Israel warns Russia against arming Syrian government

Wow. This seems like it could end badly. Let’s hope Russia heeds Israel’s warning and doesn’t try and ship these missiles to Syria:

TELEGRAPH – Russia has said it will supply one of its most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to the Syrian government, hours after the EU ended its arms embargo on the rebels, raising the prospect of a rapidly escalating proxy war in the region if peace talks in Geneva fail next month.

Israel quickly issued a thinly veiled warning that it would bomb the Russian S-300 missiles if they were sent to Syria, as such a move would bring the advanced guided missiles within range of civilian and military planes over Israel. Israel has conducted three sets of air strikes on Syria this year, aimed at preventing missiles being brought close to its border by the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah.

“The shipments haven’t set out yet and I hope they won’t,” Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli defence minister, said. “If they do arrive in Syria, God forbid, we’ll know what to do.”

Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergey Ryabkov, argued that the delivery of the S-300 system had been previously agreed with Damascus and would be a stabilising factor that could dissuade “some hotheads” from entering the conflict. That appeared to be a reference to the UK and France, who pushed through the lifting of the EU embargo on Monday night and are the only European countries considering arming the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA).

However, London and Paris said they had not yet taken the decision to send arms, and would not do so until after the Geneva peace talks, tentatively scheduled for mid-June.

“We have said we have made our own commitments, that at this stage as we work for the Geneva conference we are not taking any decision to send any arms to anyone,” William Hague, the UK foreign secretary, said.


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31 thoughts on “Israel warns Russia against arming Syrian government

  1. When I read this the other day what came to mind was this may be the match that causes the “big one”.  We have been told since forever that the next world war would be started in the Middle East.  Putting Putin into the equation makes this scenario seem plausible.

  2. Somehow the Russian comments about delivering the missiles to Syria sounds like they were previously ordered, bought and paid for with Iranian checks.  Now that the checks have all cleared, the Russians need to deliver the merchandise.
    Kind of just like in Egypt & Libya, the original dissenters may have been real people seeking ouster of a repressive regime, they’ve been replaced by AlQueda and its affiliates. But the liberal extremist media calls and labels them everything but what they really are.  So, now Britain & France have announced that they’re sending military support to the rebels.  And the US govt seems to be bending over backwards to support these (AlQueda-but don’t you dare call them that) Syrian rebels too.

    There are no good choices in this Syrian civil war.  Its more of a heads I win, tails you lose situation.  And advanced weapons aside, maybe, just maybe the Russians are supporting the lesser of two evils this time.

    As someone now living in northern Israel, about 15 miles from the Hizboola (political correctness Lebanon) border, I’ll try and close with a positive comment.  As long as they’re shootin’ and killin’ each other, they aint botherin’ us.

  3. And where is barry on this? I guess Israel will have to do all the dirty work for the US.

    1. clubgitmo 
      “And where is barry on this?”
      I don’t think Valerie Jarrett had told him yet. She has to check with the ‘focus groups’ first.

  4. As things are progressing with the Islamic virus. I would have to say that Syria will eventually go the way of the Arab spring. I think that israel is very calculating in determining the viability and longevity of the Assad regime vs. the present strength of the rebel regime. In short, I think that Israel may see an opportunity to take out both regimes while they are at their weakest, seeing that the victor in Syria will be Islamic rule no matter who wins. That’s my humble opinion.

  5. I always wondered how the war with Israel would go down. Who knew it would be due to us having a liberal social terrorist in the WH who would leave Israel high and dry. Does anyone REALLY have any confidence that Barack Insane would cover Israel’s back door?

  6. I always wondered how the war with Israel would go down. Who knew it would be due to us having a liberal social terrorist in the WH who would leave Israel high and dry. Does anyone REALLY have any confidence that Barack Insane would cover Israel’s back door?

  7. I would LAAAUGH if they delivered those missiles, anyway, and each and every single last one of them ended up in Chechnya.

  8. Israel has already warned, a few years ago when Russia first thought of selling the S-300’s to Syria, that they would develop the technology to defeat the S-300 and then give it out to the rest of the world after it has bombed the missile installations to kingdom come.
    I am sure in the last few years they have already figured out how to circumvent the S-300’s and will embarrass the Russians once again by showing how decrepit and shoddy their so called advanced weapon systems are.   Every single war Israel has had to fight has been against overwhelming odds of Russian made weapons (tanks, aircraft) and Israel has humiliated both the Arabs and the Russians every single time.

    1. maxsteele Russia will have to buy the newest technology from China as soon as they steal it from us.

  9. One thing we know for certain.  Israel does not draw their red lines with disappearing ink.

  10. Israel puts on good fireworks shows.
    That’s it for me tonight. See you all tomorrow, God willing.

  11. This conflict is a little baffling.  Israel is supporting the overthrow of Assad via radical groups like Al Qeda…..who want to destroy Israel and kill Christians.  Am I missing something?  I know they don’t want to support an oppressive dictator, but look at the alternative that will take it’s place.  It’s going to be worse. 
    Please, fill me in.  Why is Israel (in essence) supporting Al Qeda?  Seems to me that they are setting it up for WWIII when the new Islamic theocracy in Syria starts a war with them.  Add them to the Egyptian military and it spells big trouble for Israel down the road.  I don’t get it.

    1. kong1967 are they supporting them though?
      no matter who wins the odds of those weapons being used against israel are high enough to (IMO) warrant taking them out no matter who gets them.

      1. dmacleo kong1967 
        Yup.  And as to oppressive dictators (as if there is another kind), that’s the only thing that can come out of any Islamist revolution.  What is more oppressive than Sharia?

        1. CalCoolidge dmacleo  Nothing, but it takes an oppressive dictator to control a large (predominant) muslim population to prevent Sharia from being the law of the land.

    2. kong1967 In Israel’s eyes there is nothing good in Syria. They will take out anything that threatens their security. Syria’s demise is imminent. Sharia is the law for both factions in Syria. The Bible says that Damascus will be laid to waste and uninhabitable.

  12. Israel should send the same memo to McLame. That moron is going to drag us into a really bad situation… one that only benefits the MB and Al Queda.

    1. The Sentinel  But isn’t Israel siding with McCain on this?  I don’t give a crap about Assad, but trying to stop him from squelching this uprising (if you can call it that because it’s mostly Al Qeda, not citizens) will mean ushering in Al Qeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why would Israel try to stop Russia from helping Assad put a stop to this?  They will have a worse enemy ruling Syria if they succeed in ousting Assad.

      1. kong1967 The Sentinel  
        I think it’s about not wanting hand-held rockets pointed at Israeli planes, regardless of whether the rockets are fired by someone called Al Qaeda or someone called Assad.

      2. kong1967 The Sentinel  If you connect the dots, the Russians are actually supporters of the Sharia regimes e.g.. Iran.

        1. Godisright   Yeah, but in my not-so-educated opinion about the region I believe that Russia’s support for Sharia regimes has nothing to do with Sharia.  Probably a lot like our support for Saudi Arabia.

      3. kong1967 The Sentinel  
        Others already said it: I think Israel won’t tolerate advanced surface-to-air missiles so close to their airspace. Especially when it’s in the hands of their blood enemies.
        No matter who wins in Syria… Israel will be in danger from them.

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