scoop when he talks about all people, including liberal minded people, and all the rest being a part of the solution. For this to happen, they are all going to have to abandon their major party, and come together outside of the system. They are also going to have to abandon the MSM. Fox is MSM, as well as the rest.

    The issues that need to be dealt with are not reported by the MSM, and are ignored by our politicians. As long as people buy into the drum beats of the media, they will be stuck in a box of futility. As long as people allow this drum beat to cause fear that leads them into supporting bad people, they will be stuck in a reactionary state of mind that will never break free. Reactionists cannot bridge the gaps needed to bring people together.

    Even if all of these people do come together in such a way as to threaten the establishment in D.C., election fraud will keep the establishment in power. States have to individually abandon federal mandates and take charge of their own elections. They have to reform their voting process without the federal government being involved. If this does not happen, then any efforts to thwart the establishment’s power monopoly will fail.

    The establishment is deeply rooted within the states, so they can protect the status quo, and keep reform from happening at the state level. That has to be dealt with as well.

    Any group who gains power outside of the establishment will be kicked out or replaced. All you have to do is look at Nevada in the primary. The RP people took almost all of the delegate seats, then got replaced by Romney and the GOP. They created their own Nevada GOP, and kicked the duly elected out. They don’t play by the rules, and nobody does anything about it.

    Any movement that threatens the establishment will either be co-opted, cut out of the process, or simply put down with force. This all happened in the primary process.

    If you want to change the system, you have to leave the GOP and the democrats. Until you decide to do that, you will just be like a car running in gear, and up on jacks.

    Pick an alternative party that can get on the ballots and vote for them, even if you don’t agree with everything they say.

    1. Glad to see your comment, librtifirst. You only missed one thing.

      Most Americans are dumb as a post, when it comes to politics, and choosing others to lead them.

      1. Well, it seems to me that we need to get another movement going. The Tea Party is a bust. Too fragmented, and co-opted.

        The only way to keep republicans and democrats from co-opting a movement is to make the platform anti-republicrat. No known republicans or democrats accepted, except those that are already trying to infiltrate the two parties, and have been proven to be liberty minded.

        There are a lot of democrats and republicans out there that want another option. More than ever before. Millions bowed out this time around because of Romney AND Obama.

        I am thinking about appealing to several groups in a letter. Libertarians, constitutionalists, republicans, and even democrats are becoming well aware of the loss of liberty in this country, and they all blame the republicrats and demopubicans.

        It may be possible to get people like Liberty Pac, Oath keepers, Veterans Against the Wars, and others on board with an all inclusive movement toward an anti-two party voting block. This will require that all be willing to set aside their political differences and agree not to vote democrat or republican.

        Obviously, republicans and democrats would be the target of this movement, as our political enemies. We could call it “The war on republicrats”, or “The war against the two parties”. It would be an ironic name, as the two parties are both parties of war on everything.

        I will have to come up with a sales pitch and a mock platform. The gist of it will be having no discussion on social issues, but only constitutional issues.

        Mock Platform:

        1: Reform Elections

        2: Vote out Democrats and Republicans

        3: Real National Security (strong defense, no offense unless threatened for real)

        4: Free Markets

        5: Consumption Tax (no more income or corporate tax)

        6: Sovereign Currency

        7: Phase out social systems.

        8: Local control of education.

        9: States Rights Affirmation

        10: Impeach the supreme court, and start over with constitutional Justices.

        11: End the State of Emergency that we have been under since 1933.

        12: End the police state. (Shut down the DHS)

        13: Food Freedom

        14:End Crony Capitalism

        15: Let the big banks fail, and infuse the new sovereign currency into local banks.

        16:Regulatory house cleaning. (shut down the FDA, USDA, and others)

        Many groups can agree on these things, and if we exclude republicans, then it will be difficult to co-opt. Republicans talk a big game, but have proven themselves to be tyrants, and therefor are no longer welcome in the new conservative movement.

        What do you think?

      2. White. I thought that you might be interested in studying the comments made by ex-liberals who became RP supporters. Though there are more ex-republicans who converted to Libertarianism, there are many liberals who registered republican to vote for RP. My sister was one of them.

        Some people voted for Obama to make things worse, and get people riled up. Interview starts at 34:50.

        Fifteen states start petition to succeed from the union:

        This interview discusses how many were disenfranchised by the GOP and Romney tactics:

        The republican party won’t do any better the next time around, even if elections were not rigged.

        Lou Dobbs: 3 of 4 votes counted electronically in 08′. Four companies decide who is president. (even local elections)

        1. “The republican party won’t do any better the next time around, even if elections were not rigged.” Are you seriously saying that after 8 years of Obama we won’t win in 4 years? People would be embracing Hillary or Biden even after 8 years of Obama and his many scandals? He got lucky this time. I know you’re down on the Republicans but I know you know better than that. It’s common sense they’ll lose in 2016.

          1. I agree with you sentiments in general, but if the democrats continue to get away with murder, then they will stay in power. We don’t put them there, others do.

            The reason that I say this is because the electorate did not keep Obama in. It was reported today that many counties in Ohio reported over 99% votes for Obama. Bev Harris with is reporting irregularities everywhere, and it all points to electronic fraud, and not so much “voter” fraud.

            Four companies control our electoral process through electronic voting and counting. They program the machines to flip votes in key areas. There are other ways of rigging the machines as well.

            They overshot their goal this time around and made it way too obvious that the election was rigged. Don’t expect to hear anything on the MSM. They cover for the fraud. They might report on “possible voter fraud”, but they won’t touch election fraud.

            I heard a quote the other day that made a lot of sense to me: “The American people only pay attention to something if the media beats the drums about it”.

            If the media only covers something lightly, it won’t take hold. The fact of the matter is that we have a rigged election system, and it effects everything right down to the local elections.

            Now that republicans have been screwed by it, maybe they will pay attention to this HBO special. The special pointed out fraud during the first Bush election, so many people blow it off.

            I think that Romney won in a fair election. The companies that elected Obama knew that Obama would lose big, and therefor overshot the fraud to counter it.

  49. Well I am 19 years old and both socially and fiscally conservative. I am pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. Why is that bad for the new age?

    1. It’s not bad; it’s a good thing. Dead things flow WITH THE STREAM; only a live thing can go AGAINST “the stream.”

      To rephrase a famous saying: “The party that marries the spirit of the age will find itself a widow in the next.”

        1. My apologies, Indiana. You are right. Old age should not allow me to discourage the enthusiasm of youth.

          Not being sarcastic. I really mean that.

  50. Wow! Great article. I agree with what you said. Let’s start getting together NOW. Our division is pulling us apart (house divided will fall).

  51. You can’t compete with “He gave us a phone. He’s gonna do more”

    I don’t care if you’re Jesus himself. You will never out Santa President Claus

    1. Yes but all we have to do is convince a few percent to move over to our camp. The rest can keep askin’ for their phones for all I care.

    2. well someone has to pay for it….. we are in serious financial trouble.
      when the freebies run out then what… will jay z and bruce buy them their phones?

  52. Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az • 2 hours ago −
    I thought I’d pass this on. Things just don’t seem to change for the better.

    Over five thousand years ago, Moses said
    to the children of Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels,
    and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

    Nearly 75 years ago, (when
    Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your
    asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”

    Today, Congress
    has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and
    mortgaged the Promised Land!

    I was so depressed last night thinking about
    health care plans, the economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, Social Security,
    retirement funds, etc., I called a suicide

    I had to press 1 for English.

    I was connected to a call center in Pakistan. I told them I was

    They got excited and asked if I could drive a

    Folks, we’re screwed.

    This is what I spent over 20 years in the Marine Corps for?

  53. If the GOP can be the first party brave enough to make a difference between their national party stance and their state party stance, then all is solved!

    Social issues have no place on the national ticket. If we follow the Constitution, these issues are to be dealt with on the State or local level.

    The GOP should become the party that brings the power of government closer to the individual. At a federal level this would be returning many responsibilities and powers to the States, where they rightfully belong.

    If you want your state to act liberally, conservative, libertarian, etc. you would want to support this GOP, for they are working to give YOU power.

    Federal power will always rotate hands, from liberal to conservative, to moderate and progressive – it would be in everyone’s best interests (except those who wish to force their will on a nation – I wonder who that would be?) to support such a GOP.

    I believe that this message will be adopted by the upcoming generations of conservatives because they will realize that there is a difference on how you govern at the Federal level and the State level.

    Make it so.

    1. makes sense, though this admin, seems to not want the states to have control …. there always getting sued for something.

      1. There are ways… and I am not insinuating revolution per se, but there is another way if we can’t change the focus to returning power towards the individual.

        I don’t want to go into it too much here, I have been working on it for a while in my head and on paper. I hope to blog about it soon.

      1. Huh? I think you meant to comment on someone else’s comment.

        I don’t see anything to do with “dealing” in my comment.

        Just a heads up for you!

        1. SurfinCowboy, I meant no disrespect, but you are talking of a dream world, where the GOP actually lived up to the wishes of the people who elected them. There’s not a chance in hell of that happening.

          1. It’s true that it might take decades or a generation, but things can change.

            I do agree that any change would doubtfully happen before the next election. Honestly, people need to grow old and die for the reigns of power to be passed to another generation.

            I won’t give up on ideas. Be they a change in the GOP, the formation and rise of a third party, the use of Article V powers by the State’s legislatures, etc.

            Yeah, it sure is a long shot.

            …but I got a hell of an arm… 🙂

  54. Yes, the GOP is a BIG TENT. But our tent doesn’t include slackers and “the takers” in society. Slacker and “takers” have no ethnicity, gender or any other breakdown and they need not apply.
    The sad and simple fact is that “the Takers” have us outnumbered now, not to mention the 3 million voters that sat this one out. That’s the real puzzle here, why did 3 million people that voted McCain/Palin last time around not vote this time. Answer that and you solve the puzzle.

    1. I don’t think they stayed home. I think many of Romney’s votes were programmed to go to barky boy.

  55. Kimberlee, you make some really good points and they resonate with what I have been thinking. Hopefully I can postulate some additional coherent thoughts. The GOP is big tent, it is just terrible at marketing itself as such.

    I think several things need to happen (in my humble opinion):

    1) The GOP needs to embrace its libertarian “sect” better. I’m not saying they go all Ron Paul (who I’m not really a big fan of), but realize that Libertarians have a lot to bring to the table. Most people have some sort of libertarian bent to them (even liberals). Being Libertarian is the new cool, in some sense (especially for the young). This needs to be used to our advantage. This is being completely missed by the GOP.

    2) Abortion and gay marriage need to be taken off the table as campaign issues. Like it or not, society has changed. The GOP need not cave, but divert. The next candidate that is subjected to being beat with the gay/abortion bat needs to just say something like, “Gay marriage and abortion are state level issues and I have no opinion on it. Whether you are for or against it, it is your fight at the local & state level, the federal government is and should be staying out of it.”

    3) The GOP needs real fighters. Romney was too nice. He let himself be described by the left. Look at Allen West. He is fighting hard for his seat and taking no prisoners. We need more like him.

    4) The media is the GOP’s enemy. The GOP needs to take them to the woodshed at every opportunity and flogged. Candidates need to insist on live interviews and such to take those opportunities to call out the media with out being edited. Call them out hard on their malfeasance.

    5) Race. As stupid as it was, the GOP is ‘old white guys’ meme did stick. “Romney wanted to take us back to the ’50s” struck a nerve. The younger conservatives of color need to be promoted, Jindal, Haley, West, just to name a few are real power houses. There will be lots of push back for the left and media (see #4). I’m not advocating pandering, just adjusting to the changing demographics.

    6) Better on the ground marketing. Dump the Carl Roves and get in some fresh blood. This re-org will take time, but never give up, never surrender.

    1. I agree with everything but #2 – look, if we argue forcefully about the importance of these things (along with a Conservative case for free markets/limited government) we can truly bring in a great number of Latinos and Blacks who agree, emphatically, with social Conservatives in the GOP on these issues.

      1. if a great number of blacks and latinos were socially conservative, why are they part of the Democrat party? The reason people shy away from the GOP is because of the judgmental, self righteous attitudes of conservatives.

        1. It’s hard to beat Santa Claus. Why did George W. Bush get 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004 only to have John McCain (Moderate) get 37% in 2008 and Mitt Romney (Moderate) 27% in 2012. Bush was far more socially conservative than McCain and Romney.

    2. 1) I agree with your assessment of the Libertarians and that is what I hate Reince Preibus for. I thought it was a mistake to dis them at the RNC. Given I am not a Libertarian Republican but I felt that he snubbed a devoted sector of the party.

      2) I agree with MrMicawber. There are plenty of Blacks and Hispanics that are social conservatives. Also let’s remind ourselves that the left wants to nationalize gay marriage because of the federal benefits so it’s not entirely a states rights issue. When it comes to abortion we have to stand our ground on pro-life policy. I understand your view but it can lose us social conservatives that are a large part of the GOP base.

      3) I don’t think that Romney being nice had anything to do with him losing. Reagan was nice as well. The difference between Reagan and Romney was that Reagan articulated conservative value masterfully as if he spoke it fluently. Romney wasn’t that great at articulating conservative values and struggled to explained exactly what we believe. He let Obama define our party. Allen West brilliantly articulates our values, he is very well read as was Reagan on American history, John Locke, Alexis de Tocqueville and liberty. To be honest I think there are few in our party today that can do that and I thoughts are Allen West, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, and my wild card would have to be Susana Martinez (New Mexico Governor).

      4) I think Gov. Romney put it very well at the Al Smith dinner, “I wouldn’t say the media is biased. My job is to lay out a positive view for the country and their job is to make sure no one else finds out about it”. I think we let the media control to much this time around. I think we need to be tougher on them. To much in this campaign we let them define us, and when it came to the MSM we are extremists for wanting the country to be secure and fiscally responsible.

      5) Agreed and as I said we let the MSM define us. I am a 19 year old Hispanic from Indiana and I am a proud Republican. Yes, I do feel the GOP is ‘old white guys’ meme did stick. “Romney wanted to take us back to the ’50’s” struck a nerve but from what the exit polls show something Obama had been staying did stick…”It’s Bush’s fault”. According to the exit polls over 50% still believed that all of our ailments came from George W. Bush and his “republican policies”. I think Romney had the knowledge and opportunity to set the record straight on exactly what happened with the housing crash and to explain that it wasn’t Bush policies and how Bush actually tried to stop this crisis back in 2003 & 2007 but was stopped by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. We have to set the record straight on the Dems false history.

      6) Absolutely, the Obama camp mastered their ground game but I wouldn’t count Rove out. Remember one of the reasons Bush was able to win was that not only did Bush do well with Hispanics but also Rove went into rural America, registered people to vote and got them to the polls. The Obama camp did the same except in the urban America. That is also why I believe having the libertarian wing more included in the party because they are young and also very devoted. They were very good at getting the voted out for Ron Paul in the primaries and for Gary Johnson in the General Election. Johnson got more votes than any other libertarian candidate in the past. They have better knowledge on tech I believe and they can play a HUGE role on college campuses. The only problem is they somewhat don’t like anyone but Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.

      7) My thoughts on 2016 candidates:

      Rep. Allen West (R-FL)
      Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
      Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
      Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM)
      Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)
      Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC)
      Gov. Luis Fortuno (R-Puerto Rico)
      Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK)
      Gov. John Kasich (R-OH)
      Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)

      Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)
      Fmr. Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), I know his name may be toxic but he does well with Hispanics and people can judge his intelligence.
      Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)
      Fmr. Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT)

      Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

      1. Marco Rubio is no more or less a conservative then Jeb Bush. He is Jeb Bush’s protege. There is absolutely no difference between Bush or Rubio on the issues. If you believe there is, tell me the issue. Also mention one time if you can when Marco Rubio went against the Republican establishment?

        Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are one and the same. And either would thrill the establishment if they were the nominee.

        So either Bush is a conservative or Marco is a moderate.

  56. does not = conservative
    2. social conservatism is a myth no such thing.
    either your conservative or your NOT

    gawd we are so doomed.
    Just live it up and say sorry to your kids cause we are screwed.

  57. Great, more happy face nonsense.

    The GOP is the Big Chump Party. Conservatives that still vote for any of their candidates are the Chumps. Boehner and the Boys are having The Party.

    If America wants to be more like Europe it’s about time Christian Conservatives form a solid block and refuse to bend on ANYTHING. Let the rest of the country drive straight to Hell. We need our own Nigel Farage standing up telling everyone the God damned TRUTH. Why? Because we’re RIGHT! Eventually reality is going to kick America’s butt and someone’s going to come looking for our help. Until then, well, 40 years in The Wilderness might do us some good.

  58. Yes, we are a party with a HUGE TENT! But, the thing that separates us from the democrats is that most in the Republican Party have integrity. We are honest, for the most part, and dems have no interest in being honest because they know that most would not go along with them. If dems really told people what they intended to do they would never get elected. For example, if Barack Obama would have said that in 2008 he was going to institute a national health care law and force it on the American people he would have never been elected. All of the democrats in all of these states lie about their real intentions and republicans, for the most part, don’t.

    This is a ridiculous question asked by the pundits and the consultants because really what they are saying is that in order to have a bigger tent, then we MUST relinquish the Constitution and principals that are the foundation of the country and Conservatives. I saw what Condoleeza Rice said and she is wrong, again. If she was such a wizard of smart why didn’t her and Bush fix the problems that would have made a bigger tent? This election was a head fake! All of the indicators pointed to a Romney win but I don’t think we had any idea how extensive the cheating is. Why is it that all of the so called Swing States had the closest election results? Everyone is talking about Obama’s ground game! His ground game is the game the voting machines and the ballots by overloading ballots in every Swing State. That’s the ground game and we must figure out how to stop it!

  59. Screw the GOP as well as the Democrat/Socialist Party. Form a new party, now, and revamp the media. These two things are the only chances we’ve got.

  60. It all comes down to socialism, what the government can do and GIVE you. Do you honestly think that all those blacks and hispanics voted for Obama because they thought a second Obama administration would give them a more robust economy that would help them find good jobs to support their ever-growing financial needs? Not a chance and you know it.

    It was all about entitlements and what “free stuff” the government could hand out to every ethnic group out there. To the blacks and Hispanics, that meant just about “free” everything, from food stamps and endless unemployment and “disability” benefits to free education, housing, and government or government-subsidized jobs. Just keep the free stuff coming in and you’ll get the vote. That hideous cartoon “The Life of Julia,” so mocked when it came out, proved to be a real winner among single women, especially if you were a single woman with a child and no husband “hanging around” to help pay the bills. Who really needs a husband when you have Uncle Sam? THAT was the message the Democrats promoted and the sad fact of the matter is that it worked.

    Rush Limbaugh is right. I really don’t know how you compete against Santa Claus. And when you have one party that promises to be Santa Claus to just about everybody out there and says that all we have to do to pay for all of it is to tax the “rich,” then it’s hard to fight an argument like that.

    And even when it all comes crashing down on them, like it is now in Europe and especially Greece, when they will be faced with massive unemployment and social unrest along with sky-high taxes, no economic growth, and little economic opportunity, the liberals will STILL blame the “rich” for not paying their “fair share.” “Social justice” (a.k.a. socialism) won last week and we’re sailing down the road to Greece and there isn’t much that can stop us. A Republican-controlled House of Representatives can slow it down a bit, but even if the government simply maintains current spending we’re still going to be bust by 2016.

    The socialists and communists in America have done their job well. They’ve proven that the “long view” in politics is the correct one. That is, of course, until we go bankrupt and end up like Greece. Then who will they blame? Why those “evil” rich people and capitalism, that’s who. And their solution will be outright communism, not even socialism anymore. It’s happening in Europe, folks, especially in places like France, where they just passed a law to tax 75% of what those “evil” rich people make. Can’t happen here, you say? Talk to me in 2016 and then let’s see who is right.

  61. For example: the strategy can be to declare that the Democrats the party of RACISM, and that mainstream media are also RACIST. Why do they hate black people? Why do they want to enslave black people on the liberal plantation? Why do they want to kill black unborn babies? Why don’t they show black and latino conservatives on MSNBC? It must be because they are white liberal racists. Now, if you repeat it often enough, it becomes the truth. Total warfare.

  62. What you need to unite al the different tribes is a common ENEMY. The first rule of war: declare war on your enemy. And by war, I mean war of ideas. The progressives are the enemy, and they must be annihilated. And not just in the voting booth, but on all fronts: culture, academia, media, religion, science, education, race. TOTAL WARFARE, on ALL FRONTS.

    1. You are spot on. Too many Republicans are Progressives and globalists so it is foolish to expect them to rally us against our enemy because it is them.

  63. Funny, at Tea Parties in Louisville, I see people of every race, religion, nations, age and gender. It’s the establishment that’s the old white party. And that’s why they need to step aside.

    1. One thing the Left and Right can agree on, we both detest the GOP establishment (of course most on the Left don’t realize that they are their most important allies).

  64. No, no, no, no. The only outreach I will support is Conservative talk radio being translated to Spanish and aired on Telemundo. Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals in 1986 and we garnered an even smaller percentage of the Hispanic vote the very next election. Illegal immigrants receive free bennies. So give them citizenship, the free bennies continue, and they know they can count on the Democrats to let them continue to feed at the trough. Russ Douthat at the NYT, (shockingly) parses my opinion far better than I just did, so here it is:

    1. And via chain migration, it will once and for all put us asunder. No.

      People who demand that this country change its laws so that they need not be held accountable for breaking the law are NOT worthy of such deference. It is moral cowardice to consider such a thing. Too much of this in GOP already.

      This idea is analogous to the premed student caught cheating on an exam. She complains bitterly that the professor caused her to be embarrassed by taking the cheat cards she was using as well as her exam paper and declaring her exam and course enrollment was finished. She denies her obvious act of academic dishonesty, refuses to engage in post incident meeting with professor and dean and threatens retaliation by going to a local politician.

      Now, if you are the professor, would you have: Returned her paper and cheat cards and allowed her to continue the exam placing all the rest of the class at an academic disadvantage while permitting her unjust gain from her offense; or, perhaps looked the other way, ignoring the infraction, avoiding a confrontation even at the expense of the integrity of the course/exam?

      Perhaps you are an administer who would cower at the threats and hystrionic demonstrations by said student for fear of political or even legal repercussions, and allow the student to retake her exam, along with her study aids in hand.

      It is not easy to uphold standards when challenged by loud, demonstrative and sometimes even threatening opposition to norms. But it’s called integrity and backbone and it is the essential foundation to any civil society.

  65. Independents and Libertarians need to come together and form a party ie Tea Party and Libertarians. I truly believe they could agree on a platform to beat both the other parties. The old R are not going to give up their power and we need to stop giving them our money. I lean Libertarian but know how to play well with others. I have never been anything but an Independent who had to vote R most of the time. Just saying I am not so sure we can bring the Rs to being Constitutional loving fiscal conservatives fast enough. Their living is invested in the status quo.

  66. Oh, I actually love Nickelback. 🙂 I’m tired of standing in line at clubs I’ll never get in…

    I see the divisiveness as a good thing, actually. There has to be a flushing out of the GOP, perhaps an eventual legitimate third party of constitutional conservatives that carries weight. Right now, I see very little difference in the two parties at the federal level, and it is at the federal level where these terrible things are being done to our country. Look at Boehner’s behavior this past week. Do any of you think that the current GOP membership in the house, even the conservatives, will do anything to replace that guy as speaker? If they won’t, then what good is the GOP at this time? What good is the RNC if they don’t provide candidates like Michele Bachmann with any financial help in an election? They basically threw Allen West under the bus – that was “our” side, folks. There is no point in winning elections if the people we elect are useless tools for the left. This is painful, I know. Some of us are more conservative, some less. Some are more libertarian. All that matters is the Constitution… our country. All of us can agree on that, and it is THAT which will bring us and keep us together. We have to flush out the GOP, or we have to abandon it. I see no other options, and worrying about demographics and hyphenated Americans is not going to achieve anything. Until we have a cohesive party with fundamental constitutional principles at its core, no election we win will matter. We’ve already seen that.

  67. Did conseratives stay home? I wonder about that. The conservatives who came out in the tens of thousands to see Romney speak, the conservatives who came out in the tens of thousands, filling stadiums and convention centers to FreedomWorks rallies and Restoring Love. The thousands of people in small towns who came to hear Ryan and Romney speak, in numbers so great they filled streets, rooftops and windows. The vast numbers of people. The record numbers of people who came out to vote such that some voting stations were nearly overwhelmed.

    The pitifully small numbers who came to hear Obama – the intimate, personal rallies? The disgust over Biden’s debate antics? The wooden, doll-like caricatures of Obama’s debates – first so detached, then looking like someone lectured him on how to behave at a debate and then overdoing it? Trotting out the same messages over and over as if someone had pushed the “history eraser button”?

    But conservatives stayed home? Not one person I know who is conservative stayed home. Did alot of conservatives that you know stay home? If they did, please let us know. Did they really stay home or are the vote counts the source for that data?

    Romney was not my guy, but I did not stay home. He was not my friends’ guy but they did not stay home. We know saving America is more important than our personal point of view. Were we really so alone? I find that very difficult to believe. Conservatives, of all people, KNOW America must survive or we have nothing to save. Conseratives I know are practically in mourning saying America is dead. They cannot believe this has happened. The first thing they think of is fraud because everyone they know voted. Does that sound like people did not vote? Would rather stay home and let America die than vote? Does that sound like conservatives? We knew what was at stake. People talk about O’s ego, but did OUR ego lose this election?

    Did a poor strategy lose this election?

    I don’t know what happened either, but we had better figure it out quickly because “the next kick is when the van hits the water” – in the 2014 election cycle, and then the 2016 presidential election cycle – and we have to make it until then.

    Let us now be resolved to come together and do this thing right. We know what it means if we do not – and whether we did this to ourselves or not, whether the politicians strategized poorly or not, this time it will be alot more difficult.

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”
    Isaroku Yamamoto

    1. I am one of those weirdos, I guess, who highly suspects massive voter fraud. I said it the day of the election, and I’m still saying it. The puzzle pieces do not fit together for me, and I’m a fairly balanced and reasonable person. We win some, we lose some. However, this time, I am not convinced that Romney’s numbers were so different than what I saw with my own eyes for months leading up to the election. Something is wrong, and I will forever believe that.

      1. Something stinks and if we do not figure out where it is and how it was done and stop it, we will not win another election.

    2. Personally, I don’t think the crowds stayed home. I think their votes were not properly counted to put it politely.

      I am mistrustful of electronic voting machines as they are too easy to re-program. And that is only one way of achieving a fraudulent win. Early voting, absentee voting, voting without ID … it didn’t help that Ovomit awarded the “dream” to 2 million illegals who were then able to secure papers.

      The Reeps act like dumb chickens just waiting to have their heads chopped off and their feathers plucked.

      We have to make severe changes to our voting process before 2014 or we have no hope of ever winning another election. I haven’t heard Mr Reinse Pribus make any statements about the irregularities in the vote counts. I think the silence is deadly.

  68. The problems “highlighted” by the election are many-fold. Most of us knew they were there, but I believe Tuesday’s results are tangible proof.

    1) Most of us expected (R) turnout to be huge. Romney was drawing huge crowds, and there was motivation (getting rid of Zero, repealing Dodd-Frank, repealing Obamacare, avoiding Taxmageddon, to name a few), and the elections of Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Scott Walker (and his subsequent victory in the recall), the 2010 House wins, all pointed to massive MASSIVE Republican (and fiscally conservative Independent) enthusiasm.

    So, what happened?

    Well, I think John Boehner happened. I think John Roberts happened. I think Chris Christie happened.

    When all of us were clamoring for SOMEONE to draw a line in the fiscal sand, what happened? The “Debt Deal”. With Republican participation.

    When all of us were clamoring for SOMEONE (please, Anthony Kennedy, PLEASE) to hold UP the Constitution instead of taking a [email protected] on it, what happened? Kennedy came through, and Roberts — Chief Justice Benedict Arnold – a Bush appointee, contorted the Constitution, and himself, into a pretzel to give us Obamacare.

    When all of us were hoping that the absolutely ABISMAL response of FEMA and the Feds in general would highlight A) how incompetent Zero is and B) how futile it is to reply on Big Gubmint to “help” you when you need it, Chris Christie, big fat-mouthed Republican, waltzed in front of the camera like the limelight hog he is, and was French kissing the president like there’s no tomorrow.

    And you know what happened?

    Many, MANY, conservatives (and probably some libertarians) decided they’d had enough. Enough of pleading with the people they had given the power to hold this disaster at bay, only to have those people give us the middle finger over and over and over again.

    (Disclaimer: I’m not in ANY way saying that they did the right thing – the bigger picture was ALWAYS to save the country and send Zero packing. They looked short-term and decided to take a stand and make a point. Huge mistake. I enthusiastically voted for Romney/Ryan.)

    But the Boehners, McConnells, Cantors don’t get it. They think WE are the problem.

    Folks, it’s not going to be pretty. The Republican party is setting themselves to go the way of the Whigs. And the Democrats have become the Communist Party USA.

    The Constitution is in a shambles – no one in power knows what it says, or frankly cares. And there is no “Happy Ending” if that is the case.

    1. there were many mistakes, i did not vote for mitt in the primary, and was mad he was thrown at us. the rnc has much to do along with romney, in who turned out to vote.
      i don’t trust the media, doubt voting was down by repubs 3 mill, think many just wanted to be independent, none the less, they are guilty of alientating paul and palin supporters for one, they so wanted to control everything, it backfired on them.
      palin she came out and said give mitt a try, so she let her supporters know, barry had to go, paul though,being the small person he is. jmo. didn’t tell his supporters anything. i think people left romney/obama blank. jmo there was fraud also in the battleground states.

  69. First off let me say, if the Benghazi War and the first debate didn’t swing the election, Betrayus and his Mistress would have had zero effect on the race. As a matter of fact, I think it would have made the margin of victory bigger.

    If the GOP is going to bend, fold, or adjust it better be on social issues. Thats my opinion. Abortion, leave it alone, it is what it is and to keep it at the fore front of any campaign is a time bomb waiting to happen. The libs can turn a statement such as “ITS a nice day today” into “they said you robbed us yesterday and tomorrow you’re gonna rob us again”. Leave the abortion issue alone unless we adopt a stance saying, you pay for the abortion,fine. We pay for the deed, its a total cleansing, you’ll never have to come back again. Simple. It’s no use sticking with religious organizations when every one of them is losing membership too. Jeez they can’t even keep they’re perverts in order, they won’t even acknowledge they’re pedophile problems in a conservative leaning way. Two things i want to see in the next two years, poll fraud addressed and some kind of modification on the abortion issue. If not, I’m gone. If I last that long.

    I understand some feathers may be ruffled with my point of view but the issue has affected me personally and I thank God (irony?) that the choice I made was possible.

    1. Being pro life did not cost us the election. In fact, more Americans are now pro life than pro abortion. We lost because of fraud.

      1. And because Romney failed to make a persuasive, articulate case for Conservatism. In part because it’s not a philosophy that’s native to him.

  70. The GOP is a one trick pony – it will support amnesty out of desperation.

    They will get some “hispanic”, but no muslim votes in return, in 2014.

    The illegals turned citizens will vote socialist and marxist from that point forward for the rest of their lives, as will their families, kids and grandkids..

    That’s all folks.

    1. illegals have been here for 40 plus years, now we have generations of them because the problem was never dealt with on both sides. the repubs do need to work on immigration reform, all these people who have been illegals in this country have already been given amnesty when they crossed that border, they get tax refunds, welfare, ss, ssi. ignoring the problem wont make it go away , the hispanic population is 52 million, there are many illegal chinese here too.

        1. there already here. they been allowed to stay for 40 plus years that is amnesty. now they need to stop this dream act crap and rewarding them garbage. the problem has to be dealt with. no free schooling, etc. we need to make english our number one language. we need to truly enforce and secure the borders. no one said we had to give them citizenship, or anchor babies free everything. but something has to be done.

          1. “they been allowed to stay for 40 plus years that is amnesty.”
            false premise – false argument

            The illegal problem is here because we did not enforce our existing laws, not because we need new “refpormed” ones. Immigration law is 1000’s of years old and nearly universal.


            IMMIGRATION “REFORM” = AMNESTY. Everything else is mumbo jumbo, political double talk. There are only two scenarios……enforce the law or give amnesty to 11 million anti-American illegals who will immedialty and irreversibly vote us into a permanent socialist nation . If that is what you want – fine, just do not try to blow smoke up mine.

            I know first hand for working with families in the illegal immigrant community here. They despise Americans. They despise whites with a hard racist attitude. They despise our culture. They cannot wait to extract revenge. The Republican politicians are morons and just buying themselves votes at the expense of us legal citizens.

            Both sides of our family are immigrants legal – some “hispanic. I know what the hell is coming.

            1. Exactly. They despise us. They want to take over as much as the muslims do. Why do people think it was “hispanic leaders” that Obama called first after he stole the election? He knows Mexico wants to destroy us big time.

              O said before the election that the future workers of this country will be blacks and hispanics. He wants to get rid of white America as much as Mexico does. Kind of ironic since most Mexicans have more white blood in them than anything else. Same with barky boy.

            2. barry will give them what they want. i am just debating the subject, i am not for amnesty,i am for lets get to work and solve this problem, our borders will never be closed if we don’t come up with a solution. there already getting free in our system. if we do not work with the problem of 11 million, then soon there will be 21 mill.

              and hispanics are not the only illegals, chinese illegals are a huge problem also.

              1. Yes, if you give amnesty, the 11 million will quickly swell to 21 million. You reward lawbreaking you get more of it.

            3. I agree sDee. Those that immigrate legally are of a different class than the illegals. They want to come here and are eager to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

              Illegals are a completely different animal. They have no respect for America or our culture and customs. Legal immigrants have no use for them.

              The illegals of the past 20 years are virulently anti-American and our own federal agencies and schools actually enforce that attitude. In fact, the US has agreements with Mexican consulates that teach these invaders in advance how to take advantage of our social services once they arrive.

              I, for one, never agreed to foot the bill for millions of people at the expense of my own country. Families are having a hard time trying to make their own ends meet and I have a hard time believing that states like California are not rabidly up in arms.

              1. no you did not agree, and neither did I, yet we been supporting generations of them. it has to stop.

                this admin is allowing the welfare etc to continue. we have to stop it with true reform.

                1. What is it you don’t get? Giving them legal status will make it easier for them to access welfare. They will never vote Rep. Don’t you get it?

          2. Oh please, the bulk have not been here 40+ years. Most have come in the last 20 years. Many come and go each year. If most have been here 40+ years that would make most of them in their 60’s and that is not the case. Most are in their 20’s and 30’s.

            1. their here, generations are here. anchor babies are having babies. this admin is not going to kick them out, he will just do a EO of what he wants to do, we don’t have control of the senate, its decades past time of working out a problem, of the feds having rules to enforce, of states being able to enforce rules, the house has to get to work on it. both sides .

              1. Well, if someone breaks into your house you should just let them stay, afterall, they are already there.

                1. you know what i wish, wish the people who are in congress, could debate the subject like we just did. maybe if they did we get something done for once. !!!!!

          3. Just so you know, they basically don’t prosecute for rape in Mexico. They rape us on a regular basis. You can bet it will skyrocket if you give them amnesty because they will know they won’t be deported.

      1. Start aggressively deporting and let them know if they are caught they will be fingerprinted and photographed and put into a database where they will never be allowed to come back. Cut off welfare and watch them scatter. In fact, arrest them at the welfare office and deport them. No foreign born person should be allowed to access welfare anyway.

        You give amnesty and MORE will keep coming. You cannot reward lawbreaking.

        1. who said give them amnesty? they are here, and this admin is not going to deport anyone. if the repubs do not work on immigration reform now, barry will give them all free college educations , citzinship so on and so forth,.
          we cant ignore a decades old problem. with barry happy to give away free, now is the time to get some rules down, try and do something. he will give blanket amnesty, if the repubs hide from this. better they work on it together.

          1. You don’t make it official. As it stands now, we can still deport them. If you give them legal status they can send for family members. 20 million will quickly become 40 million. They will never vote for us. Kissing their butts is not the answer.

            1. well that is why i am saying we have to work together to give and take a little, they are here, barry wont send them back, but we have to not give them free,. your right we have to stop the flowing in on both borders . if we actually have secured enforced borders, everyone knows what is going on, fed level, state level. they can’t send for family members, they cant get tax returns, they cant get on our programs, make it tough you stop them coming in, but the ones who are here, also wont be getting a free ride at our expense.

              1. Wrong! If you give them legal status it will make it easier for them to access welfare. Also, we could have a wall a mile high and a mile into the ground and it wouldn’t matter because if you give them legal status they can legally send for all their family and they will get on welfare and they will vote democrat.

                If our governors would crack down on illegals and deny them welfare they would leave our states.

                1. or states can’t do anything, because of this corrupt admin, but then we have some states like california that caters to illegals. we have to stop it.
                  both sides have to talk it out. if they don;t barry by jan 21st will grant them all amnesty, and all future one;s amnesty.

              2. There is no middle ground! It is now time to dig in hard and start to fight back to reverse this suicidal colonization of America.

                You can never secure the borders- no nation can. Does Canada have an illegal immigrant problem? Does Austria? Does Mexico? Does Switzerland? Does Saudi Arabia? They all have porous borders. Illegal immigration and colonization on the massive scale we have here results because we are a honeypot – a nation of fools. All other sane nations simply prosecute illegals who come in and stay. In America we instead give them all the trappings and rights of citizenship.

                Why do we always look to the people who are creating our problems, to solve them? This illegal problem was created intentionally by our politicians. It is these same politicians who now want to give them amnesty.

                1. i realize what they did, but again, where are we going to dig into ? barry will do what he wants, i would at least like some sort of security at the border, seems we have none with him in control. because of his zest to let everyone wonder in, how many jihadists etc are here. i would like the repubs to say, we need to shut our borders , we even need to stop work visas, they won’t do that, they pander almost as bad as the libs do. mitt was right in one respect, you turn off the goodies, they won’t come, but you have to actually have a admin that does that, we dont.

                2. Spot on, sdee!

                  Look at the UK: water all round it.
                  Secure borders? Ya gotta be joking!

                  Here in the UK, we do know for cerraintthat the mass immigration of muslims from Pakistan etc was actually encouraged by the Labour Regime under Tony Blair, because one of his aides dropped the bombshell, admitting that the aim was to crush Tory voters by sheer numbers of imported Labour voters. Oh – and make the British Isles less ‘hideously white’.

                  Were we, the people asked? No.
                  Do we pay for them, their welfare benefits? Oh yes!

                  It is politicians who cause this and who perpetuate this, it is not something which suddenly fell from the skies, like a meteor.

              3. so that would be what, 4th or so amnesty?
                can I break into someones house 4 times?
                the border fence was an agreement built into the amnesty deal. then it wasn’t….

    2. Even if the party supports amnesty, I don’t think it’ll help them that much. After all, Obama will get the credit. They’ll see the GOP and think we represent them even though the sellouts outnumber folks like us considerably in the GOP. The Democrats will say “yeah, well we’ll give you amnesty and affirmative action”. Amnesty will make us a one party state.

    1. Settle down Steven. We figure out a way to deal with the media, we fix the appalling GOTV debacle, and we get to the bottom of why McCain voters, of all people, sat this one out.

      1. The out-sitters apparently had no fear of the consequences. The Democrats were instilling fear or hate into the easily frighted and easily manipulated hoardes with every breath, every penny.

        It is fairly easy to motivate a conservative or even a moderate American from where we sit and post. I think we all forget about what it takes to motivate those who are not in the know, those going with “the flow,”

        Only greed or fear or a laxative will levitate a complacent ass from a sofa.

      2. I don’t think they sat it out. I think they had machines rigged in places that a winning percentage would go to barky boy no matter how many votes went to Romney.

  71. please don’t believe in all the spin or even the numbers from the election. you already know that election was won by romney “NOT OBAMA” tell me how ohio has more votes then what their total registered voters total is..tell me why the fraud occurred on the swing states not massively on the others.






  72. I would agree if the leadership knew what is at stake. They do not. That’s the problem. We have always been of different stripes, but DC’s willingness to assume the position for liberal policy, social and fiscal (because social policy is fiscal too) begs for leadership of a mainstream conservative with a big stick.

    Amnesty is bad fiscal policy, as well as cultural. Social justice in the name of fairness, bad as well, but we hear these offerings from leadership.

    I disagree that it is a problem that people don’t see us as we are, and think conservatives are nerdy and such. What do you want to do? Beg them to see us as cool and so totally not what they think? How would that help us? The whole exercise is a wish to emotionally bond with people who just voted to be enslaved. What do they care if gas is 4 dollars, they don’t pay for it, or their ties to unions are too great for it to matter. What do they care if Obama is raising taxes? They don’t pay them, or they figure it won’t affect them.

    I want nothing to do with them. Neither should the Republican party. But they are not listening.

    Yet when I look at the totals in mine and neighboring counties, the radicalism of Obama did not sway as many as I thought it would. Surely, with this much evidence of wrong-doing and abysmal economy, conservative democrats would vote against him. Some did, but not enough.

    Once again, it’s the media who sold the country down the river.

  73. please don’t believe in all the spin or even the numbers from the election. you already know that election was won by romney “NOT OBAMA” tell me how ohio has more votes then what their total registered voters total is..tell me why the fraud occurred on the swing states not massively on the others.






  74. In the first place, Democrats see the Republican party as the party of the rich and the white. The people that have stuff. It does not matter to them how they worked hard, studied hard, went to college and learned how to be successful. All the Democrats know is that they want to have that success without having to work hard for it. If they can get it by having a loud voice and expecting something to keep them appeased so much the better for them. They also have their little agendas to get to where they want to be in life. They do not know the cost of freedom. They just know that if it is free, it is freedom. The people that do know the cost of freedom are willing to share their life and protect this nation with it. Those that do share their lives are in service to this country and only want it to be a better country by it. They want a country of our founding fathers that was envisioned by them. Not one that is dictated to them by the government, they had that will in service and know what it is like. They want a country where there is a choice for them. Not one that is given them but one that is earned by them. They like that choice in their life. Without that choice it is a strangle hold on their life and eventual death of them and their country.

  75. Immoral people cannot elect moral leaders…..and I don’t mean PURE people.
    Every vote that was bought this in one way or another in this election
    was sold and bought by an immoral person. There are many examples….I’ll pick one
    Obama couldn’t have been voted for by a moral person no matter how
    nice that person seems. A scam is only possible if you already have larceny
    in your own heart.

  76. What needs to happen imho is we just become conservatives. The “social conservatives” are never going to be able to capture the party and the “fiscal conservatives” will never beat the “free stuff” progressives. At some point the GOP needs to decide that the leftist DEMS are the target and we need to set aside the differences between the SoCons and the FiCons or we’re never going to have the numbers to defeat the DEMS.

    1. prezzy had several advisers during 2nd and 3rd debate….
      He did sound like somebody else, didn’t he?
      He was somebody else.
      With a few people giving him directions via a hearing aid,a and a lying missy crow (Crowley) with WH transcript “accidentally” on her table….

  77. COnservatives and even moderate, decent, capitalist Americans, who believe in freedom cannot take back control without the inclusion of the Hispanics and Asians.

    Neither the Hispanics nor the Asians coming into this country have any other experience with politics other than rule by strong men. While living under such rule, they find that keeping your head low, staying out of the way of the despots is the best way to survive. Neither groups comes from a land where there are no limits on your upward mobility, therefore they gravitate toward something like Obama, that is familiar. False promises and lies, free-give-a-ways followed by famine and oppression are the norm in their homelands

    To get the support of these people we must either:

    Appeal to what they are familiar and comfortable with; or change them.

    What’s the chance they will change?

    The blacks will either suddenly discover how the Democrats and liberals have used them or they will not. The blacks do not figure into the future of this country in any case. It is only important to the liberals, communists and democrats that the blacks THINK that there is something in this takeover for them. They will be, as always, disappointed as isolated, xenophobic people generally are. The world waits on no man.

    We must lull the Republican Party back to it’s comfortable sleep, let them scramble around like rats gathering the crumbs rich people and careless liberals omit, and then take over the party through shear force of numbers. Karl Rove is the easy one. We must get deep into the party and purge them all.

    We need a strong leader who doesn’t give s*** what people think. A man who is unafraid of anyone. A man who will stand up a say, “We will fight you.We will destroy you.” The man needs to be credible, articulate, brave and the men and women who follow him must be the same and willing to push their demands to the ultimate without a flinch. I think the man could be Allen West.

    1. On Jobs alone the unemployment number has gone up dramactically under Obamas watch. Yet the Black community/mainstream Democrats didnt flinch when choosing to re-elect Obama.

      The Black unemployment rate was 11.00% October 2008 (Under President Bush)

      The Black unemployment rate was 14.40% October 2012 (Under President Obama)

      The overall unemployment rate was 6.5 (October 2008)
      The overall unemployment rate was 7.9 (October 2012 )

      1. Read my reply to rocco11 which is just below your comment on this thread.

        A really smart lady for whom I was far too immature to appreciate, said to me, “You’ll go back and you’ll keep going back until you’ve had enough. You’ll continue to suffer suffer because you haven’t had enough , yet.”

        The blacks still haven’t had enough and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

        Where ever she is, I bless her memory today.

    2. Another winning post, Words, thank you. Too many of the new immigrants and probably all of the illegal immigrants ony have experience of looking to a government for everything. That is a mind-set that can’t be overcome in a ‘rich’ country. We make a mistake in thinking too often that people go to America for freedom alone – no, they mostly want that freedom in the form of free stuff. IMO that’s why so many are here, to take from our soon-to-be non-existent wealth.

      I agree 100% that Rove needs to be gone – he wants us, in desperation, to rally round another Bush boy in 2016. We mustn’t give him what he wants. LTC West is the best hope.

    1. You’ve hit the nail directly on the cabeza!

      The problem is just that, the Latinos, many of them no nothing of living in freedom. Each politician. each messiah, is as corrupt as the last, and this is the chief feature of LATIN America for the last 200 years.

      Sometimes you get lucky and the tyrant “favors” your town, or tribe or race or clan.

      When you think about it, how can you expect a slave to vote for freedom? Even the East Germans, after Reagan had the Berlin wall torn down, pined for the “good old days,” where your job and your medical care was guaranteed by the State?

      There is nothing more disgusting in the sight of a man born in freedom that a slave unchained, standing in a voting booth and expected to provide form himself.


      1. I have heard that in Mexico it is the local drug lord or crime syndicate that often provides money to pay for local services like schools and hospitals, rather than the government. They do so to win the support and loyalty of the locals.

        Should we really be surprised that when they get here, they give their support to the Democrats? They recognize a crime syndicate when they see it.

      2. It’s odd how, from countries with every politician being corrupt, they’re so trusting of the Democrats but hey, they promise them free stuff.

    2. Just as Californians fleeing the disaster that we still call “California” only to go to, say, Texas and vote for those same policies. It really p*sses me off.

    3. Exactly. The INS recruits them – this is all by design.

      One illegal mother we worked with from Colombia had her baby here, which was sick getting 24hr nursing care via Medcaid, both she and here husband were on food stamps and unemployment, they live in federal housing, pantries stocked from food banks and churches, drivers licenses, a late model VW.

      She spent all her time with LaRaza, voter registration programs, and the democratic party.

  78. When the GOP loses punks like McConnell, Boehner, McCarthy, Cantor, etc. and allows the new generation of talented Constitutional Conservatives to run the party, we will beat Dems and statists by the bushel.

    Dems get this and consistently find ways of plugging new talent into their party where it is needed. Republicans tell the same people to “get in line”.

    1. All the punks(above) are evaluated, they do believe what we believe. They are just in the habit of giving into the petulant little children in the Dem Party. The Dems are bullies and our guys keep caving into them. None of the Dems can lead and it looks as if none of the Pubbies are willing to take the lead either. They just don’t want to do it.

      Bronco Bamma is a petulant toddler when it comes to “leading”. Give him his way or he is going to_____________. Fill in the blank. That’s one problem. The second one is that if he talks about a problem, usually with no solution, he thinks the problem is solved and moves on to talk about another problem that also doesn’t get solved. This is commonly known as “in over his head”. This is the most frightening aspect of Bronco’s presidency. There is no negotiating, there is no decision making, there is no ‘there’ there. And the very worst problem is that he is steeped in Marxism, but he gives away the country’s wealth to other petulant children who can vote.

      The first thing is for the Republicans to get over their hatred of Conservatives. We can disagree on the social part of it and get to the heart of it and that is to follow the Constitution. The Constitution is the only way out of the Darkness and into the light and I am sure we have many Republicans who will disagree with me. And that is the problem.

      The Republicans need a propaganda machine, fast.

      1. they do believe what we believe.

        You just keep telling yourself that.

        They despise us — they think we are hobbits and knuckledraggers. Please, they most certainly don’t believe what we believe. At least not what I believe.

  79. I really like this and think you hit on a multitude of excellent points. But until you can stop framing liberals who have already mastered the art of coming together from across a plethora of views – from moderate to stubbornly independent to dirty hippie – in order to achieve a common goal with words like “groupthink, collective mentality,” you’re going to have a difficult time, as a party, getting there yourselves.

    I’m a liberal who is just as disgusted with my own side’s tin foil hat wearers as I am with far Right extremists. I *want* a healthy GOP. It’s good for democracy, and it’s good for the country. But I’m not sure the party can get healthy again unless it’s willing to get to a place where the term “loyal opposition” is no long seen as a call to contempt.

    And at the end of the day, if the GOP does work to heal itself to work toward those things that unite Republicans instead of focusing on those things that isolate them, there’s going to be an ipso facto shorter road to some common ground compromise with Democrats, too. How can that be anything but a win for America?

    1. I’m sorry, but I will continue to hold a party in contempt that just spent the previous several months dividing us along racial and class lines to win an election, one that treats US with such open disdain. Don’t come here and lecture Republicans and conservatives about that which you and your side know nothing about.

      1. Nice. No lecture being given, just some thoughtful dialogue. Thanks for your broad brush painting and open mindedness.

        1. Broad brush? You mean the way your side call Tea Partiers “teabaggers” and “racists”? Your side just made stuff up and lied about us.

          Our problem is we let your side get away with fraud. That is our problem.

    2. Compromise with democrats? How come I never hear you guys say that maybe you should compromise with us once in awhile. Huh?

      1. Compromise is a two way street, by definition. I’ve never accused anybody of being racist, nor have I ever called a Republican a nasty name. So yes. Broad brush. Insinuating Dems play dirty but GOPers are somehow more pristine? Yes. Broad brush. Not to mention inaccurate.

        I apologize for the mistake of coming here and getting a little excited about the content of this post. Clearly, it’s neither a popular view, nor a likely outcome. I’ll leave y’all to the pleasure of your circular firing squad, complete with collateral damage.

        1. And yet dems refuse to compromise with Republicans.

          Didn’t say YOU said those things, I said your side.

          If you are truly wanting us to get along you would admit your side was disgusting to have called us those names and to have lied about us.
          You would also admit it was disgusting what they did Tues. night.

    3. Jen. I understand what you are saying. Our government was setup to have checks and balances. One party rule serves no one well. Yes, we on the right can get carried away a bit with the hyperbole, but not all of it is unjustified.
      What you call “loyal opposition”, we see as something far more nefarious. Just look at the Bush years. The loyal opposers did everything they could to undermine his policies. Now that the tables have turned, washington is suddenly “broken” and too partisan.

      1. Thanks for your comment. And you are exactly correct. Today’s mentality of escalating the very things we claim to loathe in our ideological opposites is both counter-intuitive and counter-productive. Everyone holds tight to the belief that “my side is the Good, yours is the Evil” and never the twain shall meet. To continue going down this path is to actively pursue the demise of democracy, in my view. Politics is not WAR. Politics is philosophy, diplomacy, intellectual curiosity and – yes – the art of compromise. After 30 years of voting, I’m still idealistic enough to hope that on some levels, we’re all in this together, neighbor to/for neighbor, not warrior against warrior. But I don’t know. I read comments here, there, and everywhere, and I start to wonder if we’re really not more interested in destroying each other – and this country in the process. Anyway. I’m shutting up now. Thanks for being kind.

    4. I kind of “get” where you are coming from though it is still a bit hazy.

      Let’s say you believed there was a communist traitor in the white house. Not saying there is, but what if that is what you believed that the President was a racist, and funded by men who desired a global government? What would you propose then? Would you sleep well?

      Regardless of where the drabe laid the babe, many of us believe the the man is warped by hate and arrogance and controllled by those infinitely smarter than he is. e/g Valerie, Eric, and Arnold the pig

    5. The Democratic Party is destroying this country; please explain how we’re supposed to play the “loyal opposition” game under those terms?

      1. As Mark Stein said one time, its like mixing ice cream and dog feces. You end up with something that tastes much more like one than the other.

    6. I appreciate your comment, and agree much with it. Sorry though to be nitpicky, but we’re not supposed to be a democracy. We’re a Constitutional Republic, and I think therein lies much of the problem. Too many people don’t know what the Constitution contains and that IT is the Law of the land. Too many have written all sorts of things into it, and taken too many freedoms out of it.
      Just my two cents. 🙂

    7. One thing many people miss is that compromise turned into capitulation and that’s what many of us on the right have issues with. Also, the fact that the corrupt media put forth the notion that those of us who might be center right are really wacko ‘far right wingnuts’ doesn’t help convince those of you, who might lean left, to the truth.

      So forgive me if I’m a bit cynical about having Republicans compromise more to the left because we just need to find out how you ‘mastered’ the art of coming together, when that art is merely an entitlement society and, by looking at Greece, we see what that coming together really means after your freebies are taken away.

          1. author used the words socially liberal, which imo makes no sense when saying your fiscally conservative, and socially liberal,. I did not say all liberals are pro choice

          2. Well, this is yet another problem with the term “social liberal” (as opposed to “social conservative) – it’s vague. But generally, I take it as meaning: pro-choice and pro gay marriage, among other positions.

            1. Be careful about making assumptions.  I don’t want to speak for the author but I read it as widening our perspectives and accepting we may have some differences (and some of us on Scoop do as well) and accepting that we have differences but share the same love of this country and the founding principles.

              1. Please explain where the assumption is; that’s my understanding, grounded in 25 years of listening to social liberal blather. If I wrong please do correct me; perhaps you have some other definition of a “social liberal”?

                I’m glad there are differences within the Conservative movement/GOP; therein lies a strength. We should encourage this and have a dialogue about it. After all, there are many issues that we might disagree on – but we can compromise on them. Abortion and gay marriage, however, are not among those.

                1. And that might be part of the point.  The world is changing and we each need to decide what is and is not acceptable to us.  But as a party, the GOP will cease if we all don’t take a hard look and make adjustments, and that includes those that vote liberal but are fiscally conservative, and there are many!

                2. Yes, but we cannot give up on the fundamentals of civilization just to bring a few socially liberal/fiscally conservative voters in. What’s the point of that? Just to win? Win what?

                  I believe Romney could have won if he articulated a truly Conservative message. If he dismantled this silly “war on women” that the GOP was supposedly waging.

                  The GOP somehow expect too much of voters; we need to spell things out for them; explain why, for example, marriage is not a “right” in any way, shape or form. That traditional marriage is the foundation of our civilization, etc.

                  Many, many blacks and latinos would agree with this!!!!!

                3. I have always wondered how someone fiscally conservative can vote for any of the Dems in there now. The only way is if it is overruled, if you will, by social views. That is what is paramount to them. They seem not to understand that if the country goes under financially, no one’s social stances will matter.

                4. Well said – it really doesn’t make sense.

                  One thing I take away from this election is that people’s voting behaviors are more about social identity, than a rational analysis of policies/people. People – my parents being among them – somehow feel that being Democrat is cool, hip, loving and caring towards one’s fellow man, educated, etc. This need for associating oneself with a collective identity trumps everything else apparently.

                5. “there are many issues that we might disagree on – but we can compromise on them. Abortion and gay marriage, however, are not among those.”
                  I’d rather compromise on gay marriage than raising taxes, gun control or amnesty (which they’re always blathering that we should do but I think is basically treason). What does that leave on the wood block?

                6. Interesting…thanks!

                  Allow me to elaborate:

                  1. wrt Dems we should compromise on virtually nothing that’s in our “common platform” – not on amnesty, not on gay marriage, raising taxes, gun control, or abortion, etc.

                  2. among the various GOP factions, however, to establish this “common platform” I meant we can compromise with each other with respect to degrees: for example, on abortion (exceptions for rape, life of the mother, etc), etc.

      1. The problem is the author didn’t elaborate on what being a social liberal means for her. And thereein lies the confusion. All I know is I’m a social conservative, so I guess I’d have to disagree with the author.

  80. There are those in the GOP who want to win at any cost, and there are those of us who vote our deep convictions. Those of us in the latter category realize to do otherwise (just fight to “win”) is to drift to the very left that we say we are not.

  81. If Americans want to avoid being slaves they need to separate from DC. If folks want to rally together on behalf of this objective then we have a chance.

  82. Great idea Ms. Kaye. However, there’s a proverbial elephant in the room that is rarely broached for fear of alienating people.

    It’s this: so-called “Social Conservatism” is at the very core of Conservatism; it is more fundamental than so-called “fiscal Conservatism.” You cannot carve out the “social” aspect – calling yourself a “fiscal conservative” – and remain a Conservative in any coherent sense.

    For example, the traditional family is at the core of civilization; so is the protection of the unborn. So is monotheistic religion. So are many of the central tenets of “social Conservatism.”

    I’d be all-too-glad to discuss.

    1. Exactly. Our fiscal mess is the result of turnng away from social conservatism….ie our Judeo-Christian roots. The bad economy is the symptom not the root of the problem.

      Our Founders were social conservatives, therefore they were fiscally conservative as well. We are in this mess because we turned away from God and in turn our Constitution.

      1. My counterpoint to the above is, the government is subsidizing behavior contrary to social conservative values. That’s right, we pay people to live their lives contrary to social conservative values.

        I agree, the two are linked but until you take the subsidy away, they won’t even ponder the question of “Is there a better way to live my life?”

      2. Frugality was a cornerstone of our Founders’ beliefs. That, and being cautious in your business affairs.

    2. Thank you sir. It is an argument that I have made many times here and at other blogs that one is either conservative or not. You cannot be fiscal con and social lib, it is a fallacy at best and very poor thinking at worst.

      I always wondered why only conservatism is “split”. Where are the fiscal liberals/social conservatives?

    3. You can be religious and still be a progressive. I’d take Ayn Rand running the country over inept Carter or big-spending Bush any day.

      If they are top priority, Santorum would probably do the most about the social issues in 2016.

      1. You can be religious and be progressive – no doubt about that.

        However, if you are going to be “religious” about Christ – that is to say, if you are a Christian – that is not, in any way, compatible with Progressivism.

        1. In many cases that’s true, as progressivism is incompatible with his teachings. But for instance George Bush was an evangelical progressive.
          If one is for the big spending and entitlement state but socially conservative they’re still a progressive. They may call themselves “compassionate conservatives” in some cases.

          1. I see what your saying. I do wonder how deep W’s Christianity was – honestly, nothing against the guy, but it seems to me that he was rather unprincipled and inconsistent. Like most Progressives I think his primary touchstone was power.

  83. ” ….hatred of Nickelback.” That’s pretty funny.

    I am disheartened by the conservatives who stayed home rather than voting on tuesday.

    Their principles may be strong, and thats admirable, but given the two choices Romney was still the better option. Although we will never really know for certain how the actual votes would of played, we are stuck with four more years of a liberal President and all the policies he brings to the table with him.

    1. I don’t think as many stayed home as we are led to believe. I believe many of their votes were recorded for O.

      1. I think you are correct. Without voter ID we don’t know who really voted under someone else’s name.

        1. And we have no idea how many times they voted, dead or alive or under another name. How can 150+ per cent vote in so many places?
          I am a bit tired of hearing that “we” have to change. We need an honest election and is that any longer possible?
          Everyone I know is too depressed now to even think clearly…but we will get there and we will continue to fight.

          1. I have my doubts, especially when a computer programmer has not testified, under oath, in OH that he had been hired to write a program to flip outcomes.

        2. Or… I think it was all the R Paul crowd that were adamant to not vote Romney. I’ve heard a lot of them speak over the last year and most were stubborn and vicious about it. But I also know the left saw Romney crowds and soros had plenty of time to make sure WHO counted the votes in most battled states.

      2. I’ll bet not too much different than Venezuela’s election, and the thought of than chills me to the marrow.

        1. Yep, anyone who stayed home because of some strong principle decided to do it for the wrong damn election. This one Was Not It.

          There are a bunch of federal judgeships at risk as well.

            1. Do that, Mr.M. And don’t forget to pray for John Roberts because even that traitor is better than another O pick.

      1. Truth be told, there may be four selections this term for Obama. Scalia and Kennedy are both 76 and my not be around long, while Ginsburg (at 79) and Breyer (at 74) may step down in favor of 2 more younger liberal activist Justices.

        So having 6 young liberal activist justices for the next 30+ years will make the Supreme Court look like the kangaroo court of the 9th judicial circuit out west.

        We are doomed with that.

        1. Yes, that would doom us. I somehow think that the more conservative justices will do all they can to stay until there is a new administration, though. Kennedy showed a lot of backbone on 0-care and Scalia is even more solid than he is. That will be one of my prayers 🙂

    2. It’s all well and good that we discuss and argue over our differences of opinion, and our core beliefs, but this past election came down to a very clear choice between a good guy, and a bad guy. If the good guy didn’t quite mesh with your way of thinking, and you decided to stay home or vote for Gary Johnson or whatever way you wanted to protest, it cost us dearly, and we will be living with the bad guy for four long years. And we will likely live with a liberal supreme court for generations. There are as many cultural differences on the other side, but it didn’t seem to keep them from turning out in droves to vote for the bad guy!! We aren’t going to find the perfect candidate, so we had better figure a way to pull together and turn out the voters or we are looking at rough times ahead. We are, right now, looking at rough times ahead!

      1. I agree.
        The Democrats always seem to pull together, and vote for the person on their ticket. While the Republicans have let this happen more than once. As you just stated we have more than four years of misery to worry about- we have the supreme court- there will be at least one, probably two Justices replaced.

      2. Very well said. I am actually quite annoyed that Gary Johnson stayed in the race knowing what the stakes were. Unless he is just so full of himself he can’t see beyond his own ego.

    1. Our tent is much bigger than the dem tent, it’s just they cheat to win because they can’t win on the facts.

      1. All I know is since the election the GOP has done nothing but, diss the Tea Party/Conservatives. They are starting to sound like Democrats, extremely rude, narrow minded and out of touch. They are too blind to see what would attrack minorities are Conservative values: Religion, education, fiscal responsibility etc. (At least that’s the feedback that I get.) They must not get out in the World much.

        I think the tent is getting too small to fit the Tea Party/Conservatives.

        1. In actuality the author was wrong about the left. The only they are really united in is there hatred of the right. they make all kinds of backroom deals on their disagreements to get that facade of a united front.

      2. Isn’t it funny when the left say we are anti-Hispanic? We have more Hispanics elected to office than the Democrats.

        Rep. Quico Canseco
        Chairman Al Cardenas, ACU
        Alex Castellanos, GOP strategist
        Linda Chavez, GOP pundit
        Senator-Elect Ted Cruz
        Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart
        Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico
        Fmr. Sec. Carlos Gutierrez
        Rep. Raúl Labrador
        Treasurer Rosario Marin
        Fmr. Gov. Bob Martinez
        Fmr. Sen. Mel Martinez
        Gov. Susana Martinez
        Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
        Sen. Marco Rubio
        Gov. Brian Sandoval
        Leslie Sanchez, GOP pundit
        and more……………………

        It’s funny when they say we are anti-black when we praise

        Rep. Allen West,
        Sec. Condoleeza Rice,
        Herman Cain,
        Mayor Mia Love of Utah,
        Economist Thomas Sowell,
        Fmr. Ohio Sec. of State Ken Blackwell,
        Fmr. Dem. Rep. Artur Davis,
        Angela McGlowan,
        Rep. Tim Scott,
        Chairman Michael Steele,
        Justice Clarence Thomas,
        Fmr. Rep, J.C. Watts.
        and more……………………

    2. Why are we worried that the GOP doesn’t have a big enough tent? Democrats certainly don’t have a big tent. They’re all liberal and have no tolerance for conservative blue dog democrats. As it is our tent is too big–it’s full of RINOs.

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