“Is this a joke?” – Dana Loesch TORCHES CNN after they announce their Walter Cronkite award for Parkland Town Hall

Today CNN announced that they were awarded the Walter Cronkite award for their gun-control town hall they held right after the Parkland high school shooting in 2018:

It’s pretty unbelievable because if memory serves me correctly, the town hall didn’t advance anything but irrational gun-control demands from the left. There was no real conversation going on.

Not long after this announcement came out, Dana Loesch responded on Twitter: “Is this a joke? Seriously?”

Here’s what she had to say:

She started her response with a few videos. I’ve only posted a couple here as they are all similar:

Dana then proceeded to expose the fraud that was the CNN Parkland Town Hall:

Dana praised the Sun Sentinel for doing real journalism:

Apparently Jake Tapper unfollowed Dana Loesch after she ripped CNN and this phony award.

She noticed:

A few others on the right responded to this as well:

I think that pretty much covers it.

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90 thoughts on ““Is this a joke?” – Dana Loesch TORCHES CNN after they announce their Walter Cronkite award for Parkland Town Hall

  1. I’m putting this item here, because it further exposes the corruption of the media, and it’s actually a big honkin’ deal. But it’s kind of hard to write a “bombshell” type headline for it because a) it’s not exactly surprising, and b) it’s not salacious.

    But think about it. It’s like “Journolist” on steroids, because there’s a LOT more money behind it, and it totally welds the media to the Democrat party in ways that journolist did not. Journolist was a “good ole boys” club within media that was itself, subject to influence. But someone payed attention to how it worked, and ratcheted the idea up a few huge notches (I found this via Ace, at AoSHQ)…

    Paul Sperry (RealClearInvestigations): Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm Pitching Journalists Daily on ‘Collusion’

    Lead paragraph:

    Key Democratic operatives and private investigators who tried to derail Donald Trump’s campaign by claiming he was a tool of the Kremlin have rebooted their operation since his election with a multimillion-dollar stealth campaign to persuade major media outlets and lawmakers that the president should be impeached.

    Here’s what this Journolist 3.0 operation is called:

    “The operation’s nerve center is a Washington-based nonprofit called The Democracy Integrity Project, or TDIP. Among other activities, it pumps out daily “research” briefings to prominent Washington journalists, as well as congressional staffers, to keep the Russia “collusion” narrative alive.”

    So you can be forgiven if you often wonder, “Exactly who is it that cooks up all of this fake news garbage?” It’s hard to imagine every single news outlet having a gaggle of “reporters” who sit around dreaming up fake news that seems deeply connected to other fake news at a level that your average reporter is frankly, too stupid to concoct on his or her own.

    It’s a very well funded operation. $50 Million is reported in the story as the level of backing TDIP received. And these folks directly hired the key figures behind the “Steele Dossier”…

    TDIP is led by Daniel J. Jones, a former FBI investigator, Clinton administration volunteer and top staffer to California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It employs the key opposition-research figures behind the salacious and unverified dossier: Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Its financial backers include the actor/director Rob Reiner and billionaire activist George Soros.

    This is akin to operating a private intelligence firm. The kind of thing that authors have used in many stories about “behind the scenes,” international spy thrillers and conspiracy theories. Only instead of being like secret organization in Mark Millar’s “The Kingsmen,” it’s more like a two-room space in some strip mall that just happens to be incredibly well connected.

    And it’s worth noting that old school Journos like Walter Cronkite would have fought to expose such sleazy operators in the news business. As much as Uncle Walt was a fixture of the center left, he was a very pro-American, pro-morality kind of guy, who fully respected the elective offices of our government. He would have been disgusted at how some rat bag Hollywood kook like Reiner could have so much influence over what goes into his news.

    This is awful. It’s worse than we thought. And it’s another reason why NeverTrumpism is cancer. Because the NTs love spreading this garbage being pumped out by TDIP. There’s absolutely NOTHING conservative about the NeverTrump world.

    1. The Democracy Integrity Project, the last thing Democrats have is Integrity, they are the most vile corrupt organization in history, they have infiltrated and corrupted the media and all you are left with is a one sided narrative, now they are colluding and scheming to disenfranchise an election and remove a popular sitting President, elections have consequences and with Trump keeping his promises and turning the economy around the democrats have nothing to offer but grind their teeth in anger and frustration, they can scheme behind close doors but sooner or later the truth shines its light on these roaches as they scatter for cover.

  2. So it was a well disguised Black Lives Matter event. No surprise Dana got ambushed. Scott Israel is a weasel. Give me 2 minutes with him out back.

    1. I’ll flip a coin with you to see who gets the first two minutes with him. Poor Dana was ambushed by a cowardly bunch of SJWs, and the pusillanimous sheriff should have been run out of town tarred and feathered.

  3. I don’t remember ever watching Walter Cronkite but when CNN is involved it has to be a farce and exploiting the deaths of 17 innocents by an insane fool .The FBI had been warned him about for weeks before he murdered innocent people .
    Good for Dana for standing for truth.

  4. We all know who and what CNN is. We should stop being surprised at their antics. Soon, Fox will be joining them in their “Jackass Journalism.”

  5. Why do you think I call him Fake Tapper? And to believe someone on TRS believes Fake is a legitimate journalist!? Haa!

  6. I’ve heard that there was once a time when Walter Cronkite was “The Most Trusted Man in America”. For the life of me, I cannot imagine how he came to be so honored given his hard leftward move toward the end of his career. But, be that as it may; the larger question is who the hell is CNN to be handing out a “Walter Cronkite Award”. The closest CNN EVER came to having anything to do with Walter Cronkite was when Ted Turner attempted a hostile takeover of CBS, an effort which nearly cost him his media empire and a feat which Rupert Murdoch managed to accomplish (well, sort of) by capturing the majority of his stations in major markets around the country, most notably Atlanta, but that’s another topic for another day.

    As for the Parkland Townhall food fight; it was nothing more than a pep rally for the gun grabbers that, as is always the case with the Gun Grabbers, devoted not a single syllable of the entire event was devoted to a sensible, thoughtful analysis of what led to the murder of those 17 children. It was nothing more or less than the knee-jerk reaction that such an event is guaranteed to elicit from the left.

    1. I think it was more of self promotion by his self and CBS at the time. Also you have to keep in mind for news your choices were NBC, CBS and ABC, that was it nationally.

  7. More leftists giving other leftists awards for being leftists and pretending that anyone else should care. Pathetic.

  8. I watched that sham of a townhall. Dana was right on about everything she said and every interaction by those kids were personal attacks on her and her family. The Sheriff was a complete weasel and the crowd was so emotionally worked up that I feared for her safety.

    She said the next day on her show that she didn’t think she would have made it out of there if she didn’t have armed security with her because it felt like a lynch mob just waiting like an angry dog to attack.

    It was nothing but a complete spectacle and farce. The only thing missing was Al Sharpton to call for the lynching because Dana was guilty for the murders. I was totally disgusted and enraged that they would use all of the devastated parents and students to further their gun control agenda.

  9. Just because you have a ‘dialogue’ does not mean that anything was advanced. And this wasn’t even a dialogue; it was a set-up, like the show-trials in the Soviet Union. Conclusion reached, accused sentenced, now let’s have a trial for the masses to show that we are ‘fair.’

  10. I think the “karl” cronkite award was appropriate.
    Walter was a fake news guy also.

    Absolutely pulled a USA loss from the jaws of victory over his Vietnam reports.

    Wally will always be a P.O.S. to me.

  11. Giving CNN the Walter Cronkite award for their leftist anti gun propaganda was equal to giving obama the Nobel Peace Prize. CNN not only rewards bad behavior they endorsed it by having leftist criminal and former Broward County, Florida police chief, Scott Israel on stage. This wasn’t a legitimate and credible awards event it was CNN, (Pravda west) creating the illusion that it was legitimate. The left is so predictable and transparent.

  12. Irrational gun-control demands from the left…

    That’s exactly what the Walter Cronkite award is for.

  13. CNN needs to win fake awards like this to try and project credibility – since their “news” reporting can’t do it. And rigging the circumstances ensures they succeed.

    1. @Sentinel The left never wins any real awards, so they set up these circle jerks to prop up their egos.

  14. I remember when that little wet rat Katie Couric got a Pulitzer when she blind-sided Sarah Palin (“What books do you have on your nightstand?”). Katie did a “gotcha” piece and embarrassed Sarah – GIVE HER A PRIZE! How many leftist jackasses now win Nobel Peace Prizes while truly worthy candidates get overlooked (I’ll NEVER live down that they gave obama one when he was president for what, 2 weeks?)? And for CNN to win ANYTHING for the crapshow they’ve become is just sickening and wrong.

    These rewards…er, “awards” don’t mean a damn thing anymore. And the monsters who “win” them, are liars, cheats and hypocrites. CNN is a septic tank of leftism and lies.

    1. @muckjumper CNN is Pravda West. Giving obama the Nobel Peace Prize destroyed the credibility and legitimacy of all awards.

  15. The Cronkite Award is perfectly appropriate, since he was a leftist who undermined our efforts in Vietnam. Looks like the craven coward Scott Israel has a new career as a socialist, rabble rouser. He’ll certainly be better at that than protecting school children.

    1. Yeah I remember the days of hearing him on TV., I think he was a thinly veiled communist or at the least a progressive.

      1. Yes, someone posted a link to a good article on that on this thread. I’m having trouble finding it now on the phone. One of the disadvantages of the new system.

  16. Bottom line its all about ratings for CNN That’s why they covered Trump 24/7 during the primaries, The love of money is the root of all evil and CNN is no exception.

    Dana Loesch is a true conservative patriot, i would love for her to run for President some day.

    1. @marathon CNN has the worst ratings of any major news outlet. I highly doubt this gathering of marxist sock puppets made a blip in their ratings.

  17. So, a one time experiment was held tonight. I am traveling for business and the primary channel on my hotel room was CNN. I decided to give it 30 minutes. I never watch, and it is informative to see what the other side is up to. I was in for a special treat because it was the spot where Don Lemon hosts. Well folks, I made it only 18 minutes. Couldn’t do the 30. I was actually appalled. I thought I had mentally prepared for this, but I really underestimated the amount of race baiting, victim hood, Trump hate, conservative disdain, and outright fantasies these clowns partake in on this channel. How does anyone left or right but this tripe? It was horrible. Never to be repeated.

    1. @montyray You made it 18? I can barely make it through the two-minute clips they sometimes post here…

    2. CNN is unwatchable, you summarized it well… I usually turn the channel, mute or turn off TV if trapped in a waiting room with it

  18. The punk that shot up the school had more ‘red flags’ than the Moscow May Day Parade and Broward county knew all about him. The local government went out of it’s way to avoid doing anything about him, to suit their liberal ‘safety stats’.

  19. When Dana Loesch entered the area it would have been more appropriate to play
    “Enter Sandman” than “Lets Get It Started”. If you’re a baseball/Yankee fan
    you understand.

      1. Exactly. Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer ever, would walk in and the stadium would play Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” because nine times out of ten he
        would put the other team to sleep with his great pitching, A very humble
        guy with strong Christian beliefs.

    1. Broward county makes NYC look conservative, Gino. In fact it’s full of northeastern ‘Unionistas’, who moved down there to keep from having to pay “their fair share” of the taxes they voted in, for YOU to pay.

  20. This award was nothing more than the media once again congratulating themselves on their Leftism. Disgusting as usual

    1. @sjmom It was also an opportunity to ambush and possibly embarrass the enemy, in the person of Dana Loesch.

      1. @dr-strangelove They clearly failed in that objective. However, they did succeed in making complete fools of themselves, again.

  21. CNN is pathetic so are these awards. That townhall was ridiculous and set up like a wrestling match. Disgusting.

    1. Thanks for posting this. I have heard about Kronkite but had not bothered to seek out the details. There is nothing new in this world.

    2. @democratsrfubar Thanks for posting this. I knew about Cronkite undermining our efforts in Vietnam, which was a huge tactical victory, (the casualties were 10:1 and LBJ could have easily mopped up) but I was unaware of his activities post retirement.

      1. @Dr. Strangelove I’m old enough to remember seeing the nightly news broadcasts and how much the Viet Nam war dominated the airwaves and our lives. My siblings and I had no choice because my father wanted to watch Cronkite. I do remember that Walter Cronkite was a much revered and trusted TV news anchor. I was too young and naive to understand how the reporting was skewed.

        I also remember when JFK was assassinated. His funneral dominated TV programming for a week.

        1. I was outraged when JFK was shot. I couldn’t watch my cartoons or The Three Stooges for a week!

          1. @dr-strangelove That accurately describes my feelings at that time.

            We certainly learned what a DMZ was and about the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

          2. I also remember those times. I was on the playground when we got news of JFKs assassination. School was out for several days. Might have been longer, don’t recall exactly.

            Three distinct things I do remember, where I was, early playground termination, sitting in the classroom and our teacher telling us what happened and seeing the procession on a black and white TV.

            1. @taurnil I distictly remember being in English class and my teacher reading, “Charlotte’s Web” to us when the annoncement that JFK was assassinated came over the loud speaker. I also remember the palpable shock that everyone felt. School ended right after the announcement.

  22. Speaking of a WWE match up, I bet Dana Loesch could take Trapper and Acosta with one hand tired behind her back.

      1. She is a lady’s lady. Feminine and yet you wouldn’t want to mess with her – not in a battle of wits or in a fight. She’s my girl crush. Apparently, yours too.

    1. @landscaper I so admire this woman!! Articulate (even under pressure, w/ a national audience no less!) My money’s on her, every time she steps in the ring w/ a Dirty Dem.

      1. She’s got a good radio show, too. Unfortunately, I only pick it up in Indianapolis.

    2. @landscaper Cerebrally, there is no contest. Dana would give a stern look and Acosta would wet himself and start crying while Tapper would… well, tap out.

  23. I love Dana! She is so bold & beautiful! CNN is just becoming more and more crazy unhinged. Will they ever ever cease to exist!

    1. No, they are gaining strength. Battle lines are being drawn. There will eventually be open conflict.

  24. No surprise. The left is usurping everything. Everything! Next thing you know national titles in sports will be handed out based on your political views. / s

  25. I’m not a fan of Walter Cronkite, less and less so as time goes on, but these people
    have to ask themselves one question; would he have approved of their shameful,
    uncivilized actions?

    1. Cronkite was a leftist in the days before the media was called out for what they were. But this might have been too much for him.

      1. He was what we refer to today as a Globalist, strong on United Nations, one
        world government and the deminishment of American exceptionalism.
        He was Obama before there was an Obama. His reporting during the Vietnam war was very biased against his own country which helped foment
        anti war sentiments that tore the country apart. The more you look into
        him the more is uncovered. He was more “Uncle Karl” than “Uncle Walter”.

        1. @nygino My father was a fan of Cronkite in the early days until he turned on our efforts in Vietnam. My uncle, dad’s youngest brother was in Nam in ’68 and my brother in ’72. Once you pissed off the old man, you were toast.

          1. @NYGino Back in the day, Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, etc., were minor gods and spoke the truth from on high. WC was despicable for undermining our victory during the Tet offensive. If LBJ had a pair, we could have won the war right there.

            1. @dr-strangelove It was LBJ that got us neck deep into that quagmire. In fact it was never called a war by the LBJ administration or the MSM. It was refered to as a conflict. Up until JFK was assassinated we had military advisers in Viet Nam. Politically, LBJ ownes the Viet Nam war. I remember the angst that our soldiers were feeling because the politicians were not allowing them to do their jobs. Our military was having their hands tied behind their backs by the politicians.

              Obama essentially did the same with our military when he wouldn’t allow our guards, stationed at foreign embassies, to have live ammo in their guns.

        1. Uh actually news back then was a driven agenda back then. They were much more subtle then so took quite a while for most to catch on.

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