Israel bans Christian TV channel for trying to spread the message of Jesus to the Jews

Israel has banned a Christian TV channel in Israel for trying to spread the love of God to the Jewish people:

DC EXAMINER – Israel’s broadcasting regulator ordered an evangelical Christian TV channel to come off the air, saying its programs are trying to persuade Jews to convert to Christianity through the gospel of Jesus.

The council’s chairman, Asher Biton, gave the cable provider of broadcaster God TV a seven-day deadline to remove its new channel, Shelanu, according to NBC News. “Shelanu” translates to “ours” in Hebrew.

“An examination of the council’s supervision wing shows that the channel does not appeal to the Christian population in Israel, but rather to the Jews,” the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council said in a written statement on Sunday. “Therefore, the characterization of the channel submitted for approval does not reflect its broadcasts.”

The cable provider said it would cooperate with the notice presented to remove the channel.

“Audience of Israeli viewers”

Ron Cantor, Israel regional director for God TV and spokesman for Shelanu, said the accusation against the channel is false and argued that the broadcaster had broken its agreement.

“Our license, granted by the state of Israel, says in Hebrew that our target audience is the audience of Israeli viewers,” he said in an email. “There is no stipulation whatsoever that we must target Christians.”

Cantor added that Shelanu was a messianic Jewish channel even though it’s affiliated with the evangelical God TV. Messianic Jews follow Jewish law but also adhere to some Christian beliefs, such as Jesus being the Messiah.

God TV is a U.K.-registered evangelical Christian media company and reaches about 300 million households worldwide. Shelanu first went on the air in April.

Since the days of the Apostles, Christians have been trying to spread the message of Christ Jesus to the Jewish people and there has always been a rejection by many Jews of Jesus being the prophesied Messiah, sometimes quite violent. While today’s Jews aren’t beating Christians and throwing them out of cities, this move by this Israeli broadcasting regulator to ban a Christian channel for spreading the truth of Jesus reeks of the deep hatred for Christianity that has been prevalent in the religious Jewish community since the days of Jesus.

But this comes with the territory of being a Christian. Even Jesus, who was absolutely God incarnate as the Messiah, was rejected by the Jews of His day and killed in a horrifically brutal way. Jesus promised to His followers that there would be persecutions, even death for those trying to spread His Gospel of redemption and hope.

The ironic part of this is that Christians are among the biggest supporters of Israel, their sovereignty and their freedom to be Israel. And that means something in a world that is growing more and more anti-Semitic by the day.

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