Islamic extremists ritually execute iPhones to support Erdogan and SPITE Trump

So now that we’ve defeated ISIS, we can look to other extremist Islamist movements and slap them down too.

I’m thinking of the idiots in Turkey who actually believe they’re hurting Trump and the American economy by destroying their iPhones on social media.

Uh OKKKK… good luck toppling the most powerful nation in the world by taking a sledgehammer to a tiny sliver of Apple’s trillion dollar company.

I mean c’mon, if you have an iPhone, you’re just as addicted to it as I am, and if you’re destroying it today as a political protest, you’re gonna get the twitter withdrawals within an hour and you’ll get your shaky hands on another iPhone (probably an upgrade since you’re at it) within 24 hours. WHO ARE WE KIDDING HERE BRO.

Also how are you gonna make more protest videos for your Twitter without your iPhone?!?!?

Anyway, the Turks are angry at Trump when they should be angry at their despotic totalitarian leader Erdogan for destroying their economy.

Seriously. Apple on its own is worth more than the ENTIRE ECONOMY of TURKEY. And it’s worth ten times as much as their entire stock market.

Also here’s Tim Scott ripping on Turkey because he’s cool:

And here’s the idiot:

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